LCS News – Summer Split Roster Changes

With the Mid-Season Invitational final running today, we’ll be paying close attention what’s happening there and, as always, keep you posted. However, today’s newsfeed won’t have anything to do with the MSI. Instead, we’ll have a look at what is happening on other fronts while the MSI gains some inertia. As always, the time between the splits is filled with some cataclysmic events, especially in teams that didn’t do so well during the split or the playoffs. This week’s news are filled with players and coaches leaving their teams, which is not surprising considering they don’t think things are working out. Lear more about the upcoming LCS Summer Split 2015.

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LCS and Challenger Summer Split Roster Changes

Mimer leaves MYM

Meet your Makers - LCS Team LogoThe former assistant coach of Meet Your Makers is leaving the team. Mimer “Mimer” Ahlström has been with MYM since November 2014, but he’s leaving. There is a myriad mishaps leading to this decision, which leaves the team in a really tough spot. Will they make it through? That remains to be seen.

InnerFlame leaves SK Gaming

Logo of LCS EU Team SK GamingIn similar news, Joe “InnerFlame” Elouassi, the coach of SK Gaming is leaving the team. SK had a successful Spring Split, but their performance on the playoffs was sub-optimal, to say the least, which makes InnerFlame’s decision to leave the team unsurprising.

Mancloud leaves Team Coast

Team Coast - LCS Team LogoTeam Coast’s mid laner is also leaving the team. Zachary “Mancloud” Allan had a rather brief stay with Team Coast, considering the fact that he joined in February. As of the writing of the article, he still doesn’t have a new team, though it’s doubtful this will be the case for long.

Other League of Legends Leagues

T4nk and Xyraz Join Team Tranquility

Karol “t4nk” Słomka joins as the new jungler, and Gustav “Xyraz” Blomkvist joins as the new top laner for Team Tranquility. The organization puts high hopes on the new players. We hope that they will live up to the expectations.

EGym is the new addition of The Chiefs eSports Club

Bryce “EGym” Paule joins The Chiefs eSports Club as their new support. After Andrew “Rosey” Rose, their old support, departed from the team last week, this should come as no surprise. We hope that EGym will fit the roster nicely, so we can see some impressive plays from this talented player.

Samux is the new ADC for ATLAS eSports Team

Samuel “Samux” Fernández Fort is the new AD carry for ATLAS eSports Team. His assassin-style of playing will definitely be interesting to behold. We hope that we see him perform his best.

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