LCS News: New Summer Split Teams | Spring Playoffs continue

With the Spring Finals of the LCS Challenger Series over, we now know who is automatically qualifying for the LCS Summer Split 2015, who is going get another chance when they play against teams from the current split in the Promotion Tournament, and who is out of the game for now. It’s all very exciting, folks, so we’re glad to keep you up to date. Things are getting crazy all around the place and we’re more than happy to follow everything that is happening. With yet another patch coming into play mostly likely at the Finals, the playoffs seem more awesome than ever. It’s still very unclear what’s going to happen, so stay tuned.

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Europe (LCS EU):
04/11 – 04/12: Semifinals – EU LCS Spring Playoffs

North America (LCS NA):
04/11 – 04/12: Semifinals – NA LCS Spring Playoffs

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Game Patch v5.7 Release

Because Riot loves patches, there’s yet another patch players will have to pay attention and adapt to. Patch v5.6 stirred things up with many champions, but some of them were not in the crosshairs of the devs. Well, if were the case last time, their turn has probably come this time around. Again, some champs are getting nerfed, some are getting buffed, and some are finally finding their place in the current meta – something they have been unable to do so far. This will force team to change their styles and strategies a bit in order to optimally fit the changes. These alterations may seem minor, but just like in Chaos theory, even the smallest changes in the conditions can have profound effects on the overall system. This is the pro scene we’re talking about, after all. Hence, these patches are not to be underestimated. Have a look at the full patch notes below. At the moment it is not confirmed if the 5.7 patch will be used in the finals of the LCS Spring Playoffs. The semi-finals of the Playoffs will be played on the 5.6 patch.

Take a look at the patch notes here or watch the patchrundown of saintvicious below.

New LCS Summer Split Teams | Challenger Series News

EU Challenger Series | EU LCS Summer Split 2015

Origen - LCS Team Logo

Origen completely dominated the EU Challenger Series and it was no surprise when they managed to defeat Copenhagen Wolves Academy (the former LowLandLions roster) 3 to 0 in a best-of-five match on the finals. Hence, they are qualifying for the Summer Split. We can’t wait to see what they’re going to accomplish there, but for now they’ve done well enough in the series and deserve a bit of a break. Gamers 2 are out of the split for now.

The fates of the second and third teams in the series are not that clear, though. CWA and Reason Gaming are going to battle it out against two teams from the current split at the Promotion Tournament in the hopes of getting into the Summer Split. This means that they still have a chance, but only careful preparation and excellent execution during the games will allow them to continue. Whatever happens, as always you can count on us to cover it, and you can be sure it will be great.

NA Challenger Series | NA LCS Summer Split 2015

Enemy eSports - LCS Team Logo

The rules on the North American front are somewhat similar. The first team automatically goes to enjoy the Summer Split. The second and third teams will fight for it with two teams from the current split at the Promotion Tournament, and the last team stays home.

In NA, victory was claimed by Enemy eSports. They defeated Team Dragon Knights at the finals 3 to 1 in a best-of-five match and claimed the spot in the summer split. TDK and Team Fusion Gaming will have to deal with two teams from the current split if they want the chance to qualify for the Summer Split. Last, Final Five will be staying home for the split.

We’ll see what happens at the Promotion Tournament and we hope that the show will be as exciting as everything so far. As always, we’ll keep you posted with the latest events and what happens in the pro scene so you can always be aware of the overall conditions, and though predictions are hard to make, it’s always fun to try.

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