2014 NA LCS Spring Split Teams

The Riot 2014 LCS for North America Region is fast approaching. After the intense battle to secure a spot into the LCS in the Promotional Tournament, the NA LCS will finally start on January 17th 2014. Eight teams have qualified for the Spring Split of the North American League of Legends Pro-League and each team will go 4x times through a round robin group stage. The top 6 teams will continue in the Playoffs up until only one team will be declared the winner of the LoL Spring Split.

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The eight teams in the NA LCS Spring Split 2014 are:

Each teams have had professional gaming experience and are more than qualified to be in the LCS. But, there will still be teams that are strong enough to dominate the entire split but, as history has taught us is that never count out those who are deemed to be the weaker team.

Cloud 9

NA LCS Team Cloud 9Cloud 9 has been the dominant force in the NA LCS last season. They have come out on top during the Summer Split with only four losses during the entire split. Meteos have been the driving force during their entire matchups and Cloud 9 has been known to be very innovative with their picks. One of which is the Zyra-Ashe bottom lane duo. Coming in the NA LCS for 2014, they will face a tougher competition with TSM and probably EG and CLG. C9 has always been dominant in their games but there are a few cracks in their armor and it showed during the World Championships and the Battle of the Atlantic. If teams are able to see their weaknesses during pick and ban phase as well as the laning phase of the game then they can gain advantage and ride it out to victory. C9 will have to tighten their grip of the game if they want to continue their winning streak.


NA LCS Team TSMTSM has had their share of ups and downs since the first season. But, TSM has never had so much potential when Reginald decided to step down as mid player and ushered Bjergsen into his place. Now, Reginald can be the coach and the outsider looking in for their team and Bjergsen can finally prove to the rest of the world that he can be a world class mid laner. Dyrus, Wildturtle, and TheOddOne have already have a solid lineup and with Xpecial supporting, it is sure that TSM will dominate the NA LCS this Spring Split. C9 better watch out for this revamped team.


NA LCS Team XDGFormerly known as Vulcun Techbargains, XDG has had a poor showing in the Battle of the Atlantic. Although they are severely at a disadvantage at that tournament, it does not mean that they are out of the competition for good. XDG has had all the makings of a top caliber team in the LCS with Mancloud and Xmithie. Benny has always been good at playing top lane and Bloodwater is great as a support. Their only weak link is their most important player of the team, Zuna. Zuna needs to compete with Doublelift and other AD carries in the split so that XDG can finally get the glory they deserve.


NA LCS Team CLGCLG has had a tough split last season. With the recent changes from assassin meta to tank heavy meta, it will probably still be a tough season for CLG especially for their star player Doublelift. But, if they can stall the game long enough for Doublelift to farm up with his favorite Vayne then he can melt anyone's faces. As long as CLG continues to revolve their team composition around Doublelift then they are still good to go. But, if they are countered hard with their composition, it is up to the rest of the team to save him. Aphromoo is also having a tough time as a support knowing that he himself is an AD carry by heart. A few more weeks of practice will definitely help CLG but will it be enough to place them back at the top? Only time will tell.


NA LCS Team EGEvil Geniuses have migrated from the EU Region to the NA Region. If they are able to perform the same during the Promotional Tournament then they can have the potential to land the top 3. Pobelter and Innox can hold their own against the more experienced pros and when it comes down to the nitty gritty expect Snoopeh, Krepo, and Yellowpete to carry the game for the team especially Krepo with his amazing Leona play during the NA Promotional Tournament. All in all, EG has the most potential to get into the top three of the split but if the other teams are not complacent and have practiced way harder, then EG will have a challenging rise to the top.


NA LCS Team DignitasDignitas has always been a hit or miss team. There are weeks when Dignitas would win and other times they would fail hard. This showed during the Battle of the Atlantic especially with the new member of the team after their recent roster change. If Dignitas wants to move up on the ladder, they need to harness more skills to match up with the up and coming teams in the LCS or else they will fall to relegation with their jobs on the line. With that, Dignitas need to stick with what they are good at and master the champions further.


NA LCS Team CurseCurse has had a total roster change during the time after the Season 3 World Championships and it all boiled down to Voyboy and Cop. Voyboy was placed in mid and Cop returned to become the AD carry with Zekent as his support. Saintvicious is gone for now and with that, the threat of the unknown with the team begins. This can be a double edged sword for Team Curse. Other teams will not know which side Curse will come from with their recent roster change or it will backfire for Curse. Either way, Curse needs to rely on the consistency of Cop and Zekent during the laning phase in order for them to win the early game. Voyboy's new position will need more practice especially with their new jungler. All in all, Curse can still do it but they need to do it fast.


NA LCS Team CoastWith the departure of DontMashMe, Coast's lineup did not hurt them. They have always been mediocre as a team but not mediocre enough to be displaced from the LCS. Coast has found glory in the NACL by winning the tournament with only one loss. But, the NA LCS is the game for the big boys and they need to play like the big boys. Coast needs to sharpen their skills and play as a team more than ever or they will find themselves at the promotional tournament once again for the Summer Split.

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