LCS NA |Season 4| 2014 – Week 5 Preview

Last week, fans were treated with amazing comebacks from matchups that were surefire to be a stomp. There were also headscratching moments coming from the EG versus TSM match. EG dominated the early game and just like their match against Coast a few weeks ago, they were not able to close the game and were slowly dominated by the opposing team. This time, Dyrus led TSM to victory. Dignitas continued their winning streak and Curse's coach Saintvicious returns to competitive play as a support. Meanwhile, Dexter finally gets to play as jungler for CLG with good results as they were able to get finally play as a complete team.

LCS NA Season 4 Week 5 Facts

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  • 02/15 – 02/16 – 2014
  • Start Time: 12:00PST / 21:00 CET
  • 8 Matches
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This week, expect another explosive round of matches as Dignitas face off with the first and second place teams as they try to get the top spot for this week. Look out for XDG as they try to prove to the region that they are indeed LCS caliber team after their valiant win against Dignitas.

Schedule and Odds – NA Week 5

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Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 5 Day 1

CLG vs C9 (February 15, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

Now that CLG finally has their official roster in play, we can now see what the team is truly capable of doing. Link has proven to be a dominating mid lane player during their match against Evil Geniuses despite having a weaker laning phase against Pobelter with his rotating ganks from bot lane to the top. But, what may deter him from ganking other lanes is that he is facing one of the toughest teams to beat – Cloud 9. He will surely have problems with ganks coming from left to right with Meteos. CLG will have the upper hand at the bot lane as Doublelift and Aphromoo will surely have a good time destroying C9's weaker lane. All in all, it will rest on the hands of Meteos to get Cloud 9 to victory.

Prediction: If CLG shuts down Meteos early game and camp Hai in mid lane, CLG wins the game.

EG vs CRS (February 15, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Evil Geniuses once again prove to us that they do have the ability to dominate a lane and even create a situation where they can easily win a game. The thing is, they just can't close a game. When the opposing team starts turtling, they become relaxed and the sudden surge of power comes, they topple over and lose the game. EG needs to find a way to close the game as soon as they feel that they are stomping the enemy team. They can do this with Curse as their opponents. If they can start snowballing, they can end the game in an instant.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses need to find a genius way to end the game to win. If not, they lose.

CST vs XDG (February 15, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

Coast and XDG, the battle of the bottom two. This might be the top game of the week considering this match will show who will sink further in this week's standing but there are far more interesting matchups this week. Both teams need to evaluate their entire lineup if they want to win and this could be the right matchup to do it. Coast's Wizfujin has not been showing up to play and XDG's Zuna is just not that good anymore. If Coast's carry steps his game up, then they stand a chance. XDG has proven last week that they can still do it but that does not mean that Coast can't either. Both teams are strong when they are given the edge which is why it is best for both teams to give each other the pick they want and let them duke it out.

Prediction: An even match and whoever loses this match needs a team shuffle.


LCS NA Team TSMLCS NA Team DignitasTSM vs DIG

(February 15, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

Dignitas has been on a roll since Week 3 after winning all of their games and climbing back to the top three spot. They have crushed Cloud 9 and the other teams they have faced since then but now is the time to prove to themselves that they are deserving to be in the top three by facing the kings themselves. Dignitas have always been a consistent team even with a few roster changes like Kiwikid and Cruzer but nevertheless, it is Scarra, the leader and shotcaller, who has always been consistent with his calls. This week, they need to sharpen their skills even further to beat the top team of the NA region.

TSM, on the other hand, have shown their weak spot during their match against Evil Geniuses. Shutting down their mid lane was a good strategy to beat TSM but EG failed to close the game. If Dignitas is able to repeat such feat, tey are able to close the game fast before other lanes from TSM can catch up. TSM can only learn one thing from a near loss experience and that is to not rely on their star player all of the time. They need to have confidence on themselves like Dyrus has done in order to help a losing lane and carry the game for the team.

Prediction: Sparks fly off in this match and there is no telling which team wins.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 5 Day 2

XDG vs CRS (February 15, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

XDG's win against Dignitas was all about strategy. Dignitas clearly had the edge when it comes to mechanics but XDG was far more strategic in that game by slowing the pace down in order for them to farm and when the time came that they were able to dictate the pace of the game, they became monstrous gods. XDG should continue with this kind of strategy against Curse now that they have proven to have good results with this kind of strategy. But, do not leave Curse out yet as they can still break XDG by dominating the laning phase.

Prediction: XDG needs to exercise patience and approach a slow burn strategy in order to win.


LCS NA Team Cloud 9LCS NA Team DignitasC9 vs DIG

(February 15, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

The second top game of the week belongs to yet again Dignitas as they fight it out once again with Cloud 9. After a shameful defeat, Cloud 9 is going to be bloodthirsty against Dignitas but Dignitas is out to defend their title to rub salt into Cloud 9's wounds once more. For Dignitas, it will still need a bit of luck and a whole lot of strategy to get ahead of Cloud 9. Watch out for Imaqtpie and Kiwikid playing differently this time when they are faced with Sneaky and Lemonnation at the bot lane. Kiwikid has been amazing with his Annie-Tibbers stun as he sets up kills for Imaqtpie in both lanes and teamfights. Cloud 9 should take away Annie from Kiwikid's hands if they want to have a better laning phase.

Cloud 9 needs to adapt to another strategy in order to surprise Dignitas. A jungle Pantheon should do the trick. Meteos is an overall good jungler but despite that, his team relies heavily on his skills in order to gain advantage. With Pantheon, he can gank one lane and mandrop to another lane if mana and hp permits him to. This way, he can instantly boost two lanes in just one rotation. Dignitas needs to watch out for this to happen so they need to be vigilant during the pick and ban phase.

Prediction: It all boils down to the pick and ban phase of this game.

EG vs CST (February 15, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

This rematch will let the audience know who has learn from past mistakes. During their first match, EG dominated the early stages of the game by shutting down the bot lane. However, Coast was able to turn the tables around when Zionspartan and Shiphtur went on overdrive with Leblanc and Renekton in order to carry the game. EG needs to stop this from happening again and if Coast wants to win, they need to be stable all throughout the game.

Prediction: EG needs to shut down Coast early and immediately take advantage of it.

CLG vs TSM (February 15, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

CLG will have to fare better this time now that they have Dexter to complete their roster. No more adjusting to old players into their current strategy. They can now have their own strategy as a new CLG team this time. With that, they can take advantage of it in order to surprise TSM. If they continue to play like last week, TSM can read through and beat them.

Prediction: TSM still gets the win.

Standings NA (before week 5)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Team Solomid 10 9 1
2 Cloud 9 10 8 2
3 Team Dignitas 10 6 4
4 CLG 10 5 5
5 Curse 10 4 6
6 XDG 10 3 7
7 Evil Geniuses 10 3 7
8 Team Coast 10 2 8

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