LCS NA Summer Split 2014 – Week 9 Preview

Week 8 of the North American LCS saw another change in the standings as Dignitas was pushed out of the top three while Team SoloMid began their climb back to the top. Cloud 9 continues to hover over the fourth place while Complexity shows how entertaining games can be with a game that broke the world record with 80 minutes. Now, as teams head to the final stretch of the split, they will surely try to formulate strategy that will garner them the spot for the Playoffs and head to the championships in order to represent the region at biggest LoL tournament 2014: the League of Legends World Championship 2014. Will Evil Geniuses ever find their way back into the LCS next season or will relegation be their saving grace?

LCS NA Season 4 Summer Split Week 9 Facts:

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Standings and Stats LCS NA before Summer Split Week 9

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Counter Logic Gaming 13 7 4.06 1698.28
LMQ 13 7 3.85 1695.92
Team SoloMid 12 8 5.04 1671.81
Team Dignitas 11 9 3.54 1659.98
Cloud9 11 9 3.39 1653.82
Curse 8 12 3.66 1579.92
compLexity 7 13 1.89 1550.99
Evil Geniuses 5 15 3.14 1566.34

Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS NA Season 4 Summer Split Week 9*

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LCS NA Summer Split 2014 Week 9 Day 1 schedule and betting odds - Datbet

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 9 Day 1

CRS vs DIG (July 19 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
Head to Head in Summer Split Season 4: (CRS 1-1 against DIG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team DignitasDuring their game against CLG, Dignitas knew what they need to do in order to win the game. It was to shut down Seraph in the early game so that no one can tank for Doublelift and then focus on the enemy AD carry during teamfights to win the game. Dignitas executed their plan very well during the early game and Seraph was left 0-3 in the early minutes of the game. But, as soon as mid game rolled in, Doublelift was racking up kills from the bottom lane and a good champion rotation allowed CLG to get ahead. This goes to show just how much Dignitas needs to find synergy within the team. Crumbzz, Zionspartan, and Shiphtur have great synergy but Kiwikid and Imaqtpie are now isolated at the bot lane. Dignitas needs to have better communication if they want to solidify their team's synergy.

Curse on the other hand also had a great plan in mind with their Rengar-Orianna wombo combo. It was a sight to see with Rengar jumping in and Orianna finishing them off but as soon as the enemy caught wind of their plans, things started to go downhill for the team. For both teams, they need to keep the enemy busy so that they won't be able to catch up with what they are planning. This game will surely test how well they can mask their strategies from each other.

Prediction: But, based on skills and synergy alone, Dignitas has what it takes to pull things off better than Curse.

EG vs CLG (July 19 13:00 PDT/ 16:00 EDT/ 22:00 CEST)
(EG 0-2 against CLG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team EGLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLGPobelter has always been a wildcard for EG. At one week, he would play hard and carry the game for the team and on the other, he would feed. The moment Pobelter begins to feed is the moment the team losses. Not even Helios' early game pressure with Lee Sin was able to provide enough gold and map pressure in order to save the game. The focus on Pobelter for Helios disabled their jungler from controlling the objectives of the game and made it even more difficult for the team to regain the control. If Pobelter begins to solidify his gameplay especially on Orianna or Ziggs then he can stop being a liability to the team. The same goes for Innox but last week, the team saw huge improvements as he has reverted back to tanky champions once more.

CLG, on the other hand, continues to climb the standings and it is only a matter of time before they are called the champions of the split and continue to be one of the representatives of the region come World Championships.

Prediction: CLG's better grasp at rotations and objective control as well as late game teamfighting prowess allows the team to take another point from EG.

TSM vs LMQ (July 19 14:00 PDT/ 17:00 EDT/ 23:00 CEST)
(TSM 0-2 against LMQ)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQTSM has risen from the ashes since the second Super Week. They have won four out of the six games they have been on and is slowly getting their momentum. TSM's gameplan however remains to be quite a headscratcher. During their match against CLG, they were able to dominate the early stages of the game. However, TSM made a very bad call when they went for Baron instead of shoving the lanes further towards the enemy base and take objectives before taking Baron. CLG was near the Baron pit while super minions were pushing TSM's nexus. Even though TSM got the Baron buff, it was too late for them to recall back to base and defend the nexus. This is just one of the few cases that TSM has had a relapse of judgement wherein they could have prevented this one if ever they shoved the lanes first instead of contesting the Baron away from CLG.

The same goes for LMQ's late game. LMQ has never been the type of team to have great shotcalls during the late stages of the game. In fact, LMQ shares the same liability with TSM when it comes to late game. However, LMQ knows how to play with their current team compositions and how they can make their composition work for them. LMQ knows what to do against a certain team composition much like what they did on their first game last week. The enemy team had a burst composition while they have the tanky champions that excel at extended teamfights hence they got the better end of the deal when they were tanky enough in the late game and were able to destroy their opponents. Hence, they make a better late game team than TSM if they are able to provide themselves with team compositions that suit their playstyle.

Prediction: It is clear that the better team as of now is LMQ.

