LCS Newsfeed – Summer Playoffs #1

With the regular season over, we’re turning our heads toward the pending LCS Summer Playoffs. Everybody is excited and we’re all waiting to see what’s going to happen there. Things haven’t been all that great for some teams that made it and it still remains to be seen whether some of the changes they’ve made in order to accommodate for their deficits are going to pay off or not. Only time will tell. On the other hand, we have Fnatic, who accomplished what a few weeks ago seemed impossible – they won the season without losing a single game. With their track record of 18/0 they not only proved that they are the best team in Europe right now, but that they are a world-class team that will stop at nothing before they accomplish their goals. They are looking strong right now and we hope to see the same high level of team play and brilliant strategies during the playoffs, as well. The fact that they accomplished this impressive feat should by no means allow them to rest for too long, otherwise their competitors will begin to catch up.

Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming finished with the same final score and Gravity and Team Impulse aren’t far behind (though Impulse have had some problems lately), so things are a lot more contended on the North American front. It’s been a fantastic season, one of the best in the LCS so far. If the trend continues, we’re in it for the most awesome Playoffs yet. In the meantime, let’s have a look at what has been going on with the teams during the week.

EU LCS – Roster Changes

Shook leaves Copenhagen Wolves

Logo of LCS EU Team Copenhagen WolvesIlyas “Shook” Hartsemarejoined Copenhagen Wolves after the departure of Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia from the team a little more than a month ago. However, considering the team’s poor performance during the season and the fact that they finished last, it’s not a surprise that Shook has decided to leave and look for better prospects. Whether he finds them or not remains to be seen. We wish him all the best.

YoungBuck leaves Copenhagen Wolves, as well

Logo of LCS EU Team Copenhagen WolvesFollowing the example of his teammate, Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool has decided to leave CW, as well. Teams that finish last are usually the ones losing many of their players, and CW is no exception. We’re certain that management will find a way to replace those who leave and the team will continue to play and perhaps claim a better place next season.

Gilius leaves Unicorns of Love

Logo of LCS EU Team Unicorns of LoveContinuing the trend of people leaving, Berk “Gilius” Demir is leaving Unicorns of Love. He just recently joined after Kikis announced stepping down before the second last week of the Summer Split. Currently there is no information on who will be playing Jungle for the Unicorns in the upcoming Summer Playoffs.
Update: Currently Unicorns of Love are trying out H0R0 from Korea as new Jungler. View source

Things aren’t completely stable after the end of the season, yet. We expect that there will be more players joining and leaving and this is completely natural. As always, we’ll keep you posted so stay tuned if you want to find out more.

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