LCS NA Summer Split 2014 – Week 3 Preview

Oh how the mighty have fallen. LMQ began the first week of the NA LCS as the top contender and they did not disappoint. But, after coming in to the second week of the North American LCS, LMQ was decimated. They went 0-2 on their current games and fell immediately from the top. Now, Dignitas looks mightily strong thanks to their solo laners. CLG and Cloud 9 each grab a win while TSM lingers in fifth place – a position they are not known for. TSM has always been a top tier team but currently, they look like they have been run over by the Chinese hype train. Will TSM find victory over the weekend or will they continue to gain losses each week? Find out in the Week 3 Preview of the NA LCS (Season 4) Summer Split 2014.

LCS NA S4 Summer Split Week 3 Facts:

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Standings and Stats LCS NA before Summer Split Week 3

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Team Dignitas 5 1 6.59 1795.59
LMQ 4 2 4.23 1713.52
Cloud9 4 2 4.19 1740.62
Counter Logic Gaming 4 2 3.33 1659.74
Team SoloMid 3 3 3.76 1607.32
Curse 2 4 3.2 1547.76
Evil Geniuses 1 5 2.96 1538.87
compLexity 1 5 1.13 1432.47

Schedule and Odds – LCS Season 4 Summer Split NA Week 3*

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Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 3 Day 1

TOP Game #1 LCS NA Week 3

LCS NA Team TSMLCS NA Summer Split Team LMQ - all 5 membersTSM vs LMQ

(June 7th, 12:00 PDT/ 15:00/ 21:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSM vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQ

3 Wins 4
3.76 KDA 4.23
1607 GpM 1714

Both teams suffered heavy losses but it is LMQ who has a lot to lose from their standings in the second week. Everyone finally noticed their weaknesses in teamfights as well as objective control and late game decision making. TSM on the other hand find it difficult to lane well considering Amazing provides a more consistent ganks for the team but to no avail during the late game. Amazing has a KDA of 5.4 against NoName's 4.92 with 2.83 champions killed per game for Amazing and only 2.5 for NoName. This goes to show that Amazing is ganking more than NoName but the team suffers greatly because Bjergsen is unable to snowball off of such ganks. During the time TheOddOne was their jungler, he would give the kills to Bjergsen making him snowball the lane and win the game. But this time, Amazing seems to find it hard to give the gold to his laners. They seem to imitate the Cloud 9 strategy but it is not paying off for them. With that, TSM should really take a seat back and watch how their games work and revert back to giving the gold to the laners in order to carry the game for them. Teamfights and late game decisions have always been TSM's number one advantage but if they cannot reach that point in the game with an advantage then they cannot win the game. However, if they are up against LMQ, they need to strengthen this type of strategy as LMQ is far better at the laning phase. This all boils down to Amazing whether he tends to gank lanes and give it to his laners and push it to late game where they can smash the opponents.

LMQ, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of TSM. They have a stronger laning phase with Vasilii and Mor at the bottom while XiaoWeiXiao commands the mid lane. Whoever gets on their way at the lane immediately becomes destroyed but they need to be careful with Amazing though. His ganks are often successful giving him such high KDA ratio. NoName needs to countergank more often to lower the chances of snowballing the enemy lane. LMQ's most prominent weakness is their rotation and late game decision making. There are some headscratching moments when LMQ would force a teamfight over Dragon and end up losing when they can supposedly take other objectives and rotate from then on.

Prediction: TSM would be better off rotating their lanes effectively and while letting Amazing give more gold to the laners through ganking. If they are able to achieve such feat, TSM can win this game. But overall edge LMQ.

EG vs C9 (June 7 13:00 PDT/16:00 EDT/ 22:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team EGLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9Evil Geniuses is not what they used to be in this split. After the debut of Altec, things are still the same. Rumor has it that they are currently looking for a Korean jungler to replace old time jungler Snoopeh. If they do, the team will once again be forced to change the team's synergy which can hurt their chances of getting a solid team just in time for the Playoffs. It is pretty evident that EG is not looking to get to the top this split but rather survive the split. Most likely, EG is setting the stage for Season 5 and make a comeback. But for now, it's Cloud 9's game to win.

Prediction: Cloud 9 takes a win against EG.

TOP Game #2 LCS NA Week 3

LCS NA Team DignitasLCS NA Team CLGDIG vs CLG

(June 7th, 14:00 PDT/ 17:00 EDT/ 23:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Dignitas vs. Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLG

5 Wins 4
6.59 KDA 3.33
1596 GpM 1660

Dignitas surely came out strong during the second week. The team's KDA is far superior than any other team. In fact, they have a KDA of 14.57 way above the next team which is their current rival – CLG with only 7. In fact, the main contributor to the team's overall success is the newly added solo laners of Shiphtur with a whoopign KDA of 31.5 followed by Imaqtpie with 7.6 and then their jungler Crumbzz with 6.8. Crumbzz has been essential to the team with his Lee Sin and Elise plays. The Dignitas jungler has indeed learned a lot this time when he has surprised everyone with his ganking abilities as well as how well he is able to light up the enemy jungle with wards. With that, Dignitas has eyes on the enemy jungler all the time and can turn on the aggression on all lanes. This is why both solo laners as well as the duo at the bottom lane are able to snowball all the way to late game. In fact, they were able to school LMQ on how to snowball the game when they met at the Rift and ended the game over 28 minutes. Meanwhile, CLG will have to react effectively or get ahead of Crumbzz in order to get an advantage. CLG should deny Crumbzz the chance to gank the lanes or invade the jungle. This means that dexter will have to step up the game in order to destroy Dignitas' ultimate strategy.