C9 vs COL (July 19 15:00 PDT/ 18:00 EDT/ 24:00 CEST)
(C9 0-2 against COL)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9Logo of LCS NA Summer Split team complexityIt is amazing how Complexity is able to beat out Cloud 9 in their every match so far this split. Complexity knows how to turn on the aggression when they are against Cloud 9. So far, Complexity has provided some of the most entertaining matches in the season so far. With their world record breaking match of 80 minutes against Curse, Complexity solidified themselves as a team that deserves to be in the LCS. However, there are still instances that Complexity lacks during the game especially when it comes to teamfights. Better communication will solve this problem but it will take time for them to get better at it. As for now, Complexity will put one more point in their win against Cloud 9.

Prediction: Complexity closes out the day with a win.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 9 Day 2

EG vs DIG (July 20 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(EG 0-3 against DIG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team EGLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team DignitasLast week Dignitas has had a rough time against certain teams like LMQ and CLG. As for this week though, they might be given a chance to get their momentum back when they are matched against weaker teams like Curse and Evil Geniuses. However, it should be a time for them to solidify their game plan once they should face stronger teams on Week 10 and the Playoffs if ever they do go through.

Prediction: Dignitas scores a point.

COL vs TSM (July 20 13:00 PDT/ 16:00 EDT/ 22:00 CEST)
(COL 0-3 against TSM)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split team complexityLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMComplexity is a wildcard team. And such volatile behavior can only cause one thing – pure entertainment. Complexity has been one of the most complex teams in the history of the LCS and that has made them what they are today. Sure, one can point out that Complexity is just new to the LCS but not in the professional scene and that they still need a lot of improvement but the glimmer is there. One just need to tap into it to make them a better team overall. Complexity is just like CLG and Dignitas a few splits before where they had slivers of brilliance in some games and there were a lot of untapped potential waiting to be discovered. By the time, they hit their stride, they were able to gain momentum and hit it hard.

Prediction: As for now, Complexity will have to survive the LCS and avoid being relegated in order to continue such journey.

TOP Game LCS NA Week 9

LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQ - all 5 membersCLG - NA LCS TeamLMQ vs CLG

(July 20 14:00 PDT/ 17:00 EDT/ 23:00 CEST)
(LMQ 2-1 against CLG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQ vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLG

13 Wins 13
3.85 KDA 4.06
1696 GpM 1698

And the game of the week goes to the LMQ versus CLG match. LMQ has the patience unrivaled by any other team in the NA LCS. During their game against Dignitas, Ackerman patiently awaited for a few minutes inside the bush in order to level up without any harassment from the enemy Lucian and Thresh. Their unparalled patience and perseverance has awed audiences and analysts which makes them one of the teams to watch out for once they finally solidify their late game shotcalls. LMQ might have problems but what makes them good is how they adapt well with champion rotations and how they make their team compositions work for them. They are able to counter each and every team compositions and get into teamfights when they feel confident. This is why they are very aggressive in the early game. They know what the composition's edge are and they play by their strengths. But, is is also a double edged sword for the team. They know how to play their strengths but they remain blind with the weaknesses hence they end up falling behind when their early game aggression is countered. XiaoWeiXiao continues to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to farming, KDA, and making plays.

CLG has come a long way since their inception. Even with team members swapping left and right, CLG remains to be a good team with a clear potential to be a top tier team. This time though, they have reached their potential and are poised to be even stronger once they remain throughout the entire season and the next. Link provides a good amount of pressure in the midlane while Dexter aids in the map pressure and objective control. Both Aphromoo and Doublelift have been the backbone of the team by providing enough utility and damage in late game teamfights to help them win the game. Seraph, though stumbling at first, has overcome his early game weakness with the help of the team. It was clearly evident during their game against Dignitas when Seraph was the clear target during the early game. Link and Dexter provided enough support for Seraph to relieve pressure from his lane in order to help him farm up. Once he has enough items, he was able to get into the middle of the fight and be the tank he needs to be. It was a game that clearly went in their favor once Seraph was out of trouble. This clearly goes to show how much CLG has matured as a team. They know each others' weaknesses and they help each other out.

Lane matchups to watch: Vasilii and Mor versus Aphromoo and Doublelift. Both duo partners have great synergy. Mor is the unsung hero of the bottom lane for LMQ while Aphromoo for CLG. When compared, Aphromoo takes the cake for a more active role in supporting the team. He has impeccable warding and has far more superior KDA than Mor with 4.13 against the Chinese support player who has 3.04. Both players aim to protect and babysit their hypercarries in the lane while making sure that everyone on the team is comfortable at teamfighting by providing enough utility. Aphromoo excels at Braum while Mor provides much security for Vasilii with Morgana. With that, it all boils down as to how Doublelift and Vasilii is able to bring pain to each opposing team. If CLG wants to let Doublelift farm up well, then they need to swap lanes which CLG excels at. Once CLG decides to do so, they have the advantage over the game which is why Mor and NoName should be front and center when it comes to the vision control.

Prediction: CLG might be 1-2 against LMQ but this time if CLG plays by their strengths with lane rotations and late game teamfights then they have a better chance at tying the game with 2-2 against LMQ.

CRS vs C9 (July 20 15:00 PDT/ 18:00 EDT/ 24:00 CEST)
(CRS 1-2 against C9)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9Cloud 9 was able to inch out another win this week but also fell to another. During their match against TSM, their sloppy rotations was evident when they sacrificed their mid inhibitor so that they can take Baron but they ended up disengaging from the Baron pit due to lack of damage from their team. This goes to show just how much desperation reeks out from Cloud 9 at this point. Curse can take advantage of this by providing them with greater champion rotations but rotations has never been Curse's best strategy.

Prediction: Depends.

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