LCS NA |Season 4| 2014 – Week 3 Preview

Week 2 of the NA LCS brought a lot of disappointments as well as unexpected moments for the teams in the split. XDG, despite being entitled as one of the better teams in the NA LCS last season and being able to qualify at Worlds in season 3 ended up being the last team of the split as of week 2. The team recently switched up their AD carry and their jungler roles and has struggled since then only to win a single match against EG during the first week. If XDG continues to spiral downwards they may end up getting relegated by the end of the split. Curse has always been touted as a stronger team coming in the split since the roster change but sadly, they have disappointed as well. Their unusual picks were great for entertainment but the overall strategy was questionable at best.

LCS NA Season 4 Week 3 Facts

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Aside from that, there were also teams that did surprisingly well after the first week. Dignitas was on a losing streak in the first week of the NA LCS but turned it around to take the number three spot of the split as of week 2. They have crushed Cloud 9 in a single game and rode the momentum afterwards. It seemed like Dignitas is on a roll. But how likely will it affect their gameplay come week 3? Let’s find out.

Schedule and Odds – NA Week 3

Live Crowd at the LCS Arena in CaliforniaWeek 3 is a normal LCS week, which means, that a total of 8 matches are played. Take a look at the schedule for more information about the upcoming matches. We have quoted the aproximate start time of each match in our detailed esports match preview and predictions section. If you are interested in betting on League of Legends you can have a look at the odds by dedicated eSports betting Sites. Please notice that the betting odds may have changed in the meantime. You can have a look at the recent odds by following the link below the schedule.

schedule LCS NA week 3 with betting odds

schedule LCS NA week 3 with betting odds - Pinnacle

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 3 Day 1

TSM vs XDG (February 1 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

TSM might have internal problems regarding Bjergsen but it did not hamper their abilities as a team and as individual players. The first match of the week will most likely be a stomp considering XDG is still trying to fix their issues with their laning phase especially with Zuna going jungle and Xmithie going AD carry. With Xmithie outside the jungle, Mancloud has had problems in the laning phase. Xmithie won’t be able to provide kills for Mancloud in order to snowball his lane and carry the game. With that, if XDG cannot find a way to provide a makeover to their team then they will continue losing games.

Prediction: Undoubtedly TSM.

CST vs C9 (February 1 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Another team that has disappointed this split is Coast. A year ago, they were in the top two spot during the Spring Split of season 3 but somewhere along the way during Summer Split, they lost their magic and became relegated. The same thing has happened in this split. They are struggling to find their identity as a team that could and became a team that could not. They have everything served up to them but there seems to be something missing. Zionspartan and Shiphtur can carry the entire team like what they did with their match against EG but other teams have discovered that by shutting down Shiphtur and Zionspartan is their Achilles’ heel. Cloud 9 has already seen this and will crush Coast in this match.

Prediction: Cloud 9 takes the win.

CRS vs CLG (February 1 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

Another team that is seemingly having identity issues is Curse. Curse knows how to play individually and are great at laning but the problem is prevalent during teamfights. Their unusual picks at champion select might throw CLG off their game but it will become evident that they have a single strategy in mind come the start of the game when CLG is able to define their own against Curse. But, Curse might stand a chance against CLG since Dexter can finally play with CLG. This means that CLG will have to adapt to Dexter’s style of jungling. This can leave to an opening for Curse to abuse and take this game right out of their noses.

Prediction: If Curse can spot a weakness in CLG’s lineup, they can win but if CLG plays solidly with a new member, they can turn around the game.

EG vs C9 (February 1 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

EG surprised everyone with their Soraka-Urgot bot lane and destroyed XDG’s lineup. They can take this strategy and use Cloud 9′s tactics against them. Cloud 9 surprised everyone with their first match of the split with a Teemo mid and EG can surprise Cloud 9 with another odd ball pick. If EG chooses to play with the standard lineup then they stand no chance. EG needs to change and surprise Cloud 9 so they can hit them on the side since Cloud 9 is known to have a weakness in adapting on the spot.

