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The LCS regular season is over and we do hope that everybody is happy with the results. Well, we’re sure that’s not the case, but hope is still free. Despite the fact that the split is over, the fun is just beginning with the Season 5 Spring Playoffs on the way. The competition is going to be ferocious and we expect every game will be more challenging than the one before. With another patch that promises to change the balance in the game a bit, we’re curious to see what’s going to happen. One thing is for certain – fans are in it for a treat.

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Europe (LCS EU):
04/04 – 04/05: Quarter Finals – EU LCS Spring Playoffs

North America (LCS NA):
04/04 – 04/05: Quarter Finals – NA LCS Spring Playoffs

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Game Patch v5.6 Release

Patch v5.6 brings some rebalance changes in the game, and as stated in the patch notes, some of the champions that have been ignored for a while are finally getting some attention, maybe because they deserve it, maybe because they haven’t changed in a while and the creators want to make things more interesting, or maybe there are a dozen other reasons for this, so take your pick. The point is that this should make things a bit spicier, because this sort of patch always does. Some champs are getting buffed, some champs are getting nerfed, and some will be waiting for the next patch in order to get anything, because not all champions can change all the time (because that would be crazy).

The patch will definitely stir things up in the playoffs, especially for players whose main champs get nerfed. This means that they will have to somewhat adapt to the new conditions, and even though the changes to most champions will not be drastic, at the professional level even the smallest shift in power, cool down adjustments, or even stat alterations can have a profound effect on the gameplay. What will happen remains to be seen, but we’re certainly interested to witness what we expect will be a worthwhile spectacle.Here’s the rundown of the patch.

Auto-relegated teams

Auto-relegation means that the team doesn’t get to fight for a spot in the LCS at the Promotion Tournament and is instead automatically relegated to the Challenger Series. This is reserved for the 10th place teams in the split. In this case for EU we’re talking about MeetYourMakers, and for NA we’re looking at Team Coast. The two teams won’t be able to compete in the Promotion Tournament this time, but if they do well enough in the Challenger Series, they will get their chance for the next one and potentially rejoin the next split.


Meet your Makers - LCS Team LogoTeam MeetYourMakers had a really rough Spring Split in the EU LCS. They were last in the group stages with a win-loss record of 5-14 after loosing the decider match at the end of EU week 9 against Giants Gaming. They tried not to lose face and keep fighting through different tactics adjustments and roster changes, but nothing seemed to work for the European LCS team. Now they are one of the teams auto-relegated for the Challenger Series and won’t be attending the Summer Split this year. However, they still get a chance to attend the next Promotion Tournament if they do well enough in the CS. We hope that they will gather their strength and give it their all so they can rise to the challenge for the next split.

Team Coast

Team Coast - LCS Team LogoTeam Coast did even worse than MYM. The North American team won only one of their eighteen matches, and got auto-relegated with a win-loss record of 1-17. Coast merged with Final Five and have introduced some serious roster changes, which will definitely make for a good Challenger Series. We’re curious to see whether they will really rise up to the challenge or if this is just a last resort. At any rate, whatever happens should be entertaining. Coast don’t have a chance of getting into the next split, but like MYM, if they do well enough they can get in the next Promotion Tournament.

Other League of Legends News

Reason Gaming will attend Challenger playoffs instead of Dignitas

Dignitas won’t be attending the Challenger playoffs due to having two underage players in their midst. Their place will instead be taken by Reason gaming.

Team Fusion lets Bee Sin go

Bee Sin gets kicked out of Team Fusion for some shady, behind curtain games. Allegedly, he got inside information about CLG Black, whom his team was to play against, and used it in the preparation for the match. When his actions were revealed, he got fined and kicked out of the team.

Copenhagen Wolves acquired LowLandLions White

Logo of LCS EU Team Copenhagen WolvesLLL White was acquired by the Copenhagen Wolves and now the roster is known as Copenhagen Wolves Academy. The players are Bram “Morsú” Knol, Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal, Jeffrey “Vizility” de Vries, Thomas “Kirei” Yuen, and Sofyan “CozQ” Rechchad. We wish the players luck and lots of great performances. We’ll follow them with interest and will see if they can make it into the 2015 Summer Split in the Summer Promotion Tournament.

For more information, here’s the official statement.

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