Finals and Match for 3rd | NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2015

The final weekend of the 2015 NA Summer Split Playoffs is getting closer. The first two NA seeds for the upcoming World Championship will be determined this weekend. However this is not the last NA LCS competition for 2015, as next week the 4 NA teams that have not qualified for the LoL World Championship yet, get a second chance in the LCS Regionals to fight over the last remaining Worlds spot of North America. The finals and match for 3rd place will both be a best of 5 series played on patch 5.14. More information will be added when the previous round is over. This weekend will decide who gets to be the NA LCS Summer Champion – get ready for the final round of the North American LCS Summer Playoffs!

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LCS NA – Summer Playoffs – Finals | Facts:

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Schedule and Results

Final Round – NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2015

NA 3rd Place: Team Impulse - LCS NA Team Logo Team Impulse vs. Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo Team Liquid    1  3  
(August 22nd, Start Time: 03:00 PM PDT/ 06:00 PM EDT/ 12:00 AM CEST)

NA Grand Finals: Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming vs. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team Solomid   3  0  
(August 23rd, Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 09:00 PM CEST)

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The North American LCS Summer Finals and match for third place are running from Saturday, August 22nd to Sunday, August 23rd 2015. The live stream of the last two NA LCS matches in the Summer Playoffs is scheduled to start at 03:00 PM PDT | 24:00 CEST on Saturday and 12:00 PM PDT | 21:00 CEST on Sunday. Please notice that the broadcast might be delayed due to the EU LCS matches which are running right before the NA matches. If the EU LCS is taking more than the scheduled 4 hours the NA matches will start after the EU winner is determined. An odds overview for the Finals and match for 3rd place will be added when the League of Legends betting sites have betting odds online. If you want to find out more about betting on League of Legends feel free to check out the esports betting sites overview.

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Finals and Match for 3rd place NA LCS Summer Playoffs - Schedule and betting odds by Bet365

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Preview and Predictions

NA Grand Finals: Logo of LCS NA Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming vs. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team Solomid

Head to head record in regular Summer Split: CLG 0 : 2 TSM
(August 23rd, Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 23:00 CEST)

With one of the most hyped up matches about to take place we are about to witness 2 teams, that have existed nearly as long as League of Legends itself, go head to head in one of the most anticipated LCS finals matches in League of Legends history.

Logo of LCS NA Team CLGCLG have consistently followed a pattern each LCS thus far, they always start out strong and reach a good standing only to slowly decline around the middle of the season. This season in particular they manage to make a comeback, with a roster they feel comfortable with. Statistically speaking CLG has the potential to be the strongest team; however their track record vs. TSM stands in to disagree.

Logo of LCS NA Team TSMTSM have always been a top contender in NA, that was until C9 started to dominate the region. But now they’re back on their strong side with a superstar Mid-laner and Jungler synergy that is difficult to match! Currently holding a positive in the Summer standings close to the top of the league.

For this particular match-up we’re going to need to look to the Mid-lane, as TSM is a very Jungler / Mid-lane oriented team whereas CLG has been regarded as a Marksman focused team with superstar Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng .

Eugene ‘Pobelter’ Park, CLG’s Mid-laner, statistically has a 4.5 KDA whilst his opponent in this match Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg, Mid-laner for TSM, has a KDA of 4.3. This may seem like a slight advantage however Bjergsen’s strength lies with his companionship with his Jungler, ending games with a significantly higher average gold than Pobelter. Therefore, even with a slightly improved KDA, Pobelter is the weaker of the 2 Mid-laners and unless his Jungler Jake ‘Xmithie’ Puchero is able to keep up with the 9.0 KDA TSM Jungler Lucas ‘Santorin’ Larsen the laning phase for CLG will more than likely be worse off than TSM’s.

Prediction: Having gone 2-0 wins vs CLG this split, TSM are looking like the stronger team. In both games TSM managed to build a large enough lead to take on CLG in simple head to head team fights because CLG never manage to press their earlier advantages.

If CLG could only pressure when the time calls for it, grouping when there’s fight potential and without choking they might have taken a game for themselves, however much like the Week 2 Day 2 TSM vs CLG game TSM manage to play a game of patience, waiting perfectly for moments to win at around 40minutes in.

The Week 5 Day 2 TSM vs CLG game started to go in favour of TSM at around 11 minutes, as they stalled the dragon and CLG took too much damage so a fight broke out. With TSM picking up kills in return for CLG taking the dragon they manage to build a small lead. With an absolutely phenomenal combo by Jang-Sik ‘Lustboy’ Ham 4 members of CLG are set up perfectly for a team combo allowing TSM to take Baron by 31minutes and snowballing this to the game victory by 38minutes.

With a track record like this and with these 2 particular games being their most recent encounters TSM are most definitely looking like the team that will come out on top. However with recent improvements CLG could contest this. I’m predicting 3-2 (TSM Victory)

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