LCS NA S4 | Super Week #3| (Week 11) – Preview

Another week in the LCS and another shake up in the standings. Cloud 9 has always played second place this split against TSM but now, Cloud 9 has risen to the top and put TSM to second splace. While the top spots of the standings have experience a switch in place, the teams below them are not budging. XDG and EG continue their slump while Curse and Coast tie up with 9 wins and 15 losses and Dignitas struggle to keep up with CLG. This week, teams will finally know which of them will face relegation and which teams will get to the Playoffs to get a chance to win this split. Moreover this is the last chance for players to show their skills live regarding the ongoing LoL All-Stars Voting.

NA Season 4 Week 11 (Super Week) Facts

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  • 04/04 – 04/06 – 2014
  • Start Time: 12:00PST / 21:00 CEST
  • 16 Matches
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Schedule and Odds – NA Week 11*

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Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 11 Day 1

C9 vs XDG (April 4, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CEST)

Prediction: Cloud 9 wins this match and places XDG in the relegation zone.

CST vs CRS (April 4, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CEST)

Coast have shown moments of brilliance all throughout the split but such brilliance are overshadowed by the times when Coast do not feel the urgency to close the game nor they understand the fact that the opposing team has a much better chance at winning the game. If Coast continues to feel lax about their standings this split then Curse will surely take advantage of this.

Prediction: Curse can extend the game to late game and win this game.

TOP Game of Super Week  Day 1

LCS NA Team CLGLCS NA Team Cloud 9CLG vs. C9

(April 4, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CEST)

The game of the day belongs to the CLG versus Cloud 9 match up. CLG is on a roll lately with their massive overhaul in strategy. CLG is known to incorporate a bit of Korean strategy with them knowing that their coach MonteCristo hails from the OGN in Korea. With that, it comes to no surprise that their gameplay revolves around good champion rotation as well as high mobility champions like Sivir, Lee Sin, and Karma. If Cloud 9 wants to stop CLG from snowballing the game and avoid getting stampede over, they need to ban out these highly mobile champions.

CLG on the other hand also need to be careful with their pick and ban phase. Cloud 9 has shown an extensive champion pool with Hai pulling out a Teemo in the first week of the split and an AP Soraka last week. Balls have retained his Rumble dominance at the top lane while the bot lane has remained stable. If CLG wants to win this game, they need to make sure that they are able to snatch these highly mobile champions in order to make their rotation transition smoothly.

Prediction: CLG will likely take this match but do not count Cloud 9 out as well. If they are able to catch up on what CLG plans on doing, Cloud 9 can spoil CLG's party.

DIG vs CRS (April 4, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CEST)

Last week, Dignitas' midlaner Scarra has officially stepped down and was replaced by Goldenglue. There was a certain amount of tension with the new midlaner but the debut was well worth it as Dignitas won the game decisively. Dignitas and Curse have been going at it since the beginning of the split as both teams usually take over each other either on the fourth or fifth spot. This time, Dignitas might have the advantage knowing that their new midlaner brings a certain amount of mystery to their matchup. If Curse cannot identify Goldenglue's gameplay then they are in for a tough time. Dignitas needs to surprise Curse with a new midlane champion in order to blindside Curse and take advantage of it.

Prediction: Dignitas gets another win.

EG vs TSM (April 4 / 5, 16:00PST/ 01:00 CEST)

Prediction: TSM takes another win but is still behind Cloud 9 in the standings.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 11 Day 2

XDG vs DIG (April 5, 12:00PST/ 210:00 CEST)

Prediction: There is no way XDG can get out of the relegation zone.

TSM vs CST (April 5, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CEST)

TSM might not get the top spot by the end of the first day but with this match against Coast, they might be able to regain their momentum. Watch out for Coast's midlaner Shiphtur try his best to outplay one of the top players in the NA region, Bjergsen. Bjergsen has remained in top form even when he was out for a week. Now that he has returned to the LCS stage, Bjergsen needs to be consistent alongside his team. TSM fans will surely rejoice with this match as this will not bode well for Coast.

Prediction: Coast will suffer more with another loss.

CRS vs CLG (April 5, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CEST)

Curse might want to snag a win against CLG but it will be tough battle to win. CLG is currently in their top form. Both teams have problems with their roster in the past. Both teams never had a complete and stable roster. But, CLG has solved that issue this split and with great results. Curse on the other hand is still struggling to find a stable roster. The recent addition of BunnyFuuFuu might be a step in the right direction but doing so at the last few weeks of the split might not be the right decision for the team. The constant shifting of roster in Curse has really hurt them this split once again. CLG can take advantage of this.

Prediction: CLG inches closer to the top spot.

DIG vs CST (April 5, 15:00PST/ 24:00 CEST)

There is a great inconsistency with both teams. Coast and Dignitas are truly LCS worthy teams but their inconsistency with their gameplay are pretty obvious. Dignitas can be aggressive at one point but can also become passive on another. The same goes with Coast. There would be a game wherein their bot lane would be too passive and give away kills while their top and mid lanes would be aggressive enough but without any followup from other lanes. This can be traced back to how the team plays well and it is very evident that Coast needs to have an overhaul especially their botlane. If they are able to get pass through relegation next split, they need to find a new way to boost their bot lane performance.

