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The North American LCS Summer Split is drawing closer and closer to naming its top three teams that will represent the region at the Season 4 LoL World Championship to be held across Southeast Asia and South Korea this September and October. Throughout the entire NA Summer split, teams have raised their game and so became one of the best splits of the entire League of Legends season. LMQ and Cloud 9 took the top spot and each have earned a bye towards the Semifinal round. Both teams will fend off any chances of the other four teams to grab a spot at the coveted title. As for the four teams, TSM, Dignitas, Curse, and CLG will have to fight for their lives in the NA LCS as one of these teams will surely fall down to relegation together with Evil Geniuses and Complexity. Who will come out on top in the Quarterfinals and face off LMQ or Cloud 9 in the semi-finals of the playoffs? Find out in this preview of the Quarter-Finals of the LCS NA Summer Split 2014.
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LCS NA Quarter-Finals facts

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Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS NA Playoffs Quarter-Finals

  • 08/23/2014: Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSM Team SoloMid vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Dignitas Dignitas
  • (Time: 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
  • 08/24/2014: Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Curse Curse vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLG Counter Logic Gaming
  • (Time: 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)

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For the Quarterfinals, Team SoloMid will face Dignitas in a best of five match while Curse takes on  CLG to get to the next round of the NA Playoffs 2014. Check below for detailed preview and betting predictions! We have created an overview of the betting odds of the different online eSports betting sites for the Quarter-Finals of the North American LCS Summer Split Payoffs | Regional Qualifiers to help you in case you want to place a bet on a certain team or match. More information about the online eSports betting sites offering odds for League of Legends can be found here: esports betting sites reviews.
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Preview and Predictions NA Quarter-finals

Stats Comparison in Summer Split 2014

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Team SoloMid 16 12 4.31 1646.22
Curse 13 15 4.04 1617.79
Team Dignitas 13 15 3.49 1625.02
Counter Logic Gaming 13 15 3.29 1615.80

Quarter Final #1: TSM vs DIG

(Augst 23rd, 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(Head to Head in Season 4 Summer Split: TSM 1-3 against DIG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team DignitasOn paper, one would think that TSM would advance to the top four spot with the acquisition of Lustboy from Korea. But TSM has had problems all split long. The team lost one of their original starting player in Xpecial after he got benched and was acquired by Curse. Gleeb filled in his shoes to good results but not quite enough hence he was benched and Lustboy came in. The acquisition of Lustboy came out as a late call for the team but they are still optimistic as to what the Korean player has to offer to the team. The meta has not been kind to TSM. Bjergsen, who has enjoyed playing the assassin meta and garnered a notorious reputation for being the Faker of the West has disappeared off the map. The shift in the meta at the midlane has caused the team more problems now that midlaners are pretty much support mages or AP champions with massive wave clear. The midlane has become a farmfest wherein Bjergsen is not keen on. This is one of the reasons why TSM has not been up to their full potential as of late but it was still enough to land them their current spot.

Dignitas on the other hand came out strong in the early weeks of the split as they always do but once the split reaches its closing days, Dignitas always stumble. Dignitas have shown great promise when they were able to reach the top spot as early as Week 2 but disaster struck and the team was evicted to fourth place for the rest of the split. The team should just sit back and let themselves play the game instead of carrying each other. The laners are good at what they do but Crumbzz forces them to make plays at the wrong moment. This type of miscommunication should be addressed by Coach Scarra. There have been moments that Crumbzz makes a good play but no one is there to follow it up while there are also moments that the team engages without Crumbzz. If they want to see the light of the Worlds Stage this September and October, they need to fix these issues as fast as possible.

Lane matchups to watch: Solo laners. Shiphtur versus Bjergsen and Dyrus versus Zionspartan. Both of these solo laners have been going at it since the Spring split when Shiphtur and Zionspartan were part of Coast. All four players are very talented in their lane but the edge goes to Dignitas' solo laners. Zionspartan and Shiphtur are known to carry their games all by themselves during the days as members of Coast. Who would have thought that given the opportunity to join a better team would allow them to flourish even more. That time has finally come and they have met a worthy match in lane.

Prediction: Even though TSM is favored by the eSports traders of the betting sites I believe Dignitas takes the win.

Quarter Final #2: Curse vs CLG

(August 24th, 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(Head to Head in Season 4 Summer Split: CRS 3-1 against CLG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLGCLG started off strong during the Summer Split of the 2014 LCS. They have maintained the top spot for five weeks. However, as the weeks draw closer to the end, CLG started falling off and in no less than the hands of Curse. Curse won three out of their four games against CLG and CLG only won once. Right before the last super week of the NA summer split, CLG has flown off to Korea to boot camp with the best teams in the country. This helped them realize their potential and solve their issues once and for all. It was a very risky move for them considering that they still have four games to play in the last Superweek but the team is still hoping to get the results they needed to land the top spot and the chance to get to the Worlds Stage this year. Will the team be able to solve their issues with Seraph and Dexter or will they still have problems in the early game?

Curse was on a roll during the last few weeks of the LCS. They have learned a lot now that they have locked in their team for the entirety of the split unlike before where they would switch members like a revolving door. Curse finally have some strategy that only they can pull off. The double AD composition allowed the team to be a late game monster especially now that each member of the team have their roles to fill. The toplaner will act as a support for the AD carry mid as Lulu or any other supportive champion while the jungler remain as the initiator of the team. It is a well-telegraphed move for Curse but it is also a double-edge sword for them. However, their gamble has paid off and have helped them land the spot where they want to.

Lane matchups to watch: Midlane. Link versus Voyboy. Link has had a downtime since Allstars while Voyboy has steadily increased his champion pool with a mix of AP assassins, AD carries, and AP support mages. It will be fun to watch as Link tries to counter Voyboy's tremendous champion pool but Voyboy is still on the downside on this match. He can be a jack of all trades but he is a master of none which can be problematic in different situations. However, Voyboy has proven to himself that he can manage to match Link in the lane after having 3 wins under their belt against CLG.

Prediction: CLG’s boot camping efforts make it worth their while.

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