LCS News – The Spring Finals are coming

The awe-inspiring playoffs continue. The competition is merciless as teams struggle to prove that they are the biggest and meanest on the block. The stakes are getting higher with every game and no one wants to back down. This is what makes eSports so amazing and why fans continue to watch.

The anticipation is huge, especially when it comes to the Grand Finals. The crowd awaits the breathtaking plays during these amazing matches, when teams will give it absolutely their best in order to claim victory. Who will prove to be the best still remains to be seen, but we’re positive no one will give up without a proper fight.

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Europe (LCS EU):
04/18 – 04/19: Finals – EU LCS Spring Playoffs

North America (LCS NA):
04/18 – 04/19: Finals – NA LCS Spring Playoffs

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LCS Finals NA

LCS NA LogoWe’re directing our attention to the LCS Finals. Both NA and EU promise interesting and well contested finals, and especially considering all the matches we’ve seen so far, it’s hard to imagine that the viewers will be disappointed. We’re surely in it for a treat and all we have to do is wait for it.

In NA the final match will be Team Solomid vs. Cloud9. Both teams have proven they can play well. Their strategies, tactics, and coordination have paid off so far and there is no reason to expect otherwise for the finals. TSM have played well rather consistently, while C9 did hit a rough patch a few months ago. However, now they’re back and ready to give TSM a run for their money. Neither team is backing down so we’re definitely in it for spectacular Grand Finals. The battle will be held on the 19th of April.

Team Liquid will play against Team Impulse for the third place in NA. Third place is still better than fourth, so you can be certain that both teams will give it their all in order to claim it. We’ll see how things play out on the 18th of April.

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LCS Finals EU

LCS EU LogoThings were a bit more surprising on the EU front. Unicorns of Love shocked many League of Legends fans when they defeated SK Gaming in a best-of-five series and claimed a spot on the finals. SK Gaming were doing great until they faced off against UoL – a challenge they apparently couldn’t handle. Fnatic defeated H2k-Gaming on the semi-finals, but considering how close both teams were performance-wise, the outcome of the match would not have been surprising to anyone either way. Now, Fnatic will face off against UoL on the Grand Finals and we’ll see who goes home the victor. The match will be played on the 19th of April.

H2k-Gaming and SK Gaming will battle it out in for the third place. This is a chance for both teams to claim something worth getting in the split. SK will surely want to redeem themselves for the loss against UoL so we’re positive it’s not going to be an easy game for H2k-Gaming. The match is scheduled for the 18th of April.

EU LCS Spring Finals 2015 teaser image

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Other League of Legends News

LMS Playoffs

LMS Logo League of LegendsAhq e-Sports Club - LMS Team LogoThe League of Legends Master Series playoffs are over. The four teams that reached the top spots battled it out for the right to go to the MSI, as well as for the championship. Ahq e-Sports Club claimed the first place, and thus qualify for the 2015 Mid-season Invitational. They met almost no resistance in getting their prize and proved they were the best team there beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The second place is where yoe Flash Wolves reside. They managed to beat ahq in one of the games, but the challenge proved too great for them, so yoe.FW had to settle for second place. Third and fourth place are Taipei Assassins and Hong Kong Esports, respectively.

Cloud9 Tempest Acquires Sheep

Jamie “Sheep” Gallagher joins the roster of C9T as their new support. The player has lots of experience in the field and has proven himself as a great support more than once, so C9T are happy that he joined them. Sheep has played for Final Five and Team Coast in the past, and has also been to the LCS so wherever the team goes from here, it will not be new to him.

For additional information, Cloud9’s website.

Nisbeth and Obvious Join Team Dignitas EU

Nicolai “Nisbeth” Nisbeth and Dennis “Obvious” Sørensen join Team Dignitas EU as a support and jungler, respectively. With this acquisition, Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal moves to a head coach position.

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