Prediction: If EG continues to surprise teams with oddball picks then they can win against C9.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 3 Day 2

XDG vs CLG (February 2 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

CLG will have a more easy time after their first match with Dexter as jungler. By this time, the team has settled with their issues and are comfortable with their line up. If XDG can do the same then it will be a good match but it will be most unlikely as XDG’s main problem has always been their lineup. If change does not come soon, then CLG will take the win and move up on the standings.

Prediction: CLG with a tiny odds of XDG taking this game.

CRS vs EG (February 2 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

The team that used Akali and Karthus versus the team that used Soraka and Urgot will meet up in Summoner’s Rift. This will likely be an entertaining match as both teams like to play unorthodox champions. Fans will surely love this match as recently buffed odd ball champions will most likely be played like Anivia and consistently strong yet underpicked champions like Pantheon and Wukong will be played considering Curse’s IWillDominate likes to play these champions in the jungle. On a serious note, EG and Curse are at an even playing field but if EG surprises Curse with a standard lineup and play strongly like what EG did with Olaf in the first week then they can snag this game right under Curse’s noses.

Prediction: Expect an even match with a few surprising picks.

CLG vs CST (February 2 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

This will be a replay of CLG vs XDG match. Coast’s new AD carry has been hit or miss and most of the time Wizfujin is a miss. The most prominent one being their game against EG when Krepo and Yellowpete destroyed the bot lane and Zionspartan and Shiphtur carried that game for them with NintendudeX slightly going back and forth in ganks to snowball the other lanes and left the bottom to stop the bleeding. Fortunately, Coast was able to coast through that game. If CLG can learn from that game is that they need to shut down the bot lane early then move on to shutting down the mid and top lane next. They need to extend the laning phase which favors heavily in this current patch. If CLG can perform such strategy then they can win this game. For Coast, it is all up to NintendudeX to provide ganks every lane in order to stop the hemorrhage of kills.

Prediction: If CLG performs well then they take the cake.


LCS NA Team TSM: All 5 Pro-PlayersNA LCS Team Cloud 9:All 5 PlayersTSM vs C9

(February 2 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

Ironically, the top game of the week will be the last game of Week 3. The games for this week will most likely be one sided with some unexpected even matches sprinkled all over but this match will be a tough one to predict for sure. Cloud 9 has showed their weakness on their match against Dignitas and TSM has showed their weakness during their first game of the split. Cloud 9′s match against Dignitas showed the world especially the NA region that they can be beaten to a pulp. If TSM can dominate the laning phase which Cloud 9 is notoriously known for then they can replicated Dignitas. Meanwhile, if TSM can gain control of vision early on and spot Meteos long before he can gank a lane then TSM can go aggressive in lanes.

It all rests well to the junglers for both teams. TheOddOne has always been reliant of the midlaner since the days of Reginald but with Bjergsen, he can do other things that he is known to be weak for like map and objective control. TheOddOne needs to sharpen this skill in order for him to counter Meteos who is known to be an aggressive jungler if needed be. Although Meteos farms the jungle and times the ganks right on time, TheOddOne needs to have map and vision control in order to counter him. TheOddOne needs to expand his champion pool outside of Elise. Vi and Lee Sin or even Xin Zhao are good junglers for him since he likes to play aggressively as well.

This will surely be a match where fans of both teams will scream and shout at the screen when they met up at teamfights and skirmishes.

Prediction: Buckle up. TSM is out for blood while C9 tries to hold their ground. This will be a good match. Edge C9

Standings NA (before week 3)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Team Solomid 6 5 1
2 Cloud 9 5 4 1
3 Team Dignitas 7 5 2
4 Curse 6 3 3
5 CLG 6 2 4
6 Team Coast 6 2 4
7 Evil Geniuses 6 2 4
8 XDG 6 1 5

Click here for current standings

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