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Welcome to a new section on The weekly LCS Newsfeed. In this new section you will find all kinds of information regarding the professional League of Legends leagues LCS NA and LCS EU. The newsfeed will round up or normal preview and predictions section. The LCS Newsfeed will be published once a week and contains relevant betting info like roster changes, rumours and lots of other stuff that happens in and aournd the LoL Pro-League. The first newsfeed is all about the roster changes that have made their way to the LCS from both sides of the Atlantic. Let's have a closer look:

Yellowpete steps down as the starting AD carry for Evil Geniuses

A few weeks ago, Evil Geniuses have announced that they were looking to solidify their current lineup wherein they would have the possibility of replacing three of the current starting lineup of the team. EG was bent on strengthening their jungler, AD carry, and support positions which means that our beloved Europeans who have jumped over the pond will be in trouble of losing their jobs. Last week, it was announced that Yellowpete, Evil Geniuses' AD carry, would step down and be replaced by Altec. Altec was last seen as the AD carry of Cloud 9 Tempest in the NA Challenger Series. Yellowpete moves to a sub position. Altec will begin playing on Week 2 of the North American LCS and hopes to provide good results for the team. As the team has lost the first 4 matches during NA Super Week 1 it can only get better. Other replacements for the jungler and support role for the team have not yet been announced. Evil Geniuses plans on slowly bringing the team back to its glory days by reinforcing better players to the team.

Pr0lly out on Week 2 for Complexity

Compelxity midlander pr0lly

Pr0lly is replaced by Mancloud during week 2 of the NA LCS Summer Split 2014

Complexity’s midlaner will not be able to play on Week 2 of the NA LCS and will be replaced by Mancloud. Rumours had it previously that Bischu, who played as midlaner in the NA Challenger Series for Cloud 9 Tempest and The Walking Zed would step in but this turned out to be wrong. This midlane swap will cerainly have an impact on compLexity's matches against Counter Logic Gaming and Evil Geniuses in the upcoming week 2 of the North American LCS Summer Split 2014. We will see how the LoL traders at the eSports betting sites react to this change as soon as the betting odds are live for the 2 matches.

Serap's debut in the NA LCS (CLG)

seraph - midlaner of CLG

Seraph has to step up after an underwhelming debut on the NA LCS stage

When Nien stepped down as the starting top laner for Counter Logic Gaming by the end of the NA LCS Spring Split, CLG was sent on a hunt to find the a new top laner from all over the world and decided to recruit someone from the best region LoL region available. Seraph's name emerged from a long list of Korean top laners and was immediately sent to the US to integrate with the team. Last week, Seraph made his debut on the LCS Stage but was quite underwhelming in his performance. He had a KDA ratio of 1.25 and died 20 times during the entire super week (4 matches in total). Not only that, he also has one of the lowest GPM during the first week with only 310.04. But, CLG still has high hopes for the Korean powerhouse to bring the team back up to speed. Seraph was previously playing for Najin White Shield before he was recruited by CLG.

NiQ's debut in EU LCS (Gambit Gaming)

Nearly a month ago, Alex Ich decided to leave Gambit Gaming in order to spend more time with his family while still open to playing the game professionally. Ninjas in Pyjamas was able to solve his personal issues for him regarding the way his previous teams were spending too much time travelling as well as issues with the distance from his family. This left a big whole inside Gambit Gaming. Losing one of the pillars of their team was a heavy blow to the team and they were left scrambling to find a proper substitute. NiQ was able to step into Alex Ich shoes but had a few problems when he debuted at the LCS stage last week during EU Super Week 1. NiQ was at the bottom of the list when it comes to KDA ratios as well as everything else. But, it would most likely be just nerves getting in the way. Surely, Gambit would not gamble on NiQ just for naught.

EU LCS heads to Wembley Arena

Fans from the UK have always asked to be a part of the LCS experience and now they have the chance to take part in the LCS. By Week 5, Riot Games have announced that the EU LCS will be played at the world famous Wembley Arena. On June 21, the EU LCS will leave the studio in Cologne and set up camp in Wembley Arena in London for the entire week to bring the LCS action to the UK. Tickets will go on sale on May 27, Tuesday at 16:00 GMT/ 18:00 CEST/ 9:00AM PDT.

Be sure to stay tuned for more LCS news next week or take a look on our previews of the upcoming LCS matches of Season 4 Summer Split!

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Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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