LCS News: The end of the Spring Split is nigh

The end of the LoL spring split is almost nigh and we are excited, as always, to see what’s going to happen. With the International Wildcard Invitational finals right around the corner and the 2015 Summer Promotion Tournament knocking on the door, we’re pleased to, as always keep you up to date with current events. Today and tomorrow will be crucial for the teams participating in these tournaments as it will become clear who will be going home and who will be joining the LCS Summer Split. It’s been a long and exhausting way for most of these teams, so it’s no surprise that some of them are already at their limit, yet they persist and keep going in the name of victory, glory, and proving themselves in the Fields of Justice.

Summer Promotion Tournament

Logo of LCS Sesason 5 - 2015 - League of LegendsThe Summer Promotion Tournament is a way to give teams another shot at joining the LCS for the Summer Split. It’s a tournament where the number 8 and 9 teams from the Spring Split battle it out against the number 2 and 3 teams from the Challenger Series. The tournament will be held on the 25thand 26th of April. The teams who win from EU and NA will be joining the Summer Split, and the losing teams will get into the Challenger Series for the summer. The choice of opponent was in the hands of the 8th place teams in the Spring Split and all matches will be in the best-of-five format. The matches are as follows:


Giants vs. Reason Gaming

Roccat vs. Copenhagen Wolves Academy


Winterfox vs. TDK

Dignitas vs. Team Fusion

It’s going to be a long weekend for these eight teams, but it’s sure to be entertaining for the viewers.

>>> Find out more about the LCS Summer Promotion

International Wildcard Invitational

The IWCI is a chance for teams from the Wildcard Regions to join the Mid-Season Invitational, where they will be able to test their strength against the best teams in the world. The finals are today, on the 25th of April. INTZ e-sports will be fighting for the spot in the MSI with Beşiktaş e-Sports Club. The Turkish team proved that they are not easy to beat on their home turf. The finals will be a best-of-five, and INTZ will definitely have a hard time ahead of them. BJK will not give out the MSI spot in their own home, so we’re definitely in it for a few awesome games. Find out more about the IWCI

LCK Spring Playoffs Finals

LCK Spring playoffs finals are almost upon us. The Korean teams will battle it out in best-of-five finals on May 2nd. GE Tigers and SK Telecom T1 will be participating in the finals. The winner takes all the praise, glory, and a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational, so you can be sure that the teams will give it their best to win, no matter what it costs them. We’ll keep you posted if there are any changes in the meantime. Check out the upcoming LCK matches and betting odds here

Mid-Season Invitational

Fnatic and Team Solomid have qualified for the MSI after winning the playoffs in EU and NA, respectively. The two teams will now get the chance to prove who’s the best on the International setting, competing against some of the most talented players in the world. We can’t wait for the MSI to come – if you want to see the action live check out the MSI ticket info.

Other News

Cloud9 Hai is stepping down from the mid-lane

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9Hai “Hai” Du Lam is stepping down from the mid-lane position in Cloud9. Hai gave several reasons for his decision, including his wrist injury, meta-changes, and the loss of his teammates’ confidence in him. Still, he’ll keep trying to help the Cloud9 team improve. We wish you all the best, Hai.

For more information, Cloud9’s website.

Gambit bid Leviathan a farewell after the team’s disappointing performance

Logo of LCS EU Team Gambit GamingJordan “Leviathan” Thwaites used to be the Head Coach of Gambit. Used to, because he has recently been released due to the disappointing performance of the team during the Spring Split, as well as some questionable decisions. The team thanks Leviathan for all his great work, but feel like it’s time to move on. Dmitry “Moo” Sukhanov, the team’s manager felt that Leviathan wasn’t taking his job seriously enough, and that he wasn’t dedicating enough time in training the players, which resulted in the unsatisfactory performance.
If you want to read more, here’s Gambit’s website.

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