Round 2 (Semifinals) – NA LCS Regional Qualifiers

The semifinals (or Round 2) of the North American Regional Qualifiers for Worlds 2015 is set: Team Impulse will battle it out with Cloud9. C9 have beaten Gravity yesterday in the first round of the tournament. The teams will compete in a best of 5 series and the winner advances to the Final Round of the Regionals on Monday, where Team Liquid awaits. The winner of the finals will get the last NA spot at the World Championship. While all this is happening more teams from all around the globe have locked in their spot at the 2015 World Championship (take a look at all teams that have qualified for Worlds so far).  Like the rest of the tournament round 2 will be a best of 5 series and is played on patch 5.14.

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Round 2 (Semi-Finals) – NA LCS Regionals 2015 | Facts:

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  • Date: 08/30/2015
  • Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Patch: 5.14
  • Winner advances to Round 3 of the NA Regionals
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Schedule and Results

Round 2 (Semi-finals) – NA LCS Regional Qualifiers for Worlds 2015

NA Round #2: Team Impulse - LCS NA Team Logo Team Impulse vs. Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9   2  3  
(August 30th, Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 09:00 PM CEST)

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The Semi-Finals of the North American LCS Regional Qualifier for League of Legends Worlds is held on Sunday, August 30th 2015. If the live stream is starting according to the schedule the action starts at 12:00 PM PDT | 21:00 CEST. Please be aware that the broadcast might be delayed due to round 2 of the European LCS regionals which is running right before the NA match. If the EU LCS is taking more than the scheduled 4 hours the NA match will start after the EU semifinal has finished! Screenshots of the betting odds are added as soon as the League of Legends betting sites have their odds ready. If you want to find out more about betting on League of Legends feel free to check out the esports betting sites overview.

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Round 2 - Semifinals LCS Regional Qualifiers for Worlds - Schedule and betting odds by Bet365

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Preview and Predictions

NA Round #2: Team Impulse - LCS NA Team Logo Team Impulse vs. Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9

Head to head record in regular Summer Split: Team Impulse 2 : 0 Cloud9
(August 30th, Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 09:00 PM CEST)

After an amazing come-back, Cloud 9 have shown that they are ready to contend in the regionals and possibly take a spot and the World Championship, however they’re yet to beat Team Impulse at all. With a best of 5 to be played both teams are going to have the time to adjust and show their skill.

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9Cloud 9 (C9) had a very rough start to the season, with their mid-lane losing an experienced shot caller and their jungler William “Meteos” Hartman retiring they were in a really tough position. However after Hai “Hai” Du Lam came out of retirement and re-joined the team in the jungle, once again calling the shots, Cloud 9 has shown great improvement.

Team Impulse - LCS NA Team LogoTeam Impulse (TiP) ended the summer split of the NALCS in 3rd place. TIP are a team of imported and local, NA, talent. However meshing together wasn’t as easy as LMQ made it previously seem. With a lot of improvements being made on their teamwork Team Impulse managed to have a great showing this split and are hitting harder than they ever have before.

This series we’re going to want to keep our eyes locked on the jungler as Yoonjae “Rush” Lee is well known for his jungle play and aggressive attacks. However Hai has shown great improvement in the jungle along with being the shot caller for C9. I think for these matches Team Impulse starts with an advantage, their stats in every aspect of this game are better than that of Cloud 9’s. I wouldn’t however disregard Cloud 9, in the last few weeks of NALCS and in the regionals so far they have shown that they are able to contest and take wins from teams who were previously being called stronger than them. After a long and difficult best of 5 series vs Gravity they managed to win the last 3 games and claim the best of 5 as their own. I’ll be expecting Cloud 9 to show some improved strategic play and a few niche champions picked but will it be enough to defeat Team Impulses superstar line up?

Team Impulse has a team average KDA of 5.6, with no member of their team being lower than a 4.5. I wish I could say the same for C9 but their average team KDA is nearly 3.0 less, sitting at 3.0 KDA. Although they have a lower average KDA this could be because TIP have a very aggressive play-style, taking as many kills as they possibly can, whereas Cloud9 have a more strategic style of play where they hold out until they’re in an advantageous position.

Prediction: I would love to see Cloud 9 make it to worlds again, with their new roster, however I think TIP are in a much stronger place as a team right now. Sure, C9 have shown improvements but we’re yet to see what TIP’s practice has done for them. I don’t want this series to be a clean 3:0 sweep because I believe Cloud 9 at their current strength can take wins off of the stronger NA teams but with TIP already holding a 2:0 record on C9 whilst also being 4 places above them in the NALCS summer split I’m going to be predicting a TIP 3:1 Victory.

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