LCS NA Spring Split Promotion Recap

LCS NA LogoA week after the EU LCS Promotional Tournament, the NA scene was about to come forth. The EU LCS Promotional Tournament had an amazing run with SK Gaming, Kiedys Mialem Team, and Copenhagen Wolves into the LCS Spring Split. Now, it is time for the NA region to bring their A game. The teams in relegation would have to fight for their lives and their jobs to make it back into the LCS Season 4 Spring Split this January. The teams in relegation were Team Coast, Team Curse, and Team Velocity. Velocity disbanded and their spot was bought by Evil Geniuses who decided to come to the NA region to try their luck. Now, Snoopeh, Krepo, and Yellowpete will have to show their dominance in professional gaming and see how they made it in the tournament.

EG.NA vs Determined Gaming

Evil Geniuses have acquired Innox and Pobelter as their top and mid laner respectively with the rest of the old squad returning to their respective lanes and positions. With the preseason patch in play, EG had the upperhand knowing that they were more experienced with professional tournaments than Determined Gaming. This was proven during the first game of the set. EG dominated the entire game by pulling off more gold for the team. At the 17 minute mark, a huge fight erupted and with Krepo's amazing Leona play they were able to pull ahead and sealed the game with 26 kills over a measly 12 from Determined Gaming. The second game continued EG's tight grip over DTG. It was in this game that proved to the NA scene that EG is still in it and that they had amazing chemistry together as a team.

In the third and final game, EG pushed towers and took kills at an alarming rate that Determined Gaming tried to counter. EG punished them with a four-man push and kept the control over the map to their side. With 8,000 gold lead, they closed the game after an amazing initiation from Krepo's Leona.


EG vs DTG Game 1 –

EG vs DTG Game 2 –

EG vs DTG Game 3 –

Coast vs The Walking Zed

After placing 2nd in the Spring Split last season, Coast dropped off into 7th place in the Summer Split and was put in relegation against The Walking Zed. In the first game, both teams started off strong with early game aggression. But Coast proved to TWZ that they were even more dominant when it comes to early game aggression due to their experience in competitive play. Coast's carry WizFujiiN got the gold to carry the team and sustain heavy amounts of damage during teamfights that they were able to subdue TWZ with 13 kills against only one death for Coast. The second game showed TWZ being able to match up with Coast as the game was back and forth for the first few rounds of teamfights. TWZ had a gold lead but Coast would simply rack up the farming and catch up on the gold. It was only at the 42 minute mark that TWZ was able to push the throttle button and decided to go all in with the kills. They took the second Baron as well as 4,000 gold lead and inhibitors. The heavy pressure was too difficult for Coast to handle and TWZ was able to close the game with 14 kills against 8 kills for Coast.

Both teams were now 1-1 in the series and it looked like TWZ would slowly sneak their way into the regular season of the LCS. TWZ's third game against Coast ended with a one-man army split push by Coast's Zionspartan with Nasus that took out the bottom tower down to the inhibitor. With a great initiation, Coast was able to ride the momentum to a victory. TWZ was now careful and methodical in the series' fourth game. Coast was able to have map control after securing objectives and played a far more methodical game than TWZ. A well-timed Ziggs' ultimate was all it took for TWZ to get the lead but Coast made sure that the scores were even both in terms of kills and gold. But, TWZ was able to bounce back with their gold lead and hit the gears by stealing the Baron and crushed the enemy base.

The fifth and final match drew to a close as Coast showed the world that they were indeed a force to be reckoned with in the LCS when they ended the game with a whooping 21 kills with TWZ only had 1.


CST vs TWZ Game 1 –

CST vs TWZ Game 2 –

CST vs TWZ Game 3 –

CST vs TWZ Game 4 –

CST vs TWZ Game 5 –

Curse vs Cognitive Gaming

It looked like Curse was cursed during the Summer Split of last season as they became the last relegated team to face Cognitive Gaming. But, they have also proven to be LCS material with their matches against Cognitive Gaming who had a few mishaps during the battle with Curse. Although COG took the first game away from Curse, it was only a fluke for them as Curse ramped it up with their aggression and gameplay and rode off with the victory of the series 3-1.


CRS vs COG Game 1 –

CRS vs COG Game 2 –

CRS vs COG Game 3 –

CRS vs COG Game 4 –

Curse, Coast, and EG will join XDG, C9, CLG, Dignitas, and TSM in the upcoming Sring Split of the LCS Season 2014

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