LCS NA |Season 4| 2014 – Week 4 Preview

Following a day of predictable matchups on Day 1 of Week 3 in the NA LCS, the second day proved to be a whirlwind of matchups especially with the top game of the week with TSM against C9. If the EU LCS had an amazing game with Fnatic and Roccat, the NA Region should be proud that they have TSM and C9. No doubt, the matchup between these two top teams proved that the region have a weapon against the Koreans. But the problem is, that's about it. The other 6 teams rely heavily on lucky matchups against weaker teams in order to get by the standings. Curse and CLG have been hit or miss. Dignitas is slowly going on a roll after the disastrous first week. Evil Geniuses and Coast seem to “coast” around while XDG is failing miserably in their first LCS Season.

LCS NA Season 4 Week 4 Facts

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  • 02/08 – 02/09 2014
  • 8 Matches
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Will this week continue the trend? Let's take a look at the matchup, schedule and odds for Week 4 of the NA LCS. Read how these teams fare against their matchups in our detailed preview and predictions below.

Schedule and Odds – NA Week 4

Here is the schedule and the betting odds for the 4th week of the North American League of Legends Championship (LCS). The odds are provided by the LoL online betting sites Pinnacle Sports and eSportsventure. Please be aware that this is just a screenshot and that the lines and odds may have changed in the meantime. You can take a look at the current odds by following the link below the schedule. You can find the approximate starting times of the LCS matches by looking at our espots betting tips.

schedule LCS NA week 4 with betting odds

schedule LCS NA week 4 with betting odds - pinnacle

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Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 4 Day 1

C9 vs XDG (February 8, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

No doubt. This will be a stomp. Cloud 9 is one of the strongest teams in the NA LCS and have proven their worth last season after winning the top spot and gaining the bye for the World Championships. The thing is, XDG also earned a spot at the World Championships but their weakness as a team was obvious. Their problem was with Zuna as the AD carry but they were still going by with Mancloud and Xmithie as the midlaner and jungler. In order to solve the problem, Zuna transferred to jungle where it was his original role and Xmithie switched to AD carry. But, it didn't solve the problem. It created even more problems. Zuna has a limited champion pool in the jungle and relied heavily on Olaf. With the jungle switch, mancloud was left without a wingman and his lane suffered a lot this split. Mancloud was reduced to a mere pawn for midlaners like Hai and Bjergsen to farm up. What XDG needs to do is to replace their weakest link and return Xmithie back to the jungle in order to provide support for Mancloud.

Prediction: Cloud 9 wins the match

DIG vs CST (February 8, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Coast also has a problem with rotation but not as obvious as most players think. During last week, Shiphtur rotated and assisted in different lanes in order to snowball them. It was a bit odd that Shiphtur left his lane but come to think of it, his strategy would be to avoid what happened a few weeks ago when he and Zionspartan had to carry the team after getting stomped by EG. Shiphtur needs to balance farming and rotating to help other lanes. In order for him to do that, he needs to bully his opponent out of his lane, farm up, create a gap between his creep score, and then rotate to help the other lanes. The same goes with other lanes. Coast does not always have the greatest of all laning phase as well as teamfighting capabilities which is why they are at the bottom of the pack. If they are not able to come up with other solutions to their problem, Dignitas and their new found energy will destroy them come laning and teamfighting.

Prediction: Dignitas should take the nexus

EG vs TSM (February 8 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

This will be one of those predictable games of the day unless EG pulls out another Soraka-Urgot lane or odd ball picks like Miss Fortune-Sona lane alongside Jarvan IV jungle. EG likes to surprise their opponents and if they want to win this matchup they need to surprise TSM. TSM loves to play by the meta hence they were caught by surprise when C9 pulled a Teemo on them in the first week. EG needs to capitalize on that and blindside them. If they go with the usual meta picks then they stand little chance against the best team in NA.

Prediction: If EG surprises TSM, they have the slight chance of winning. If not, they lose.

Top Game of the Week

LCS NA Team CurseLCS NA Team DignitasCRS vs DIG

(February 8, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

Curse suffered a tough 2 losses last week especially with their game against CLG when it was pretty sure they had it in the bag. Curse was able to destroy the top inhibitor in the early stages of the game but one big mistake turned the tide around and CLG was able to provide enough pressure to take the game away from an overconfident Curse. This week, they will be matched up against another team who has learned the hard lesson – Dignitas. Curse needs to follow what Dignitas has learned throughout those devastating weeks of losses. If they can do that, they can stand out and take a more wins and even spoil some of the top contenders come Playoffs.

