NA LCS Summer Split Teams 2014

The North American LCS Spring Split 2014 has been pretty much one sided for the entire split. Newcomers Evil Geniuses came from Europe to try their luck on this side of the globe. Team Vulcun became XDG and ushered in a new age for the team but this time, luck was not on their side as the team suffered loss after loss. Meanwhile, Coast was able to coast through to the Playoffs but unfortunately for them they were crushed and was sent to be matched against the upcoming Challenger teams from the Challenger Series.

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There have been an overwhelming hype surrounding teams from the Challenger Series namely Complexity Black and LMQ as well as another Cloud 9 team to join the LCS but will these Challenger teams be able to beat the bottom three teams of the North American LCS? Find out which teams have been relegated and which teams have finally made their dreams a reality.

The eight teams in the NA LCS Summer Split 2014 are:

Cloud 9

LCS Team cloud 9 - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team Cloud9After trailing TSM the entire split, Cloud 9 took a sweeping victory during the Spring Split Finals and took the crown. They will be representing the entire region for the All-Stars Tournament but without Hai as he has suffered a collapsed lung just recently. Will Cloud 9 continue their dominance over the Rift against the top caliber teams from all over the world? Everything is still up in the air. But, one thing is for sure. Cloud 9 will be back this Summer Split. Expect them to be at the top three spot once more.


LCS Team SoloMid - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team TSMTeam SoloMid has had brewing drama as of late. At the start of the Spring Split, they were able to acquire one of the best midlaners from Europe with Bjergsen. It soon paid off as Bjergsen led the team to the top spot for the entire split only to be dumped upon by Cloud 9 during the Playoffs. Regardless, it was a good investment for TSM to acquire Bjergsen. The problem now resides on how will they become a team now that Xpecial, their support, has been benched. Xpecial has been an integral part of the team since their inception and without him, Will TSM be able to stand back up during the Summer Split?


LCS Team counter logic gaming - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CLG CLG is a team that has had a lot of roster changes since the beginning. Only Team Curse would beat them at having the most roster changes in the entire game. After acquiring another European for their team with Dexter, they rose to glory and took the third spot. Playoffs began and CLG was at their best. Or so they thought. The community soon took notice at how Nien, CLG's top laner, was not in the game. A few days later, Nien announced that he will be stepping down as the team's top laner. Now, CLG is once again faced with another problem but their Coach, Montecristo has had a few talks with several players from Korea. Importing players from Korea would be a good choice but communication would be a problem. Will CLG be able to get a solid roster by the time the Summer Split rolls in? We'll find out in the coming weeks.


LCS Team curse - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team CurseAnother team to have swap players left and right is Curse. Unlike CLG, they have been very unfortunate to find a solid roster every split in the LCS. Zekent played as support for the first few weeks then former jungler Saintvicious took the role and now Bunnyfufu finally settled in for the role. Meanwhile Quas went to top and Voyboy was sent to mid. Curse needs to find a solid roster and play like a team and stop rotating their players around in order to have an impact on the NA Summer Split 2014 of the LCS.


LCS Team dignitas - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team DignitasDignitas played a solid game during the early weeks of the Spring Split but later faltered as th first Super Week rolled in. Soon after, Scarra, Dignitas' staple midlaner, was benched due to illness and Goldenglue took his place. Scarra returned for the playoffs and found themselves at the fifth spot. Will Scarra be able to get back in shape or will Goldenglue take his place as the proper midlaner for Dignitas? We will see during the upcoming Summer Split.

LMQ iBuypower

LCS Team LMQ - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQOne of the most hyped team in the LCS is LMQ. The sister team of World Championship second placer Royal Club has transferred to the US in hopes to getting to the LCS by the Summer Split and find themselves realizing their dreams have come true. LMQ was matched against XDG where they were able to defeat the team in a 3-1 series. Will the all Chinese team be able to cope well under the heavy scrutiny of the community? Chances are, they are already superstars in their own right. LMQ will surely shake up the current dominance of TSM and Cloud 9 in the NA scene with their aggressive strategy and tower diving skills. Vasilli seems to be the star player but Ackerman and Mor are solid in their own right. XiaoWeiXiao and NoName complete the roster.

Evil Geniuses

LCS Team evil geniuses - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split Team EGEvil Geniuses were matched up against Cloud 9 Tempest in the Promotion Tournament. Since the first match, the team proved to the audience as well as the community that they are indeed top caliber LCS team as they schooled C9T on how to play as a team. EG was cold, calculative, and methodical the entire series. They were able to catch people left and right without having to give in to greed. During teamfights, EG would be a solid team led by Krepo and followed up by Innox and Snoopeh while Yellowpete and Pobelter finish off the entire Cloud 9 Tempest team in a 3-0 fashion.


LCS Team complexity - all 5 membersLogo of LCS NA Summer Split team complexityAfter a seemingly dire situation for the team during the first match, Complexity showed that they have the mental resilience of an LCS team. The team had a dream of playing in the LCS stage and now that dream has come to fruition as they were able to defeat Coast 3-2 with their team down the first two matches. Will Complexity Black show the NA region that they are indeed LCS caliber? Or will they be one of those bottom teams who will be scraping wins?

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