LCS NA Summer Split 2014 – Week 8 Preview

The second Superweek of the NA LCS arrived last week and it brought down some of the best games in the split. CLG continued to take the top spot as LMQ and Dignitas followed in second and third place. Consistent fifth placer TSM got three wins and rose to the fourth spot while Cloud 9 was vanquished to their lowest standings ever in fifth place. Curse also got a 3-1 but remained in the sixth spot before Complexity and Evil Geniuses. Right now, CLG, LMQ, Dignitas, and TSM are on the top spot with 11 wins and 7 losses each and this week will break them all into chunks. Find out which teams will remain at the top spot and which teams will surely be relegated to second and third place. Welcome to LCS NA Summer Split 2014 Week 8 because besides the currently running Dota 2 The  International 2014 it is time for some good old League of Legends action!

LCS NA Season 4 Summer Split Week 8 Facts:

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Standings and Stats LCS NA before Summer Split Week 8

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Team SoloMid 11 7 5.22 1667.84
Team Dignitas 11 7 4.02 1681.88
Counter Logic Gaming 11 7 3.96 1684.51
LMQ 11 7 3.67 1689.96
Cloud9 10 8 3.38 1646.20
Curse 8 10 3.59 1601.03
compLexity 6 12 1.84 1535.18
Evil Geniuses 4 14 3.18 1561.00

Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS NA Season 4 Summer Split Week 8*

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Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 8 Day 1

CLG vs TSM (July 12 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
Head to Head record in Season 4 Summer Split: (CLG 1-1 against TSM)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLGLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMTSM has loads to do with their current position in the LCS. They have done extremely well during the Superweek thanks to Dyrus' Jax having to splitpush all the day and when someone comes up to stop him from destroying towers, he immediately eradicates the opponent and continue on splitpushing. Dyrus got a KDA of 4.6 due to the fact that Jax had to deal with a lot of pressure from splitpushing. However, this match against CLG who is known to rotate lanes better than any other teams in the North American LCS will pose a huge problem for TSM especially if they take Jax once again this week. CLG's Link is known for his great Twisted Fate plays and Dexter is great at picking out enemies with his Elise or Lee Sin hence a Jax will most likely go underfarmed early on up until the mid game. If CLG does not press for objectives and towers in this game, they might as well give the game to TSM as Dyrus will most likely be the ticking timebomb that is waiting to explode all over CLG. CLG's best move is to ban out Jax from TSM and hope to pick Twisted Fate, Lulu, and Lee Sin on their side so that Doublelift can choose the hypercarry he needs to win this game.

Prediction: Once CLG is able to ban out Jax and take Twisted Fate away from TSM, they have the higher odds of winning this game.

EG vs C9 (July 12 13:00 PDT/ 16:00 EDT/ 22:00 CEST)
(EG 1-1 against C9)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team EGLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9Cloud 9 is not fitting well with the current meta especially in the top lane where AP champions are slowly on the rise. Champions like Lulu and Kayle are slowly creeping their way up to the top to dominate the heavy farm late game champions like Jax and Irelia. This is why Balls has had an unfortunate time with his game on Kayle. Balls likes to play the solid tank toplaner but that meta has gone a long time ago and it clearly shows. Balls has the highest KDA of the time at the start of the split with 4.5 and now he drops to 1.69 by Week 7. Clearly, he has no place in the meta right now and it might be time for him to get back to Rumble or pick up a few AP champions like Lulu and Ryze. Good thing for Cloud 9 though is that they are up against Evil Geniuses this week. EG has a bit of problem with regards to their top laner as well. Innox is not as effective with his Jax as his Renekton or Shyvana which is why Cloud 9 would happily give Balls the tanky top lane champion they need to be the beefy frontliner during teamfights. Meteos is also having a tough time in the jungle as well. His Evelynn has not been that astounding as well and he will be in a tough matchup this week against Helios who has taken the mantle of early game pressure to a whole new level with Lee Sin. It seems like Cloud 9 has much more to lose in this matchup if Evil Geniuses play the pick and ban phase right.

Prediction: EG should ban out Jax, Renekton, and Kayle and play with Lee Sin, Shyvana, Twisted Fate in the game to win this matchup.

COL vs CRS (July 12 14:00 PDT/ 17:00 EDT/ 23:00 CEST)
(COL 1-1 against CRS)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split team complexityLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseA few weeks ago, one of the most exhilarating games in the split came from the matchup between Complexity and Curse. It turns out that Curse won the match through sheer experience and now Complexity wants to take revenge on their untimely loss against Curse. Last week, Complexity played extremely well against tough opponents and won 2 games. Complexity was able to take control of the early game with a strong vision control but later fell off when CLG was able to counter their every attempt at teamfighting. Complexity needs to sustain their strong early game vision control towards the mid and late game in order for them to win teamfights and control the Baron. Now, it is up to Curse to take the control of the game with objectives as Dominate has been keen on taking dragons and Barons in the game.

Prediction: Complexity needs to take control of the vision game in the mid and late game phase or else they fall once more to Curse.

