Semi-Finals NA LCS Playoffs 2014 | Match for 5th place

In the semi-finals of the NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2014, 4 teams are battling it out for the 3 spots of the North American LCS at LoL Worlds 2014. Winning in the semi-finals is already the ticket to the LoL World Championhsip 2014. In the match for 5th place Dignitas and CLG are fighting for their LCS lives as the looser of the match has to face relegation during LCS NA Spring Promotion 2014 this September.

Last week, TSM faced Dignitas and CLG faced off with Curse. It were thrilling Quarterfinals matches between all four teams since it has been a few weeks since we last seen them in action and time can really be a factor as to how the teams have improved. CLG even went to Korea to bootcamp against Korean teams but did their effort pay off in the long run? The simple answer was no. CLG lost all three games against Curse who was more prepared for the matches than CLG. Curse showed up to mop the floor with CLG's name on it and it just showed just how much Curse has improved over the weeks leading up to the Playoffs. TSM also showed up to play against Dignitas and destroyed them in a 3-1 series with TSM leading. Welcome to the Semi-Finals of the LCS NA Summer Split Playoffs!
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LCS NA Semi-Finals | Match for 5th place facts

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Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS NA Playoffs Semi-Finals | Summer Split 2014

For the Semi-Finals of the North American (NA) LCS Playoffs | Qualifiers for the League of Legends World Championship, LMQ will battle it our with TSM in a best of five match while Cloud 9 takes on Curse who scored 3 : 0 against CLG in the Quarter-Finals of the NA Summer Split Playoffs. The two winning teams will advance to the Finals of the LCS NA Summer Split Playoffs 2014. One day before the semi finals Dignitas and CLG will duke it out to avoid relegatoin in the match for 5th place on 08/29/2014. The match for 5th place is played in best of 5 mode too. Check below for detailed preview and betting predictions of each match!

NA Playoffs Match for 5th place

  • 08/29/2014  Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Dignitas Dignitas vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming (3 : 1)
  • (Time: 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
  • Looser faces Relegation

LCS NA Season 4 Summer Split Semi-Finals | Pax Prime 2014

  • 08/30/2014:  Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQ LMQ vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSM Team SoloMid (2 : 3)
  • (Time: 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
  • 08/30/2014:  Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud 9 Cloud 9 vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Curse Curse (3 : 0)
  • (Time: 17:00 PDT/ 20:00 EDT/ next day (08/31/: 02:00 CEST)

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Preview and Predictions NA Summer Playoffs Semi-finals

Stats Comparison in Summer Split 2014

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
LMQ 18 10 3.78 1702.39
Cloud9 18 10 3.77 1695.12
Team SoloMid 16 12 4.31 1646.22
Curse 13 15 4.04 1617.79
Team Dignitas 13 15 3.49 1625.02
Counter Logic Gaming 13 15 3.29 1615.80

NA Playoffs Mach for 5th Place: CLG vs Dignitas

(Aug 29 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(Head to Head in Season 4 Summer Split: CLG 3-1 against Dignitas)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLGLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team DignitasMost of the fans thought that CLG would crush Curse during their Quarterfinals match but in the end, Curse showed up and bare all of their skills to destroy CLG. It was quite disappointing for CLG knowing what they have gone through just to get to have a spot at Worlds but Curse deserved all of the glory when they played their best. Beat down and low on morale, this can affect CLG in a bad way as they will facing off with Dignitas this week in the battle for fifth place. Dignitas also appeared on the screen but their effort was not enough to topple TSM. It is key to note that both teams have been on a roll the entire split and yet crashed and burned in the Playoffs. Several issues can be pinpointed against this especially with CLG as their team composition has been solely reliant on Doublelift. CLG has the best of both worlds since the meta favors them but the execution is what failed them during their matches against Curse. It is important to note that they went to Korea to fix their issues but it seemed that their issues were somehow fixed but with just a simple bandaid and when things got rough, it all came pouring down on them. It was clear that CLG did not have a good pick and ban phase especially during Game 2 where they tried to ban out Cop and ended up with stronger solo laners. CLG struggled against Curse in all games hence they lost all matches.

Dignitas however is the complete opposite of CLG. They rely heavily on their solo laners. When Shiphtur and Zionspartan become juggernauts, it is up to Kiwikid and Imaqtpie to supply them with enough utility and damage combo to gain advantage over teamfights. This is where Dignitas is at its weakest. Their duo lane is somehow mediocre. If they are able to pull ahead in all lanes, they should simply thrust teamfights into CLG's faces and win everytime.

Prediction: Dignitas can win this if they pour gold to everyone on the team and let each player carry the other. Dignitas 3-1.

Semi-Final #1: LMQ vs TSM

(Aug 30 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(Head to Head in Season 4 Summer Split: LMQ 4-0 against TSM)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMLMQ seemed unfazed by the drama that was brought upon them during the last few days of the Summer Split. They ended up being the second spot and became the second seed for the Semifinals. This time, they will be facing off with TSM. Not much is known for LMQ's team practice over the past few weeks and this time, the mystery behind LMQ will add more fuel to the desperation that TSM is feeling right now. LMQ plays to win the spot for Worlds and with this matchup, it will only take them one more win to secure it. TSM, however, has everything to lose in this match as they will need to bring everything they have in order to beat one of the best teams in North America right now. Will this be the time that Bjergsen steps up his game? Has Amazing expanded his champion pool to accommodate the team? Will Lustboy and Wildturtle have enough synergy to come together as one during teamfights?

Prediction: There is still a doubt that TSM might not win this match. LMQ moves on to the Finals with 3-1 score.

Semi-Final #2: Cloud 9 vs Curse

(Aug 30 17:00 PDT/ 20:00 EDT/(Aug 31) 2:00 CEST)
(Head to Head in Season 4 Summer Split: Cloud9 3-1 against Curse)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseHistorically, Curse has only defeated Cloud 9 once but if they can play like what they did with their match against CLG, Cloud 9 will have to think twice about their gameplay. Cloud 9 had a front row seat as to how Curse defeated CLG and they will surely use their ample time to study and try to formulate enough strategy to get ahead of Curse. But with a team as volatile as Curse, it is hard to predict whether they will once again show up or barely make another blip on the radar. Curse can have the ability to destroy Cloud 9 and even remove them from the top spot but it will be unlikely for them to do so. Cloud 9 has far more team synergy with one another to be defeated by Curse although there is still a slight chance that Curse might take a few games away from Cloud 9.

Prediction: Cloud 9 strolls away to a victory but with a few bumps ahead 3-2.

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