Heach Coach Ruling for LCS Season 5 | 2015

Coaching is an essential part of the success of a team. Head coaches offer invaluable information and guidance to LCS players and strengthen core values such as teamwork and discipline. New changes come along as the LCS 2015 season draws near and this is not only concering the normal Updates and Changes, like the new Season 5 Summoner's Rift, but the regulation of the teams as well. One major change beginning this 2015 Spring Split is the recognition of head coaches as recognized member of LCS teams. Head coaches will also get new privileges and requirements with this new policy.

Head Coaches Recognized as LCS Team Members

With this new policy, head coaches will be recognized as an official member of an LCS team. A monetary support of 12,500 USD will be provided to each team in the LCS for the allotment of head coach and an additional 12,500 USD per split for other coaching needs. Head coaches will also be part of the game as they will be able to communicate with the team in the pick-ban phase. They will also be the one to submit the official roster of their team to the LCS officials.

Head coaches are subject to behavioral checks before admission into LCS and they will be held liable for their actions both in and out of the game. All head coaches of teams need to be physically present during their LCS matches, except during emergencies. Head coaches will not be affected by the Interregional Movement Policy but they are only allowed to coach for one organization at a time.

This new policy, for the first time in the history of LCS, will allow head coaches to be onstage and communicate with their team via headset only during champion select. According to League Operation Manager Nick Allen, “we’ve seen the importance of having a strong pick-ban phase rise over the past two seasons. In particular, there’s been an emphasis on the the importance of strategy and quick adaptation during the pick-ban phase. Incorporating coaches into champion select will allow teams to leverage the decision-making and focus of their Head Coach to help them exploit opponents’ weaknesses and better react to unexpected or highly-targeted pick-ban strategies. We believe that will result in more strategic depth in the league, and ultimately, more compelling games.”

This policy aims to develop coaching as a core part of an organization’s success and that players and fans will continue to patronize eSports.

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