LCS Newsfeed Week 8 | Spring Split 2015

Week 8 of the LCS Spring Split 2015 has finally come, so naturally it’s time for our weekly newsfeed. It’s sure going to be an interesting few days, especially considering Patch v5.5 that was released last week. Roster changes seem to be happening all around the place this week, especially in North America. There are multiple rotations, players rejoining their old teams, leaving and joining new ones. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all turns out in the end. Players will not only have to adapt to the roster changes, but to the new patch, as well. It’s going to be an exhilarating week for us all. As always, we’ll keep you posted.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (LCS EU):
03/19 – 03/20: Week 8 – LCS EU Spring Split 2015

North America (LCS NA):
03/21 – 03/22: Week 8 – LCS NA Spring Split 2015

League of Legends Game Patch v5.5 Released

Riot released the new LoL Patch v5.5 last week which will be used in LCS week 8. The patch introduced a new champion – Bard, the Wandering Caretaker. The new support is a unique addition to the game and offers his team quite a lot of versatility and sustain but Bard will be disabled in week 8 and should be available in LCS week 9. The patch also made some changes to the jungle, added a new ability power item, made some texture rebalances, map changes, integrated a new end of game graphics, made champion rebalances, and more. The patch notes warn about a longer than usual download because the patch is bigger than what we’re used to.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the patch rundown or check out the full patch notes.

Roster Changes LCS Week 8


Team Elements: dexter joins as a substitute in the jungle

Dexter - new Jungler Substitute for Team Elements

dexter – new jungler substitute for  Elements

Elements - LCS Team LogoMarcel “dexter” Feldkamp is the new substitute jungler for team Elements. The owner of the team says that the talented German player will not be playing this week, but his addition is merely a precaution should something happen. He also proceeded to clarify that dexter is not the only substitute addition to the team. No changes in the starting line-up are expected as of now. Still, dexter is an experienced jungler and even if we don’t see him play until the end of the split, it would be interesting to see how things develop afterwards, especially since the new patch introduced some interesting changes to dexter’s domain.


Team Coast: merger with F5 leads to roster changes

Team Coast - LCS Team LogoWhen two teams merge, there are almost always inevitable roster changes following the merger. One might say that team Coast needed this because they haven’t been doing too well this split. The merger with Final Five will allow them to introduce some fresh blood to the team. Matt “Impaler” Taylor and Jamie “Sheep” Gallagher leave the current LCS roster in order to join the Challenger Series roster. With Sheep and Impaler departing, their places will be taken by Kevin “KonKwon” Kwon, the new support, and Dillon “WelcomeToHeaven” Stayner, the new starting jungler. The ex jungler of F5 Simon “heavenTime” Jeon is currently out of a team. These changes might seem a bit confusing at first, but considering Coast’s performance over the last few weeks, they really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. The team hit a hard streak and are now trying to make the most of what they can use. Perhaps the new additions will help them accomplish more than what they’ve achieved so far. Time will tell.

If you want to read more, here’s team Coast’s website.

Team Winterfox: Altec returns to the ADC role, while Gleeb becomes starting support

Winterfox - LCS Team LogoIn other news on the North American front, team Winterfox makes role rotations again. As you probably remember, Johnny “Altec” Ru stepped down from the ADC role in Week 7 in favor of Choi “Paragon” Hyun-il. Altec moved to the support position, but this week he will be reclaiming his place as the AD carry of the team. This freed up the starting support position for Nicolas “Gleeb” Haddad. Gleeb is well-known for his aggressive playstyle in lane, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we see some amazing plays from him. After all, good offense is often the best defense. We’ll see if the roster changes work out for Winterfox this time. We hope that Altec is ready to reclaim his role without any of the issues he claimed he had in Week 7. At any rate, this dynamic duo promises some impressive plays and good games. We’ll see if Winterfox remain true to their word.

For reference, Winterfox’s Facebook page.

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