LCS Newsfeed Off-Season #2 – More roster changes

Last week, we have seen LCS teams changing their rosters after coming up short from getting the top prize during the Season 4 World Championship. Now, teams from all over the world are trying to expand their horizons to get the much needed power players into their rosters. Roster changes and players going to different regions is not uncommon to League of Legends – this is why Riot Games updated the LCS Player movement policy and acquisition restrictions recently. In this week's LCS Newsfeed, we get to see which team has acquired which player to their current roster.

Upcoming League of Legends Tournaments:

11/15 – 12/21: League of Legends (LoL) Expansion Tournament

Recent LCS Roster Changes

Logo of LCS NA team complexityLogo of LCS NA Team DignitasLogo of LCS Team EG (Evil Geniuses)After getting bumped down to the Expansion Tournament, Complexity has decided to split the team and recreated Complexity Black and added Complexity White to compete in the upcoming Expansion Tournament. Meanwhile, Zionspartan has left Dignitas and is rumored to be part of CLG's top laner while Zion's former team mate Shiphtur decided to continue to render his services under the Dignitas banner. Krepo has also left Evil Geniuses roster and the position is still left open. Speaking of Evil Geniuses, Pobelter has been rumored that he will be replacing Link for CLG. Although it has not been confirmed thoroughly.

Another team to watch out for in the upcoming Expansion Tournament is Team Fusion. Team Fusion is made of former pro players from different teams. The team's roster is composed of Maknoon, Nintendudex, Huhi, Nien, and Gleeb. Coast is also looking forward to rejoining the NA LCS for the upcoming Season 5 with the help of European imports like Jesiz from SK Gaming and Imapler from Supa Hot Crew.

Logo of LCS EU Team SK GamingLogo of LCS EU Team MilleniumLogo of LCS EU Team Gambit GamingThe EU LCS is also up for a few shakeups in the current teams with Forg1ven joining SK Gaming. Roro and Ryu from KT Rolster organization has signed up with Millenium and will be playing in the upcoming tournament. Krislund has also been picked up by Gambit Gaming as their ADC while Genja is already benched. There is also a circulating rumor that Alex Ich will play with Gambit once more but this time, he wanted to be at the top lane. Kubon leaves Gambit.

LoL Roster Changes from all over the World

After their win in the Season 4 World Championship, Mata has stepped down from the organization along with Dandy while Imp is taking a break from professional gaming while Pawn is moving to China. Samsung White's sister team also suffered a heavy loss after Deft announced that he will be leaving the team along with Dade. Gorilla, Kuro, Gugar, and Ho Jin also depart the Najin organization. Daydream, Gunza, and Emperor part ways with CJ Entus Blaze.

As the Expansion Tournament looms around the corner, more and more teams will slowly fill in their roster. Watch out for more updates and roster changes in the next LCS Newsfeed!

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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