LCS NA |Season 4| 2014 – Week 7 Preview

Week 6 of the NA LCS let us witness one of the best games that the NA could offer. The game between TSM and Coast was breathtaking and it showed how Coast can be a top caliber LCS team with Shiphtur leading the pack with his Ahri and Lich Bane. Coast ended the game by a strand of hair left in Ahri's health bar. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses also showed a game of pure dominance when Innox and Pobelter finally lit up and got their game on. Cloud 9 is also riding the wave of glory after defeating Evil Geniuses with Sneaky getting 14-1-23 with his utility carry in Sivir. As the split reaches the middle ground, teams from the bottom need to pick it up in order to get themselves out of relegation. The urgency is now clearer and more important than ever.

LCS NA Season 4 Week 7 Facts

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Schedule and Odds – NA Week 7*

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Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 7 Day 1

TSM vs XDG (March 1, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

XDG has once again performed a roster change. Nickwu is out and Sheep is in. Sheep will play the support role while Zuna returns to AD carry. Xmithie will return to the jungle in order to help Mancloud in the mid lane. Now that the dust has settled, XDG can finally return to its former glory of being one of the top teams in the NA LCS. But, there is still a cloud of doubt in their capability to win the game knowing that they relied heavily on Bloodwater's shotcalling especially in the bottom lane. If Sheep has the same dominance in lane as Bloodwater then they can stand a chance against a very powerful TSM.

Prediction: Even with XDG's new roster, they will still have a difficult time against the better TSM.

CST vs C9 (March 1, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Coast was in top shape during their game with TSM. Shiphtur and Zionspartan once again led the team to victory against a very tough competition against TSM. Props to Nintendudex in shutting down Bjergsen's Gragas as well. Nintendudex continually locked down Gragas whenever he had a chance during the laning phase leaving Bjergsen completely useless in teamfights. If Coast can continue to play this way then they have what it takes to beat Cloud 9. C9 is dominant in the laning phase but if they are far more dominant Coast can beat the team especially that C9's former coach is now their coach. If they have certain intel on what to do when they are faced with a decision.

Prediction: If Coast can play the exact same way during their game against TSM then they can easily win this game against C9.

CRS vs CLG (March 1, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

CLG is on a roll. They have played superby well in the last few weeks after acquiring Dexter. With Dexter in the jungle, they can finally broaden their strategy and move away from building their team around Doublelift. This allows them to try other strategies that can help them get the victory they need. Curse on the other hand have been innovators in the jungle meta with the help of IWillDominate and his Pantheon and Wukong picks. Pantheon continues to strike fear in the laning phase especially his post-6 status. This makes Pantheon and respect ban for IWillDominate hence he needs to pick up a jungle champion that is equally terrifying as Pantheon.

Prediction: Both Curse and CLG are showing promise this split and this can be the game that they are on the same level.

EG vs C9 (March 1, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

After acquiring another loss last week, EG will surely on the lookout for blood but unfortunately, they will be matched up against the same team that beat them. This can be a double-edge sword for both teams. EG will surely learn a lot from that match. They can improve or they can remain defeated. C9 should not be complacent when it comes to EG. EG is known to bounce back from hitting rock bottom as evidenced by their standings in the last few weeks.

Prediction: C9 should never count EG out of the playing field but it will be decided during the early laning phase if EG can win this game or not. Edge C9

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 7 Day 2

XDG vs CLG (March 2, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

XDG's fate in this split will be decided on the coming weeks. If XDG continues their slump then there is no hope left for the team especially now that there are more dominant teams waiting for them during the Promotional Tournament. If CLG wins this game, they will continue their ambition in becoming the top 3 team in the NA LCS. XDG will once again have a difficult time with regards to defeating a better team. But, if they are able to perform well in their previous match this week then they stand a chance. Look out for Xmithie and Mancloud duo from midlane and jungle to get things done for XDG but do not leave out CLG in this match.

Prediction: CLG takes the point.

CRS vs EG (March 2, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Curse has been floating around the LCS. When you look back, Curse has always been the one making safe picks and not risking everything outside of the jungle picks from Dominate. Curse needs to find their own footing like what CLG and EG does. CLG acquired Dexter and found their groove. EG found Pobelter and Innox to be a great addition while Curse got Saintvicious back now as support he is simply not support material as it was clearly evident during his last match that he cannot land Death Sentences from Thresh. His go-to champion Alistar might have the roaming potential if they are ahead but once backed down, he simply breaks and becomes a non-factor in teamfights. Saintvicious needs to learn more champions if he wants to make an impact for the team like he does when he was the jungler for Curse.

Prediction: EG's bot lane has great chemistry and it can lead the team to victory knowing Curse's weakness is at the bot lane as well.

CLG vs CST (March 2, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

This match up will also be a close game for both teams. CLG is slowly finding their footing while Coast is also getting in their groove. The problem now is that CLG has a more solid lineup against Coast. Coast only relies on mid lane and top to get the game going with the jungler assisting whenever he can. This leaves their bot lane as the weakest area which is what CLG is best at doing. Doublelift can play the bot lane. He has always been CLG's star player even to a point in time that his team was building their composition to protect him and get him the farm he needs. If CLG can stray away from such strategy and distribute the power to other lanes then they can dominate the game once Coast's top and mid lanes are shut down.

Prediction: CLG needs to play the methodical game this time. Once they shut down Coast's mid and top lanes they can immediately end the game.


LCS NA Team TSMLCS NA Team Cloud 9TSM vs C9

(March 2, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

Once again, the top two teams will duke it out. Cloud 9 needs to study TSM's game against Coast last week in order to get a glimpse on what they need to do to shut down Bjergsen. In that game, Bjergsen was shut down from the start of the game when Shiphtur played a very mobile Ahri. Even though Gragas is a moderately mobile champion, Ahri can still dash two more times and can initiate all on her own with her Charm. If Bjergsen continues to pick Gragas or even Leblanc, he will be camped by Meteos. Cloud 9 needs to make subtle moves so that Bjergsen cannot feel he is being camped. A Vi or Elise pick will be good in locking down TSM's star player. Cloud9 should also pick a more aggressive bot lane with Leona and Lucian and end the game once they have the advantage.

TSM on the other hand needs to protect Bjergsen but without undermining the other lanes. This is a huge pressure for TheOddOne to roam all lanes while focusing more on protecting Bjergsen with counterganking champions. Lee Sin and Vi are good duelists that can turn the tide to their favor. A good old time jungle invade might also be good for the team as Cloud9 has become complacent with their methods in the jungle. Once they shut down Metoes, he cannot gank other lanes and get the game going in their favor.

Prediction: TSM has a lot more going for them than Cloud 9.

Standings NA (before week 7)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Team Solomid 14 12 2
2 Cloud 9 14 11 3
3 CLG 14 8 6
4 Team Dignitas 14 7 7
5 Evil Geniuses 14 5 9
6 Curse 14 5 9
7 Team Coast 14 5 9
8 XDG 14 3 11

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