Finals – NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2015

After 9 weeks and several weeks of playoffs the NA LCS is finally heading towards the finals of the 2015 spring split. Only two contenders are left in the race for the spring split champion title. Will it be Cloud9 or TSM who takes away the first place together with the 90 Championship points and the ticket to the Mid Season Invitational in Florida? But before the finals are played, the match for 3rd place will take place between Team Impulse and and Team Liquid, where the teams are fighting for 50 CS points (take a look at the Championship points overview). Like the rest of the NA playoffs the finals and match for 3rd place are played in Los Angeles. Both matches will be a best of 5 series. Welcome to the finals of the NA LCS spring playoffs 2015!

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NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs |Finals and 3rd place:

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NA Spring Finals Schedule

LCS NA Match for 3rd place

3rd Place: Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo TEAM LIQUID vs. Team Impulse - LCS NA Team Logo TEAM IMPULSE   3   :   2  
(April 18th, 12:00 AM PDT/3:00 PM EDT/09:00 PM CEST)

LCS NA Grand Finals

Grand Finals: Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 CLOUD9 vs. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM TEAM SOLOMID   1   :   3  
(April 19th, 12:00 AM PDT/3:00 PM EDT/09:00 PM CEST)

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The final weekend of the NA spring playoffs is running from Saturday, April 18th to Sunday, April 19th with the match for 3rd place running on Saturday while the grand finals will be played on Sunday. The Live stream of the NA LCS Spring Finals is scheduled for 12:00 PDT | 21:00 CEST on both days, but as the EU Playoffs are running right before the NA broadcast, the start might be delayed up to 2 hours. We will update the betting odds comparison right after the eSpors betting sites have their LCS markets for the finals online. If you are interested in placing a bet on one of the LoL matches, you can learn out more about betting on eSports here.

Stats Comparison

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Team SoloMid 13 5 5.07 1733.37
Cloud9 13 6 4.75 1696.13
Team Impulse 11 7 3.96 1686.52
Team Liquid 10 9 3.46 1618.26

Teams Stats from the regular Season Spring Split – including decider matches

Betting Odds Comparison*

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Finals and Match for 3rd place NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2015 - Schedule and betting odds by Pinnacle

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LCS NA Spring Playoffs Match for 3rd place - Schedule and betting odds by Bet365

Finals NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2015 - Schedule and betting odds by bet365

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Preview and Predictions: NA Spring Playoffs Finals

As every regular playoff season, the appearances of Team SoloMid and Cloud9 are no rare occurrences. Team SoloMid easily cruised through the semifinals, defeating Team Impulse in the process while Cloud9 had a rough start against Team Liquid but managed to secure the victory.

For these two teams, the end of the road is near as the 2015 NA LCS Spring Playoffs Finals is here. Who will win it all and take home the crown? Never miss this and as you wait, read on for my predictions!

Match for 3rd place: Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo TEAM LIQUID vs. Team Impulse - LCS NA Team Logo TEAM IMPULSE

Match for 3rd place NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2015: Team LIQUID vs. Team IMPULSE - Match Teaser and Stats

Head to Head record in regular season: Team Liquid 1 : 1 Team Impulse
(April 18th, 12:00 AM PDT/3:00 PM EDT/09:00 PM CEST)

NA Spring Playoffs Grand Finals: Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 CLOUD9 vs. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM TEAM SOLOMID

Finals NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2015: CLOUD9 vs. Team SOLOMID - Match Teaser and Stats

Head to Head record in regular season: Cloud9  1 : 1 Team SoloMid
(April 19th, 12:00 AM PDT/3:00 PM EDT/09:00 PM CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Team TSMFavored and heavily-armed, Team SoloMid is looking stronger than ever going into this season’s finals as they faced off against Sneaky and the rest of Cloud9.

Team SoloMid easily defeated Team Impulse in a best-of-five semifinal series. Although they were defeated in the first game, Team SoloMid managed to regain their composure and sweep the next 3 games. The biggest factor was Team Impulse’s inconsistent pick/ban phase as they immediately changed their team composition and strategy in the next 2 games of the series.

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9On the other hand, Cloud9 had a hard time against Team Liquid as they were down 2 games but managed to pull the unexpected and sweep the remaining 3 games. The inconsistency of Cloud9 was pretty much everywhere in the first two games of the series.

Prediction: I knew from the very start that these two teams will make it all the way into the finale. Both have unique differences but share quite a few similarities.

Both teams have a great bottom lane tandem. Team SoloMid has WildTurtle and LustBoy while Cloud9 has Sneaky and LemonNation. Both teams has a veteran top laner, Dyrus in Team SoloMid and Balls in Cloud9.

Although they both have incredible mid laners, Hai of Cloud9 has been performing poorly this season and has not shown improvement since then but his shotcalling is remarkable as this greatly help his team secure victories. Bjergsen has been the best mid laner this season, combined with the assistance of Santorin; he will surely snowball if he gets a few early kills.

I want Cloud9 to win this one as they are my favorite team in North America but we all know that Team SoloMid has been very consistent since the start of the season. Meteos should be ready to anticipate every move of Santorin if he wants to shut down his map presence and BJergsen at the same time. Hai can surely handle the middle lane on his own provided that Santorin is stopped on his tracks by Meteos. An interesting matchup would be the bottom lane as both their AD carries and supports are one of the best tandems in North America.

Cloud9 should take away LeBlanc and Ahri from Bjergsen and force him into new champions such as Urgot (Bjergsen has a 1-1 record when using Urgot this playoffs). Cloud9 has a better record when playing standard lanes and they should opt for that whenever necessary. Although Team SoloMid has better individual skills than Cloud9, they should not be very confident as Cloud9 is still a high-caliber team on its own.

As much as I would like Cloud9 to win this one, I much say that Team SoloMid got this series. In terms of everything that was shown, Team SoloMid has the advantage. Cloud9 might take a few games away but Team SoloMid will surely walk away with a victory on the series.

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