LCS NA S4 | Super Week #2| (Week 8) – Preview

The NA Superweek will prove to be a battle for survival for the teams at the bottom of the pack while it will be a battle of supremacy for the teams at the top. TSM will find new adversaries in the form of CLG this week as the team has been on a roll. Cloud 9 will continue to snatch key victories that will allow them to take the top spot away from TSM. Either way, it will be an interesting week for the North American LCS this super week. Welcome to LCS NA Super Week #2!

NA Season 4 Week 8 (Super Week) Facts

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Schedule and Odds – NA Super week #2*

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Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 8 Day 1

EG vs C9 (March 14, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

Prediction: Based on the previous matches against Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9 will take this one once again.

Top Game of Super Week Day 1


(March 14, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Much to the dismay of TSM fans from the previous weeks, Coast was able to secure a win against the top team of the North American LCS with the help of Shiphtur and his Ahri play. Coast played as a team at that point and was able to land a defining win. What made it a very good game to watch is the fact that Coast is one of the underperforming teams in the LCS. Coast has only won 7 times in this split so far and have had difficulties against Cloud 9 and Dignitas as well as CLG. As the weeks rolled in, Coast began to find their footing in the standings when they were able to capitalize on the greatness that is Shiphtur and Zionspartan. Nintendudex is also the unsung hero of the team but Coast needs to work heavily on their bot lane as it stoodout as the gaping hole in their lineup.

TSM is no doubt the best team this split and has never reached this height before. But, if you can watch their game against Coast, it was clear that there were a few lapses in their strategy. Bjergsen was heavily camped which led to TheOddOne focusing on mid only to be counterganked hence leaving top lane and bot to be wide open for 2 versus 2 or grab an objective. This is the time for them to relieve some power from their mid to other parts of the map. Watch out as Bjergsen returns to the stage this week.

Prediction: With a week off, Bjergsen will likely be feeling energetic and vengeful against their loss to Coast hence performing better. TSM takes another win.

CLG vs DIG (March 14, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

A battle of the classics. These two teams have been duking it out since season 1 but have never seen the top spot. Dignitas were dominant in the early weeks of the Spring Split but later on faltered whereas CLG was fumbling around the early weeks and came out strong later on. Only time will tell on how these two teams can match up with TSM as all three teams have been around since the game's inception.

Prediction: CLG is in a much stronger position than Dignitas right now.

CRS vs XDG (March 14, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

With the addition of Sheep in their roster, XDG finally got their much awaited win last week against the seemingly unbeatable Cloud 9. Cloud 9 had their backs against the wall as the old lineup of XDG during their Vulcun days were in play. Xmithie was back in the jungle meaning Mancloud had the support he needs to win the mid lane. Zuna is back as their AD carry and with a very able support in new recruit Sheep. This allowed XDG to funnel their energy into reverting their power they got in Season 3 and it showed. XDG was dominant from beginning to end and that indicates that XDG is still in this game to get themselves out of the last spot so Curse better watch out.

Prediction: If XDG continues to play the same way as their match against Cloud 9, they can easily beat Curse.

CST vs DIG (March 14, 15:00PST/ 01:00 CET)

Prediction: Dignitas will most likely have an edge on this matchup.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 8 Day 2

TOP Game Super Week Day 2


(March 15, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

Day 2 of the Super Week is blast off with another great game from the old time rivalry between TSM and CLG. TSM got off to a better start in this split when they were able to acquire Bjergsen. They immediately hit it off after the first loss of the first game of the split against Cloud 9. Fast forward to 7 weeks later and TSM has never played this good with 13 wins and only 3 losses. Only time will tell how TSM will remain at the top spot at the second half of the split.

CLG also has the same storyline with TSM but with a twist of their own. CLG acquired Dexter but during the first few weeks of the NA LCS, Dexter had some visa issues hence he was not able to play for the team. CLG tried to remedy their problem by bringing in former CLG players like HotshotGG and Chauster to fill in the spot at the mid lane while Link played jungler. The results were mediocre at best. Now, CLG is complete and it looked like they are following in TSM's footsteps. Finally, TSM can find another team worthy of their match in CLG.

Prediction: This might be one of the best rivalry in the game but TSM is still in the lead.

