Recap: The semifinals of the LCS Spring Playoffs

The Clash of the Titans is here: the Playoffs of the LCS Spring Split. Teams are heading towards the final with full force. But, before the showdown, all the teams have to go through one last hurdle, that is, the semi-finals. We bring you the recap of the action-packed semi-finals in NA LCS and EU LCS. Read further to know which team marched forward to the final and which one relegated from the race.

Recap: NA LCS Semi-Final | Spring Split 2015

LCS NA LogoHighlights

  • Team Solomid in the NA finals with Cloud9
  • Team Liquid and Team Impulse will fight for the third place

NA Semi-Final 1: Cloud9 (W) – Team Liquid (L)

NA LCS Semi-Final of Spring Split 2015 started off with the match between the Team Liquid and Cloud9. After defeating Counter Logic in the last week’s match, Team Liquid became favourite underdogs of the fans for the semi-finals. On the other hand, Cloud9, which is considered one of the top two, teams in the LCS. This result reminded of week 8’s match two, where Cloud9 was head to head with Team Liquid and no difference in the results.

Cloud9’s road to the final wasn’t easy. They had a tuff start of the season, but you can this cat became a lion in the second of the season and ended with a striking record of 10 wins and 2 losses. Being considered as the underdogs didn’t bother Team Liquid as they had a pretty good start of the game. They had an early advantage with two kills on Lemon Nation, Cloud9’s support. This advantage of Team Liquid was soon compensated by Ball’s Hecarim’s remarkable play. However, Team Liquid did win the first two games in the best out of the five scenario. It was now or never for Cloud9 and Team Liquid was you can say halfway through, but the story changed after the third match. Cloud9 stroke back in the third game and won the first game of the semi-final scenario.

In the fourth game, both the teams brought double AD Carry composition. Sneaky of Cloud9 got an early kill on Piglet to give a good start to the things. Cloud9’s tank gave no way to Team Liquid to dive past and on the other side; Sneaky dominated the game completely on Lucian, which resulted in the Cloud9’s victory in the fourth match. Now, when the scores are all tied up with 2-2, we are left with one game, the deciding game of the five-match game. The game got more intense with the draw.

The deciding game was started well for Cloud9 with Lemon nation disrupting Team Liquid’s early game plans by invading their Jungle. This started a team fight early in the game, which ended in Cloud9’s favour as they got 3 kills without losing any. This advantage boosted the confidence in the team, and it was clear that the leash is now in their hands. Ball’s of Cloud9 destroyed Quas’s of Team Liquid completely. This helped Cloud9 register their victory and enter in the NA LCS Spring Finals.

NA Semi-Final 2: Team Solomid (W) – Team Impulse (L)

The 1st match of the 5 match series ended with the victory of Team Impulse. The first match lasted for around 39 minutes. “Well begun is half done” this quote didn’t fit for team impulse and they won their first match, but lost the series.

The second match was also lengthier than the first one. It ended after 41st minute. However, this time Team Solomid emerged victoriously.

Team Solomid clinched back to back victories by winning the third match of the best of the 5 series. It was noticed that Team Impulse started to lose their grip over the competition.

Team Impulse was thrashed in the fourth match too by Team Solomid. This third victory confirmed Team Solomid’s seat in the final, this saved their time of the 5th match.

These two teams didn’t need to play the 5th match of the series. The winners came up in the fourth match.

Recap: EU LCS Semi-Finals | Spring Split 2015

LCS EU LogoHighlights

  • Fnatic and Unicorns of Love will go head to head in the finals
  • H2K and SK Gaming are out of the championship, but will fight for each other for the third position.

EU Semi-Final 1: Fnatic (W) – H2K (L)

As you already know that LCS semi-finals are distributed in 5 legs, or you can say 5 matches. Team with the best winning ratio after the 5 matches will be declared the winner.

The first match lasted for about 32 minutes and resulted with the victory of H2K. H2K did gain some confidence with this win. Fans started to feel the tension. Obviously, the first win in the first match of the 5 match series is a big thing. They gained the much needed momentum.

After the first win, H2K may start feeling a little high on confidence, but Fnatic was also determined and fought back well in the second game. They clinched the victory out of the hands of H2K and gained back the boost after winning the second match of the series. This was sensed that this semi-final would not be easy. It will be a tough fight.

The nail-biting competition continued in the third match too where, H2K stroke back with the victory making it 2 wins out of three matches. The match lasted for about 40 minutes. This victory of H2K intensified the semi-final more.

The so-called boxing match continued to match 4 with Fnatic coming out victorious leading to a 2-2 tie after 4 matches. Everybody thought that we will have a clear winner after 4 matches, but the game was still dead locked. The 5th match was the deciding match. All eyes were on both the teams after the draw.

The climax match was yet to be played, which will decide who’s going to play in the EU Spring finals. The match ended in just 25 minutes, and the winner of the match and the semi-finals was The Fnatic.

EU LCS Semi-Final 2: Unicorns of Love (W) – SK Gaming (L)

The 5 match series winners, Unicorns of Love, won the first match of the leg. This 34:55 minute match has everything ingredient of the interesting matchup.

SK Gaming was affected with the first match’s defeat. They gave a good fight to the Unicorns of Love and took away the victory from them in the second match. This match was 38 minute long.

Unicorns of Love, in the third match, fought with the improved tactics and finished the game in just 29:50 minutes. The heat in the two teams can be felt after each game.

Unicorns of Love could not continue their winning streak and faced the defeat in the fourth match of the fixture. Everybody knows that at this stage of the competition, the slightest mistakes of any player could cost them the match. There’s no room for error.

The alternate winning & losing streak ended with a win for Unicorns of Love. They did not just win the last match but also the ticket to the finals.

Now, Unicorns of Love will go against Fnatic in the finals.

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