LCS Newsfeed | Summer Split 2014 | Week 3

Welcome to the second issue of the LCS Newsfeed! This week we focus on the recent player supsenions by Riot Games as well as other topics.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (EU):
06/05 – 06/06: LCS EU Summer Split Week 3 – Preview
North America (NA):
06/07 – 06/08: LCS NA Summer Split Week 3

Brokenshard of Complexity will not be playing in Week 3 of the NA LCS

The jungler for Complexity will be out this week as he will have to leave the country due to visa issues. There is still no word on who will replace him for this week. Last week pr0lly could not play for the team. As we reported last week he was replaced by Mancloud.

Suspension of Nukeduck and Mithy

Mithy and Nukeduck

Mithy and Nukeduck (both NiP) got bannend by Riot Games

Upon recent investigation done by Riot Games, two members of former LCS team Ninjas in Pyjamas namely Alfonso “Mithy” Rodriguez and Erlend “Nukeduck” Holm were banned from professional play. Nukeduck was found to exhibit toxic behavior in solo queue along with Mithy. Mithy was reported over 30 percent of the total games he played during those times and 60 percent of those reports were due to Offensive Language, Verbal Abuse, and Negative Attitude. He was also reported leaving the game or going AFK for about 30 times over the recent months. Meanwhile, Nukeduck has also been reported for nearly 30 percent of the games he has played for Offensive Language, Negative Attitude, and Verbal Abuse. Previously, Nukeduck had several punishments but he did not seem to show improvement after such resolution. Both are currently suspended from the LCS and the Challenger Series through the end of 2014. View Riot forum post.

Meanwhile, NiP has released a statement regarding the release of both players.

“Erlend “NukeDuck” Holm, and Alfonso “mithy” Rodriguez have been released from Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas have released Erlend “NukeDuck” Holm and Alfonso “mithy” Rodriguez from our roster with immediate effect. This is as a direct result of the recent suspension they have both received from Riot due to breach of code of conduct which bans them from competition for the rest of 2014. Therefore they are unable to participate in the Coke Zero Challenger Series in 2014.

NiP will immediately start searching for suitable replacements for the two players, and will try out several options during the upcoming weeks.

Statement from Gustav M. Karto, Managing Director of Ninjas in Pyjamas:

“This is a highly regrettable situation that the players can only blame themselves for. Ninjas in Pyjamas do not condone this kind of behaviour and we hope that the players take the time to learn from this incident and come back to competitive play in the future with a refreshed attitude. But for now, we will unfortunately have to say goodbye to Alfonso and Erlend, who have been exceptional and loyal players of NiP for the last 9 months.”

Stay tuned for more update on the situation.

LoL Server Maintenance Patch 4.9

Meanwhile, players will have to wait for this weekend in order to play the newly revamped Deathsinger, Karthus in his visual update as well as other new gameplay updates from Riot. Patch 4.9 will be out this week.

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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