Prediction: Dignitas is more likely to win this match than Coast.

CLG vs EG (April 5/6,  15:00PST/ 01:00 CEST)

Prediction: EG stands no chance at winning against a resurging CLG.

TOP Game of Super Week  Day 2

LCS NA Team TSMLCS NA Team Cloud 9TSM vs. C9

(April 5/6, 17:00PST/ 02:00 CET)

Probably the last time before the Playoffs that both teams will face each other, TSM and Cloud 9 are by far the best of the pack. TSM prides themselves as the top caliber team in the LCS but Cloud 9 is hot on their tails. TSM has found a good player in Bjergsen and from that time on, they have been on a roll. They have only lost 4 times this split and those matches have been very close. This only mean that TSM has found their footing. Although they have announced themselves as the best in the region, they are still leagues away from other teams in other regions. This is why TSM needs to step it up if they want to be part of the All Stars tournament this May. It is a no brainer that TSM is a shoo-in for Playoffs but what happens from that point on is still up in the air. Cloud 9 can find their footing as well and beat TSM – a feat that Cloud 9 is able to exhibit time and time again. But for this time, TSM is at their prime state and there is no stopping them.

Cloud 9 has enjoyed TSM's spot last season when they were able to dominate the Summer Split and left the other teams in utter destruction. Cloud 9 can still get TSM make a run for their money. Cloud 9 has always been known for having a small champion pool like Zed, Gragas, Rumble, Caitlyn, and Leona but in this split, they have successfully expanded their champion pool and sometimes picked up highly successful ones like Soraka and Teemo. Although it might still be accepted as a gimmick, Cloud 9 has successfully played them well. If Cloud 9 is able to win their previous matches from the previous day, TSM will surely have to win this match against Cloud 9 in order to win back the top spot. But, will they be able to beat Cloud 9 this time? There seems to be no sign that both teams cannot do so.

Prediction: Can go both ways.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 11 Day 3

DIG vs CLG (April 6, 12:00PST/ 21:00 CEST)

Dignitas and CLG have been going at it for years now but only CLG have risen to the top to become a top caliber team in the NA LCS. For this match, Dignitas might come out strong but look out for CLG to provide a hurdle. CLG can easily win against Dignitas if they are able to perform good rotations as well as objective control which is Dignitas' weakness all throughout the split.

Prediction: CLG takes the win but Dignitas will put up a good fight.

EG vs CRS (April 6, 13:00PST/ 22:00 CEST)

These last few matches might seem to be one-sided against the teams with a better standing in the NA LCS but it might also be the time for the teams at the bottom to rise up to the challenge. Evil Geniuses is known to be one of the teams that rise up to meet the demands. Curse may seem to be the better team in theory but EG is far better at picking the right time to fight. As long as EG does not make mistakes when it comes to late game decision making then they are off to take another point from Curse.

Prediction: A point for EG.

XDG vs TSM (April 6, 14:00PST/ 23:00 CEST)

Prediction: TSM seal off their win to become the top NA team this split.

C9 vs CST (April 6, 14:00PST/ 24:00 CEST)

Prediction: Cloud 9 might get to the top spot if they are able to beat TSM a day before. This time though, Cloud 9 scores another point against Coast.

TOP Game of Super Week  Day 3

LCS NA Team XDG LCS NA Team Evil GeniusesXDG vs. EG

(April 6/7, 16:00PST/ 01:00 CEST)

XDG and EG have suffered enough this split. Both teams are currently at 6 wins and 18 losses. Although Evil Geniuses have showed more promise than XDG, the team is still muddled with poor decision making and champion rotations. It is already clear that both teams will find themselves relegated once more and face tougher competition coming from the Challenger Series. But, if Evil Geniuses can tighten things up with their champion choices as well as strategy then they can easily outplay XDG who are still lost inside a haze. EG can still have an impact in this split even if they are at the bottom of the pack. They can easily spoil other teams' chances of making it to the Playoffs as well as their standings.

XDG has been plagued all split long. At first, they seem to find themselves at a slump but in the middle of the split, cracks begin to show as Bloodwater revealed that there have been problems with the team all this time. Bloodwater was soon kicked out and the team tried to patch things up by putting Zuna back to the carry role and Xmithie back to the jungle. Sheep soon joined the team as the new support and found a new energy but it was just a fluke. The team continued their slump. The team's KDA ratio shows it all. Their carry Zuna only has a 2 KDA Ratio which is by far the lowest of all in the category. As problematic as it may sound, XDG will face off stronger teams during the Promotion matches next split and will have the possibility to be out of the LCS for good. Will they be able to get their act together before that happens? A roster change is imminent.

Prediction: EG has a much stronger team roster than XDG.

Standings NA (before Super week #3 – LCS NA week 11)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Cloud 9 24 20 4
2 Team Solomid 24 20 4
3 CLG 24 16 8
4 Team Dignitas 24 10 14
5 Curse 24 9 15
6 Team Coast 24 9 15
7 Evil Geniuses 24 6 18
8 XDG 24 6 18

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