EG vs XDG (March 15, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Another rematch that will most likely tilt in Evil Geniuses favor if they are able to switch gears from mid to late game. EG has always been known to be good at the late game especially during Season 3 but they fall off early and struggle by then. This time, they start great but slowly lose steam in the mid game and totally fall off late game. XDG is also a team who greatly benefit from early game aggression. With Sheep in their roster and the recent roster mix up finally complete, XDG can return to their former glory. This time, EG will have a good match against XDG.

Prediction: Both teams love to play aggressive early on so it is hard to tell.

C9 vs CRS (March 15, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

Prediction: Cloud 9 wins this match dropping Curse even further down.

TSM vs EG (March 15, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

Prediction: No doubt TSM will trump EG in this match up.

XDG vs CST (March 15, 16:00PST/ 01:00 CET)

Prediction: A fairly even matchup but it will come down to who is more aggressive in the early stages of the game.

DIG vs C9 (March 15, 17:00PST/ 02:00 CET)

A rematch between Cloud 9 and Dignitas. Dignitas will look for blood once more in the form of Cloud 9 as they were able to beat the team once and lost the next time they were paired. Now, Dignitas has the opportunity to grab another win if they can rekindle their magic during the second week of the LCS. Unfortunately, the magic they have conjured is slowly dwindling and Dignitas is falling off the radar once more.

Prediction: Cloud 9 wins this game if Dignitas is not able to find the spark they need.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 8 Day 3

XDG vs TSM (March 16, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CET)

Prediction: TSM takes another win.

CLG vs CST (March 16, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CET)

Coast will probably have problems in the late game if they prolong the game against CLG. CLG is a tough team to beat when it comes to the late game as Doublelift is known to shine with champions that are great in the late game. If Coast can prevent that from happening then they stand a chance in winning this game. Banning out Doublelift can also be a good strategy but Doublelift has been slowly learning other champions aside from Vayne. His Sivir has been game changing throughout their matches in the past few weeks so Coast needs to watch out for that.

Prediction: A slightly even match up with a little edge over CLG.

DIG vs CRS (March 16, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CET)

Prediction: Dignitas will most likely take a win from their game against Curse.

TOP Game of Super Week Day 3

LCS NA Team Cloud 9LCS NA Team CLGC9 vs CLG

(March 16, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CET)

The battle between the second and third place will take place as the Game of the Day. Cloud 9 will already have a few wins in their pockets come this match but CLG will also bag a few by then. Based on their current standings on Week 7, CLG has a lot to gain if they ever have grabbed a few wins prior to this match whereas Cloud 9 will have much to lose if they have wins before this match up. The thing is, CLG has been in complete control of their game ever since they were able to practice more. They can initiate team fights whenever they want to and during the quiet stages of the game, they can sneak in to steal objectives without the opposing team noticing them. This can pose a bit of a problem for Cloud 9.

If Cloud 9 can have vision all over the map, they will most likely spot a sneak attack but the problem now is that their bot lane needs a much reliable source of damage. Sneaky is just there whereas Doublelift has been way over the clouds with his gameplay. Sneaky needs to improve and be up to par with how Doublelift plays his carry. Not to downside Sneaky but Doublelift is a far superior AD carry than him which is why they need to focus on him before anything else if they want Cloud 9 to beat CLG in this match up. Clearly, the threat is real when you have a team that has great cohesion and synergy with each other in the form of CLG.

Prediction: A very even matchup considering both teams have clear strenghts and weaknesses in all aspects of the game.

CRS vs EG (March 16, 16:00PST/ 01:00 CET)

Both Curse and Evil Geniuses will already have their ears tingling at the sound of relegation if they do not win this match. It is a battle of survival for both teams as the last match of Super Week. Watch out for Krepo and the crew to try their best to sneak a win in this last match of the week.

Prediction: EG is in favor to win this match.

Standings NA (before Super Week #2)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Team Solomid 16 13 3
2 Cloud 9 16 12 5
3 CLG 16 10 6
4 Team Dignitas 16 8 8
5 Team Coast 16 7 9
6 Evil Geniuses 16 5 11
7 Curse 16 5 11
8 XDG 16 4 12

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