Recap | Week 7 – LCS Spring Split 2015

Nail biting week 7 of LCS Season 5 is over but, the matches, turning points, updated rankings after the final day left the topics for discussion for post match analyzers, game experts and players too. A lot of roster changes happend in Week 7 and shocking outcomes were seen in matches, teams went head to head with each other to get one step closer to the playoffs. While the LCS is taking a break this week to make space for the IEM World Championship in Katowice (with plenty of LCS teams involved) let’s have a look at the results and top fantasy performers of Week 7 of the LCS Spring Split 2015:

Recap: NA LCS Week 7 | Spring Split 2015

LCS NA LogoHighlights

  • Johnny “Altec” (AD Carry) moves as a support in place of Hyeonsu “Imagine” for Winterfox.
  • Coach Hyun-II “Paragon” is in Johnny’s place as AD Carry.
  • Team Liquid: Chae Gwang “Piglet” swapped with Yuri “Keith” this week. Reports are out that Piglets’ attitude has improved after the swapping.
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Fantasy LCS Star Performers NA Week 7

  • Bjergson from Team SoloMid with score of 60.93
  • Apollo of Team Impulse finished second with 56.88 points
  • Rush of Team impulse finished third with 54.61 points

NA Week 7 – Day 1

Match 1: DIG (W) – CST (L)

The First match that took place in NA week 7 was between Team Dignitas and Team Coast, which Team Dignitas won. Dignitas dominated the game from the beginning and secured 2 kills in the first 5 minutes of the game in both bot and top lane. After 16 minutes, Dignitas was ahead by 8 kills to 1. Later in the game, Mancloud’s Le Blanc was caught by Shiphtur’s Ahri which let Dignitas gain their victory.

Match 2: CLG (W) – GV (L)

David Barbosa was the on-site coach for Gravity this week as Last Shadow was remotely coaching from Korea. This was a one-sided match. CLG clinched the victory in 35 minutes. They took Gravity’s 11 turrets and all three inhibitors.

Match 3: TSM (W) – WFX (L)

This 45-minute game between Winterfox and team Solomid was won by Team Solomid. Both the teams reached the kill score of 20. In the beginning, Winterfox did get a lead, they were playing like winners already, but Team Solomid managed to make a comeback at the right time and pull the game towards their end.

Match 4: Team Impulse (W) – Cloud9 (L)

Cloud9 went to the middle of the table after this defeat. Cloud9 is still waiting for their game in which they are playing a dominated side. When Team Impulse was at 19 kills, cloud9 was just at 3. This was Impulse’s 7th win of the split.

Match 5: Team8 (W) – Team Liquid (L)

This game also went for 45 minutes. Both the teams were quite even in the beginning. It was a great team fight in which team 8 seemed that they can make a pull the match towards them, but their efforts and minor turning points were not enough to secure the victory.

NA Week 7 – Day 2

Match 1: Cloud9 (W) – Team Dignitas (L)

After losing a game against team Impulse, Cloud9 did make a comeback with a victory over Team Dignites. Cloud9 made a clean sweep with 17 kills and a 14k gold lead and took all three inhibitors of Dignitas.

Match 2: Team Solomid (W) – Team 8 (L)

The deciding point of the game came at 36 minutes. Team 8 dominated in the beginning, but Team Solomid got their noses front later in the game.

Match 3: Team Impulse (W) – Team Liquid (L)

Team Impulse literally crushed Team Liquid with 21 kills to 3. The only Baron of the game was also taken by Team Impulse. The newly reinstated Piglet of Team Liquid also could not make any difference to the game.

Match 4: Gravity (W) – Winterfox (L)

Gravity needed to move on from the yesterday’s loss, and they did too. They performed well today. The match lasted for 43 minutes. Gravity stayed on their current 5th position after this win.

Match 5: Counter Logic Gaming (W) – Team Coast (L)

After the defeat against CLG, Team Coast is now in the relegation spot. Now, they will be moved down to Challenger Series from where they have to climb their way up to enter the LCS.

This was all about North America LCS, let’s talk about EU LCS

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Recap: EU LCS Week 7 | Spring Split 2015

LCS EU LogoHighlights

  • Team Elements: Mike “Wicked” Peterson lined up replacing Kevin
  • Meet Your Makers: Nisbeth was replaced by Lewis “NoXiAK” Felix
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Fantasy LCS Star Performers EU Week 7

  • Fox of SK Gaming topped with 54.39 points
  • Nukeduck of Roccat’s finished second with 54 fantasy points
  • Woolite of Roccat is third with 50.86 points

EU Week 7 – Day 1

Match 1: Meet Your Makers (W) – Giants Gaming (L)

A win was needed by Meet Your Makers to jump up from the last spot, and they managed to clinch that too. The newly added support, NoXiAK, played its part in the win.

Match 2: H2K (W) – Gambit Gaming (L)

H2K broke the winning the 7-0 winning streak of Gambit. H2K pulled the victory out of Gambit’s hands in 38 minutes with 11 turrets 10 3, 13k gold.

Match 3: Copenhagen Wolves (W) – Team Elements (L)

This strong team fight game came out as the longest game of the split so far lasting for 67:08 minutes before the Copenhagen Wolves were declared winner.

Match 4: SK Gaming (W) – Fnatic (L)

The “Kings of Europe” – SK Gaming did prove that they deserve be called as the Kings of Europe. Fnatic was one of the top 3 teams in the League.

Match 5: Roccat (W) – Unicorns of Love (L)

Roccat took the victory in just 30 minutes with 17kills to 4 and 15.7k gold. In 30 minutes, Roccat did take down 9 turrets, but only able to secure 2 drakes.

EU Week 7 – Day 2

Match 1: SK Gaming (W) – Roccat (L)

SK Gaming grabbed another victory and remained at the top of the table for another week. It was a close game, Roccat did put a tough fight but it wasn’t enough to beat SK Gaming.

Match 2: Unicorns of Love (W) – Team Elements (L)

After yesterday’s win, Team Elements’ fans were expecting another win, but this could not happen. Unicorns of Love broke the hearts of Team Elements’ fans and beat TE in 28 minutes.

Match 3: Fnatic (W) – Meet Your Makers (L)

Yesterday’s celebration soon ended for Meet Your Makers as they lost the game to Fnatic. The game lasted for 26 minutes. The difference was of 14 kills to 2.

Match 4: H2K (W) – Copenhagen Wolves (L)

H2K performed like champions again and pulled the fastest win so far of the split. The new shining support KaSing never lets the team down. Since KaSing has become the support, H2K never lost the game.

Match 5: Gambit Gaming (W) – Giants Gaming (L)

It was a clean sweep by Gambit Gaming. They took a clear victory of their opponents. Some fans doubted Gambit’s true potential after yesterday’s loss, but they proved them wrong and came back strong with this win.

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