Dignitas on the other hand is on a roll. They have taken the week off last week and seemed to be refreshed from taking some rest. When they get back into the LCS, they will be facing Curse. Dignitas needs to prove to Curse that re-visualizing their key objectives in winning and changing strategies is the right solution in order to win games. Dignitas has seen changes in their players' perspective and it has proven to be worth it. Now, they stand on the 3rd or 4th spot depending on the outcome of previous games. By the time these two teams meet in Summoner's Rift expect Voyboy and Scarra duking it out at the mid lane. Cop and Zekent might play catch up with Kiwikid and ImaQtpie at the bottom lane while Quas and Cruzer trade blows with Cruzer getting the advantage but if Quas picks another oddball champ at the top lane like what he did with Karthus then he can just stay behind the tower and farm up and still be relevant come mid and late game.

Prediction: Can still go either way but with a slight advantage for Dignitas.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 4 Day 2

CLG vs EG (February 9, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

Both teams have gained wins last week and now they are looking for more but only one can win this match while the other will suffer another loss. CLG was lucky enough to capitalize on Curse's mistake during the last matchup. EG, on the other hand, was able to methodically dismantle the other team and relied on their skills more than what CLG did with their respective matchups. The issue now is both teams have skills. In fact, they belong to the same banner a few years ago when EG was still called CLG.EU. HotshotGG, CLG's owner, knows how to spot talent and was able to spot Krepo, Yellowpete, and Snoopeh's individual talent. Now, they have gone on to become Evil Geniuses. They have been against each other a few weeks ago and now is the time to prove once again who is the better team. It is a battle of the sister teams.

Prediction: EG takes another swipe from CLG.

CRS vs TSM (February 9, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

TSM has always been a top caliber team when Reginald was in their team. And now that they have acquired Bjergsen, their market value has risen tenfolds. They have acquired a mid laner that has world class quality and it has taken them to a different level. TheOddOne is now free to roam around in different lanes and even go counterjungling since Bjergsen can stand on his own against some of the best midlaners in NA region. Curse also took the same step with Saintvicious and Nyjacky but with little benefits hence TSM is far more superior since they only need to adjust to one player instead of two or three other players for the team.

Prediction: TSM takes the win but not without a few road bumps from Curse.

C9 vs CST (February 9, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

As teams begin to discover their capabilities and stretch out their skills, one team has slowly exposed their own weakness for other teams to exploit. Cloud 9's laning has always been good since last season but with new teams trying out new strategies, Cloud 9's weakness has been exposed. When Meteos is shut down, the other lanes suffer especially the bot lane. LemonNation has had a few doubtful calls for his teams and relied on other lanes to relieve pressure from the bot lane in order for Sneaky to farm up. This is why Meteos is so good at pressuring other lanes after heavily farming the jungle. If Meteos is shut down within his own jungle, he is forced to gank a lane that is out of sync and lets him commit to mistakes hence furthering his downward spiral. Teams should capitalize on this mistake and turn the game around. But, with against a team that is also struggling to find their own synergy and identity like Coast, Cloud 9 will still come out strong and take another point in this split.

Prediction: Cloud 9's win is pretty evident.

XDG vs DIG (February 9, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

This week might turn out to be a straight up stomp for the top teams against the teams in the lower bracket with XDG versus Dignitas. By the end of this week, the stronger teams will move themselves further above while the other teams will sink further down the list. Teams need to feel the urgency and XDG needs to find their groove before it is too late. As harsh as it may sound, Dignitas is the most improved team within the past few weeks and XDG needs to follow that line. If not, they will continue to lose even more games and their spot in the LCS.

Prediction: Another win for Dignitas.

Standings NA (before week 4)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Team Solomid 8 7 1
2 Cloud 9 8 6 2
3 Team Dignitas 7 5 2
4 CLG 9 4 5
5 Evil Geniuses 8 3 5
6 Curse 8 3 5
7 Team Coast 8 2 6
8 XDG 8 2 6

Click here for current standings

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