LMQ vs DIG (July 12 15:00 PDT/ 18:00 EDT/ 24:00 CEST)
(LMQ 0-2 against DIG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team DignitasLMQ's weakness has been thoroughly revealed during the second Superweek. This weakness is also their strength if pulled perfectly well. Tower diving is one of the most common form of aggression when it comes to Chinese teams and LMQ displayed very well just how powerful it could be when it is perfectly executed but the team also displayed just how awful it can be to the team if it is not timed well. During their match against Cloud 9, a botched dive from NoName and XiaoWeiXiao at the bottom lane cost them the lives of both Mor and Vasilii which turned the game around for Cloud 9. Ackerman's Lulu was not as effective against Mundo who can easily regenerate all the damage from the yordle. This time though, LMQ needs to carefully pick out their fights well. XiaoWeiXiao continues to be the dominating force for the team as his Syndra pick was able to keep the team from falling apart. He was able to blow up his opponents even with Balls on Mundo in one combo during the early and mid game but later on, fell to make an impact due to the fact that Cloud 9 was way ahead of them after several failed teamfights. For their matchup against Dignitas, they will need to be careful with towerdiving especially at the bottom lane as KiwiKid is a very good defensive support in the likes of Braum and Morgana who can easily turn the tides of battle to their favor.

Prediction: If LMQ plays a careful methodical game, they can easily take the game to late game where they scale well with how well they can farm gold into items.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 8 Day 2

COL vs LMQ ( July 13 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(COL 0-2 against LMQ)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split team complexityLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQBoth Complexity and LMQ do not usually go for the map vision control but Complexity has learned a lot during their stay in the LCS and has picked up the habit of warding early. If only they can control the vision game towards the mid and late game especially with gank heavy teams like LMQ, then they can prevent the Chinese team from snowballing. This game will fall heavily in LMQ's favor if they start with the right set of ganks and it is a game that Complexity will lose if they cannot control the ganks from NoName and kills from XiaoWeiXiao.

Prediction: LMQ squeezes out a win.

TOP Game LCS NA Week 8

Dignitas LCS-NA Team after matchCLG LCS NA team promo photoDIG vs CLG

(July 13 13:00 PDT/ 16:00 EDT/ 22:00 CEST)
(Head to Head: DIG 0-2 CLG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Dignitas vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLG

11 Wins 11
4.02 KDA 3.96
1682 GpM 1685

The game of the week goes to Dignitas versus CLG. Both teams are at the top of their game with a slight edge to CLG. CLG has been on a roll since solidifying their roster early in the split and adjusting to the needs of their new player Seraph. Seraph has gone a long way since his addition to the team. Before, Seraph would have a rough laning phase but this time Dexter has supplemented that weakness alongside Link and has become to tanky top laner that the team needs in teamfights. Early in the split, Seraph was the weakest link of the team with a KDA of only 1.25 and now he has gained notoriety and even took the top spot last week with a KDA of 6.6. The meta heavily favors Doublelift and Link with the rise of hypercarries and the fall of assassins which does not complement Link's playstyle. With Doublelift on a hypercarry like Vayne, Kog'maw, or Tristana, Aphromoo's impact in the early game is more crucial to the team and he has done well in protecting his carry in the game.

The meta also favors Dignitas this split as well and with their acquisition of Zionspartan and Shiphtur, they have rose to the top spot. Crumbzz and the bot lane duo has stepped up their game with Crumbzz taking the spotlight for the most improved player of the team. Crumbzz has played the vision game all split long and to effective results especially against teams like Cloud 9 and TSM. Once again, Shiphtur takes the top spot in the KDA last week with 9.3 and an average of 390 gold per minute which in return translates well in the late game where they can pick off enemies left and right. When compared to Link, Shiphtur is far more successful at the midlane. Both have a similar average gold per minute but the main difference is that Shiphtur is far more aggressive on kills hence he has a 4.56 average champions killed per game from Link's 3.11. This gives him presence post-level six towards the mid game.

Lane matchups to watch: Bot lane duo. Both supports play the defensive peeling champions very well but Aphromoo is far better at peeling for his carry especially with Nami and Morgana. However, let us not leave KiwiKid out of contention as well. Kiwikid is still honing his skills as a top support player after playing other roles for the team last split. Over the course of the split, Kiwikid has improved his statistics. He started off having a 3.6 KDA and now has risen to 4.29 which goes to show just how much assists he can make during teamfights and how much of an impact he makes during those team clashes.

Prediction: With the teams on a deadlock for first, it will all come down to the bottom lane duos as to who fares better during the late game. CLG however, takes the cake when it comes to playing very well in the late game.

CRS vs EG (July 13 14:00 PDT/ 17:00 EDT/ 23:00 CEST)
(CRS 1-1 against EG)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team EGEvil Geniuses has a good grasp on both early and late game but their mid game play has been one of the worst. At one time, they sacrificed Baron in order to do Dragon and yet when they realized that the enemy was at the Baron Pit they immediately went to contest it only to lose the teamfight. In fact, they did not even get the dragon in the first place. This shotcalling has made EG one of the bottom teams this split. They are all equally skilled players with Altec at the top but with such horrible shotcalling and decision making in the mid game, it will cost them the game and maybe perhaps their slot in the LCS.

Prediction: If EG provides a good amount of effective shotcalling in the mid game then they stand a fighting chance.

C9 vs TSM (July 13 15:00 PDT/ 18:00 EDT/ 24:00 CEST)
(C9 1-1 against TSM)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMThese old time rivals have been duking it out since Cloud 9 entered the LCS Stage. This time though, TSM has the clear advantage for being able to adapt to the current meta unlike Cloud 9. C9's clear disadvantage is their inability to adapt to the fast paced changes of the meta especially in the top lane and the mid. Hai has had problems with his champion pool even during the era where his champions were on the rise and now, there is not one champion wherein Hai is able to play perfectly well. TSM has a clear definition on what they want to do with their game and it all comes down to how much they are able to adapt with their matchup.

Prediction: TSM ends the week with another win.

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