Recap | Week 8 – LCS Spring Split 2015

After an enticing Week 7, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is back with its Week 8 matches. The fight for the playoffs is getting tough. Brace yourself to read what happened with your favourite team last week. Here’s a recap of LCS week 8. Let us take a look at the results and the top fantasy performers of Week 8 of the LCS Spring Split 2015:

Recap: NA LCS Week 8 | Spring Split 2015

LCS NA LogoHighlights

  • Team Impulse moving one spot up in the ranking
  • Team Liquid moving two spots down
  • Team SoloMid are number one in ranking after week 8
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Fantasy LCS Top Performers NA Week 8

  • Sneaky (Cloud 9): 58.76 Fantasy Points
  • Slooshi8 (Team8): 57.28 Fantasy Points
  • Cop (Team Gravity): 55.21 Fantasy Points

Top Performers Season 5: Stats NA after Week 8

  • Keith of Team Liquid (KDA- 7.8, 18k GPG)
  • Jang-sik “Lustboy” Ham of Team SoloMid (191 assists, Top Kill Participation: 79.2)
  • Jason “WildTurtle” Tran (Season Total Kills: 99)

NA Week 8 – Day 1

Match 1: Team Impulse (W) – Team Coast (L)

The first match in NA LCS week 8 lasted for 32 minutes in which Team Impulse grabbed the victory and secured 18 points. ManCloud of team Coast was the star performer for the team with 13.31, but these points weren’t enough to win the game. For Team Liquid, Apollo performed best with 24.07 points following Impact with 23.41 points.

Match 2: Cloud9 (W) – Team Liquid (L)

The second game was locked between Cloud9 and Team Liquid where Cloud9 was declared victorious after 32 minutes. It was clearly one sided game. IWDominate of Team Liquid just got 3.17 points which are highest in his team but lowest than the lowest of Cloud9’s LemoNation’s points (19.30). Sneaky of Cloud9 made maximum 30.47 points in the game.

Match 3: Gravity (W) – Team SoloMid (L)

This 37-minute game between Gravity and team Solomid was won by Gravity. Gravity secured the victory with the point difference of 16-9. Cop of Gravity scored maximum 31.58 points, taking his team to victory.

Match 4: Counter Logic Gaming (W) – Team Dignitas (L)

It was a pretty close game, but in the end Counter Logic Gaming came out as the winning team with the winning point ratio of 16-10. Zion Spartan of CLG and KiWiKiD of Team Dignitas scored maximum for their teams with 19.53 and 13.69 points respectively.

Match 5: Team8 (W) – WinterFox (L)

This game went for 45+ minutes. Team8 gave no chance to WinterFox to win the game, not the slightest. At the end of the game, Team8 was in front with whopping 23-4 point’s ratio. Altec of WinterFox kept the match alive, but efforts weren’t just enough to secure the victory. However, Slooshi8 of Team8 came out as the lead scorer with 24.95 points.

NA Week 8 – Day 2

Match 1: Gravity (W) – Team Dignitas (L)

Gravity won two games back to back this week, and same is the story for Team Dignitas, they lost two games back to back this week. Cop of Gravity came out as the lead scorer again with 23.63 points.

Match 2: Team Solomid (W) – Counter Logic Gaming (L)

The game was concluded in the 41st minute with Team SoloMid coming out Victorious. After their loss in the previous game, Team SoloMid were a little bit disappointed, but this win brought them back in the competition. And, it’s reverse of the feelings for Counter Logic Gaming. They won their last match but lost this one.

Match 3: Team 8 (W) – Cloud9 (L)

Good news for Team8 as they win their two games this week. Their match with Cloud9 lasted for 47+ minutes. It was a close call to win in this match. The difference of the winning point’s ratio is just of 3 points. This was the match with lots of ups and down. Slooshi8, the last match’s lead scorer, scored maximum again with 32.33 points, snatching the victory away from Cloud9.

