LCS Newsfeed – Summer Playoffs #2

With the regular season over, and after a small break, it’s time to direct our attention to the LCS Summer Playoffs. The summer playoffs are always (or almost always) more entertaining than the spring playoffs, because the stakes are a bit higher. The winner of the playoffs goes to Worlds, and even though MSI was still a prestigious tournament, it’s no World Championship. What we expect to see happen this year is what we expect to see every year – awesome games, epic throws, amazing plays. However, this year’s maybe going to be even more interesting due to the undefeated Fnatic. They are entering the EU playoffs with not a single defeat under their belts. They’ve completely dominated Summoner’s Rift so far. We can’t wait to see if they will keep doing so. If things keep on going this way, Europe is in it for a fantastic accomplishment. This doesn’t mean that any of the games will be boring, though. Fnatic are always good at entertaining and have been for a long time. They’ve certainly proven they are a force to be reckoned with. We’re curious to see how much dominance they will assert in the playoffs, though. Read more about the EU teams in the Playoffs.

Things are a bit more contested in North America. Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming were very close in the round robin during the regular season (and finished with the same track record). We’re certain that both teams want to claim all the glory and leave the other lying in the dirt. However, this will not be easy, because the other teams will not just stand by and watch. Everyone wants a piece of everyone else and things are heating up nicely. While Fnatic have intimidated every team in Europe, every team in NA is ready for a great battle where there can be only one winner and everyone wants to be that winner. Read more about the NA teams in the Playoffs.

Upcoming Summer Playoffs Matches:

Europe (LCS EU):
08/08 – 08/09: Quarterfinals – EU LCS Summer Playoffs

North America (LCS NA):
08/08 – 08/09: Quarterfinals – NA LCS Summer Playoffs

>>> LCS Summer Playoffs – Overview


The format is relatively simple. The six teams that qualified for the playoffs are the ones that finished on places one through six in the regular season. The bottom four teams are sadly out of the playoffs. The first two teams of every region (Europe and NA) directly qualify to the semi-finals, while the other four teams will play in the quarter-finals for the right to face the top teams of their region. After that, we get the finals and whoever wins there is punching their ticket to Worlds. Like we’ve said – relatively simple.


The winner of the finals is not the only LCS team that will go to Worlds. Other teams still have a chance if they manage to get enough championship points. Championship points are awarded depending on where a team finished in the Summer and the Spring Playoffs. This means that nothing’s lost yet. Many teams have the chance of going to Worlds and competing in one of the most exciting and prestigious tournaments in the whole of eSports. The competition will be steep and we can’t wait to see how these playoffs turn out and who makes it to Worlds. Find out more about LCS Championship Points and how the LCS teams can qualifiy for LoL Worlds in the Summer Playoffs overview.

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