Prediction: However, Dignitas is far too strong right now that not even shutting down Crumbzz will make a dent in their overall strength.

COL vs CRS (June 7 15:00 PDT/ 18:00 EDT/ 24:00 CEST)

Complexity's Brokenshard will be out of contention for this week much like last week with pr0lly due to visa issues. This does not bode well for the knowing that Complexity's lineup is already frail even with the complete roster. It would only hurt them even further now that another teammate is out of the game. Team synergy is needed in order to get wins but it will surely be a tough time for Complexity to win this game against Curse who is slowly gaining the team synergy they heavily rely on now that Xpecial has joined the team.

Prediction: Curse takes this game.

Preview and Predictions LCS NA Week 3 Day 2

C9 vs CLG (June 8 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLGCLG's long time rival against Cloud 9 has been the forefront this season now that they have the roster they need to beat the long time frontrunner. CLG now has a stronger jungler with Dexter, a lane to beat with Doublelift and Aphromoo, a very strong midlaner that rival Cloud 9's Hai with Link, and the newly christened toplaner Seraph. What came as a surprise during the second week was how well Aphromoo played as a support. In fact, he has the highest KDA of all the members of CLG with a ratio of 15. But if they are compared with LemonNation, Aphromoo is the dwarf. Even though LemonNation only has a KDA of 7 from Aphromoo, he still has more kill potential in lane. This goes to show that Cloud 9 is far more aggressive in the laning phase than CLG. But, this is because CLG tends to use lane rotations better and get more gold for Doublelift than getting in a 2v2 matchup. Their games during the second week centered around Doublelift farming up as much as possible and get themselves to late game. This means that Doublelift's Vayne needs to be bulky with items as much as possible before they decide to turn the heat up with teamfights. However, Cloud 9's Sneaky has performed well on Twitch, Vayne's counter in lane but no matter CLG will still have the farm they need on Doublelift if everything goes well. Rotations are CLG's best asset and they will use it to their advantage on this matchup knowing that Cloud 9 has a weaker laning phase.

Prediction: If Cloud 9 amps up their rotation, they would CLG a run for their money but as of now, CLG's rotations are stronger thanks to teamwork.

LMQ vs COL (June 8 13:00 PDT/ 16:00 EDT/ 22:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQLogo of LCS NA Summer Split team complexityWith Complexity's jungler out for this week (read more in our LCS Newsfeed), it will be a very tough match for Complexity especially against a juggernaut team like LMQ. Complexity most likely continues their downward spiral on this match.

Prediction: Nothing much to say but LMQ gets a win on this one.

EG vs DIG (June 8 14:00 PDT/ 17:00 EDT/ 23:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team EGLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team DignitasAnother stomp from Dignitas against a weaker team like Evil Geniuses. This might have been a riveting matchup if this had happened during Season 2 but, times have changed and only Dignitas was able to perform better than they were during the last few seasons.

Prediction: Dignitas comes out once again on top this week.

CRS vs TSM (June 8 15:00 PDT/ 18:00 EDT/ 24:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMCurse is a team that is neither good nor bad. You simply cannot pinpoint how bad they are nor how good they are at the LCS. Instead, people call them as the middle team. They are those that simply perform in order to get to the middle of the pack even though they try their hardest to get to the top. In fact, the team is already satisfied with a fourth place position during the Spring Split. This might be good for the team and its player but over time, newer more ambitious teams will likely overtake them. If the LCS will open up to more slots for next season making the list of teams to ten, then Curse will have a problem. But that is another argument for another time. Curse is seldom the best team to perform during the LCS but it is very frustrating to watch them being mediocre at best. Cop is one of the most consistent AD carry with a KDA ratio of 15 from the second week followed by another consistently strong support player with Xpecial and another consistent midlaner with Voyboy. Things need to change and fast but, change is the least of what Curse would most likely do. Curse has had roster changes eversince their inception. Last split, they acquired IWillDominate to replace Saintvicious in the jungle. And now they have replaced BunnyFuFu with Xpecial this split. Chances are, Curse needs to solidify their team further before they can go for more ambitious heights in the LCS. TSM will likely dominate them this game but Curse will surely provide them with consistent problems. If one can attribute one word to Curse, it is consistency. Consistent on not being bad, but also consistent on not being good enough and not good enough is not enough in the LCS.

Prediction: TSM gets the win.

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