Match 4: Team Impulse (W) – Winterfox (L)

WinterFox did try to fight back in the game, but they couldn’t match up the performance of Team Impulse. WinterFox was shattered by this loss as they didn’t win any game in week 8. “Impact” of team Impulse was the lead scorer of the game with 27.33 points.

Match 5: Team Liquid (W) – Team Coast (L)

After the defeat against Team Impulse in the last match, Team Liquid was determined to win this one, and they did too, unfortunate for Team Coast as they lost their second game of the week. Coming to star performers, Piglet of Team Liquid grabbed 30.64 fantasy points.

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This was all about North America LCS, let’s talk about EU LCS

Recap: EU LCS Week 8 | Spring Split 2015

LCS EU LogoHighlights

  • Unicorns of Love moving one spot up
  • Copenhagen Wolves moving one spot down
  • SK Gaming leading the charts after EU LCS week 8
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Fantasy LCS Top Performers EU Week 8

  • Huni (Fnatic): 77.42 Fantasy Points
  • Vardags (Unicorns of Love): 66.69 Fantasy Points
  • Steelback (Fnatic): 65.68 Fantasy Points

Top Performers Season 5: Stats EU after Week 8

  • Konstantinos “FORG1VENGRE” Tzortziou- Napoleon of SK Gaming (KDA- 13.3, GPM- 452)
  • Freeze of Copenhagen Wolves (17k GPG)
  • Henrik “Froggen” Hansen of Team Elements (Top Kill Participation- 80.2)

EU Week 8 – Day 1

Match 1: Meet Your Makers (W) – Gambit Gaming (L)

The first match of EU LCS week 8 went for 42 minutes, reflecting the intensity of the coming matches of the week. Meet Your Makers dominated the game in the beginning, from 6th minute, Gambit Gaming tried to take hold of the game and they did too till 24th minute, but then Meet Your Makers come in the driver’s seat and clichéd the victory in the end.

Match 2: Fnatic (W) – Roccat (L)

The 26 minutes game resulted with the victory of Fnatic. First blood of the game came at 8:18 minutes and the first tower was destroyed at 9:55. Fnatic dominated the game.

Match 3: Unicorns of Love (W) – Copenhagen Wolves (L)

Unicorns of Love was declared winner after 34+ minutes. Overall, Unicorns of Love was the favourite team as they conquered most of the game. Copenhagen gave a close competition but couldn’t beat UL. PowerOfEvil of Unicorns of Love killed maximum 331 minions

Match 4: Team Element (W) – H2K (L)

The battle between Element and H2K lasted for 46.24 minutes. H2K did put on a good show and competed well, but Elements emerged as a winner in the end.

Match 5: SK Gaming (W) – Giants Gaming (L)

SK Gaming took the victory in 37 minutes. A point came in the game when it felt that Giants Gaming could win this, but SK Gaming didn’t allow them to cross over them.

EU Week 8 – Day 2

Match 1: H2K (W) – Meet Your Makers (L)

After a defeat against Element, H2K win their game against Meet Your Makers on Day 2 of EU LCS week 8. H2K shared 2nd position with Fnatic after this win.

Match 2: Unicorns of Love (W) – Fnatic (L)

Fnatic was a stronger team in the league, but Unicorns of Love surprised them and snatched the victory out of their hands.

Match 3: SK Gaming (W) – Copenhagen Wolves (L)

Champions struck again with a win over Copenhagen Wolves. This 36+ minutes match wasn’t difficult for SK Gaming. But, this defeat was devastating for Copenhagen Wolves as they lost their second game of the week.

Match 4: Roccat (W) – Giants Gaming (L)

Roccat performed like champions in this game and let Giants Gaming lose another game for the week. In this 29:51 minutes game, first blood came in 8th minute and the first tower was also destroyed after few seconds of the first blood.

Match 5: Gambit Gaming (W) – Team Elements (L)

One win and one loss for both the teams of this match this week. The last match of EU LCS week 8 lasted for 27 minutes. Team Element did try to come back, but was too late and Gambit Gaming secured the victory.

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