LCS Newsfeed – Summer Playoffs #3

The summer playoffs continue as teams are trying to prove to each other who’s who on the pro scene. Some are doing it better than others, but everybody is enthusiastic to watch the amazing and thrilling games that make eSports fans go crazy with excitement. Whether your favorite team is winning or not, you can’t deny the fact the games we’re seeing this playoff session are among the best we’ve ever seen on the pro scene. Teams are getting better and better at experimenting and coming up with new crazy tactics to fit the meta (or not – this is what makes games even more interesting). We’re in it for a treat on the scene, but first let’s have a look at what has been going on in behind the curtain.

Upcoming Summer Playoffs Matches:

Europe (LCS EU):
08/15 – 08/16: Semifinals – EU LCS Summer Playoffs

North America (LCS NA):
08/15 – 08/16: Semifinals – NA LCS Summer Playoffs

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XiaoWeiXiao gets the axe until February 2016

Team Impulse - LCS NA Team LogoYou may remember that Xian “XiaoWeiXiao” Yu, the mid-laner of Team Impulse, got trialed for ELO boosting and the alleged plan of selling an unlocked LCS account. He has been trialed and the verdict is out – he can’t participate in any Riot-related tournaments until February 2016. This may not seem like a serious issue, but ELO boosting is a serious offence. It means that the boosted account will create unbalanced games and many players will suffer for it. It’s not only unethical, but creates a more toxic environment. It’s also disrespectful to players who work for their ELO. XiaoWeiXiao has not only boosted one account, but was in talks of boosting several more. Furthermore, he was negotiating the sale of an unlocked LCS account. These accounts have all skins unlocked and are granted to pro players for their outstanding achievements in the LCS environment. As you can see, this is a complete disrespect for the guidelines and rules of both the LCS and Riot, which is why the player is being punished in hopes to discourage such behavior in the future.

Copenhagen Wolves are getting fined due to contract inaccuracies

Logo of LCS EU Team Copenhagen WolvesIn other news, Copenhagen Wolves are getting fined (again) because of invalid contracts. The owner of the team Jakob Lund Kristensen has once again ignored signing valid contracts, which is an offence because it’s one of the requirements for players to participate in the LCS. This is not the first time this has happened, but last time it was proven that despite the fact that both sides had not signed the contracts, the terms were still fulfilled. This time around, though, the team is not getting off that easy and the owner will have to pay a $3,000 fine. The idea behind proper contracts is that everyone is protected – both players and organizations. Therefore team owners cannot afford to ignore this as Mr. Kristensen has. Because of this precedent, the LCS will have another look at their policy regarding players and contracts in order to ensure that these oversights are minimized in the future.

LCS Summer Finals – Viewing Parties

In more cheering news, viewing parties will be organized for the summer playoffs finals. There is nothing more satisfying (in terms of eSports, of course) than sharing the best moments with a large crowd of like-minded people. The energy is explosive during such events so it’s going to be magical. Viewing parties will be organized in the UK and Ireland, the Nordic community, and also Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, and more. If you don’t want to watch the finals home alone, then check out the venues and see if there is a viewing party near you. If there is and you feel like socializing, then by all means go for it and have a blast!
Follow the link for additional EU details and this link for NA details.

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