LCS Newsfeed Week 7 | Spring Split 2015

We are pleased to let you know that we will be keeping you up to date in Week 7 of the LCS Spring Split 2015 with our weekly LCS newsfeed. The contenders are still enjoying a steep competition and changing things around in their attempts to deal with it. Some players step back into field, while others go into the shadows to dwell on the uncertainty of their professional careers. One thing is for sure, though – week 7 is going to be an exciting week for all League of Legends fans.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (LCS EU):
03/05 – 03/06: Week 7 – LCS EU Spring Split 2015

North America (LCS NA):
03/07 – 03/08: Week 7 – LCS NA Spring Split 2015

Team MeetYourMakers: Noxiak to replace Nisbeth.

Meet your Makers - LCS Team Logo

Noxiak - new MeetyourMakers Support

Noxiak is the new support of MYM

At the start of Week 7 of the LCS Spring Split 2015, team MYM will feature a new support player – Lewis “Noxiak” Felix, who will be replacing Nicolai “Nisbeth” Nisbeth as he moves into a substitute position. Noxiak is a representative of the Fnatic Academy and has an aggressive playstyle, so we’re positive that whatever happens, we’re in it for some great plays from this talented player. The team has suffered a lot of heavy losses and has been struggling for a while, but the addition of Noxiak might be the breath of fresh air they’ve been looking for. We hope that the German player manages to quickly convince us that he was the right choice for the support role in MYM. Whether this happens or not, we’ll find out in Week 7. Stay tuned.

For more information, visit team MYM’s website.

Team Elements: Wickd reclaiming his place in the roster.

Elements - LCS Team Logo

wickd - Elements Top Laner

Wickd returns to the top Lane

As you probably remember from Week 5, Elements’ top laner Mike “Wickd” Petersen was benched in favor of Kevin “kev1n” Rubiszewski, who took his place in the Field of Justice. Apparently the changes didn’t have the desired effect as Wickd is back in the game. Elements had a hard time in the past few weeks and were probably hoping that replacing their top laner would change their luck around, but the decision has been reconsidered. The team has had a problem with their dynamics for a while, yet it seems that they’re finally moving in the right direction. Even though he received offers from several other LCS teams, Wickd is staying with Elements. According to the player, some of the issues the team used to have in the past have been resolved, so now they’re looking at success in the future. Will the decision pan out this time? Perhaps, but only time will tell.

You can read more on Wickd’s Reddit.

Team Liquid: Piglet stepping back into the spotlight.

Team Liquid - LCS Team Logo

Piglet - Team Liquid ADC

Piglet returns to Team Liquid's bot lane

Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin returns to the battlefield of the LCS Spring Split 2015 as the AD carry for Team Liquid. He was benched for Weeks 5 and 6 in favor of Yuri “KEITHMCBRIEF” Jew, but it seems that he will be playing with the team for Week 7. The South Korean player sat out the two weeks due to problems in the team’s dynamics that resulted in some heavy losses. Now that he’s back leading the charge as the AD carry once more, Liquid expect to have more success with Piglet this time around. It’s hard to say if they’re right, but the team seems hopeful so perhaps we’re in it for a treat. Whatever the case, it will surely be an interesting week in the LCS.

You can see the full statement on Liquid’s website.

Team Winterfox: Paragon becomes the new AD carry; Altec moves to the support role; Imagine becomes substitute

Winterfox - LCS Team LogoSeveral changes on the Winterfox front this week. As the team moves forward, Choi “Paragon” Hyun-il steps down as the Head Coach and becomes the new AD carry for the team. Paragon has experience in playing the role and has already been with the team for three weeks, so the choice makes sense. His predecessor on the position, Johnny “Altec” Ru, is taking the support role. It was Altec who asked for the change, which means his teammates were not displeased with his performance. Still, the stress of being the major damage dealer on the team can take its toll on anyone. The old support Jang “Imagine” Hyeonsu is stepping into the substitute position. Those are some huge alterations on the side of the team. The changes are sure to freshen up Winterfox’s playstyle and from what we’ve seen from them so far, the decisions weren’t taken lightly. EU LCS week 7 will definitely be an exciting week for the team as we’re sure both Paragon and Altec are eager to prove themselves in their new roles.

For more information, here’s the full statement.

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