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League of Legends  Challenger Series 2014

As the end of the LCS Spring Split draws closer we want to give you an update about the upcoming League of Legends Spring Play 2014 and most of all the LoL Challenger Series. Most of you might have seen one or two matches of the LCS Challengers as some of the matches are streamed right after, or before the LCS League matches. But as you might not be too familiar with the system we will have a look into this first.

What is the LoL Challenger Series?

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The Challenger Series is an amateur tournament based on the Challenger team ranks. This is a direct bridge towards the LCS wherein the winners will get to face the relegated teams from the region's LCS. This is sponsored by Coke Zero. The top twenty teams from the Ranked Team Ladder of each region will be placed into five brackets. Each bracket will have four teams fighting it out to claim the top spot. Once a winner is named in each bracket, they will be placed in the first Challenger series. The top three teams will be joined by another set of five teams from another series after the twenty team qualifier making it the second Challenger Series. Teams will earn points once they are able to finish each Challenger series. The top six teams with the most points will compete against each other and only the top three teams of that tournament will have the chance to duke it out with the bottom three teams of the current split of the LCS. Currently, the Challenger Series airs after the LCS broadcast on Thursdays and Fridays.

Challenger Series Playmode overview

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This is Riot's way of cultivating talent within the community and giving the players a chance to play at a professional league through the LCS or the League Championship Series to represent their region. Currently, only the regions with the LCS have this type of amateur tournament while other regions usually have other similar means of harvesting talent within the community.

Betting on the LoL Challenger Series and upcoming matches

At the moment eSportsventure is offering lines and odds for most of the matches in the ongoing CS EU and NA. You can take a look at their lines here. Please notice that the esports betting odds may have changed in the meantime! No guarantee. You can find the matches of the Challenger Series under

Upcoming Matches NA

LoL challenger series NA upcoming matches with odds

Upcoming Matches EU

LoL challenger series EU upcoming matches

What is going on in the Challenger Series EU / NA?


In the North American region, the first Challenger series have taken place and LMQ seemed to be the dominant team out of all the teams that were placed. LMQ hails from China with some of its members played at the Season 3 Worlds under Royal Club HuangZhou. This makes them one of the best North American Challenger team that is touted to be a force to be reckoned with once they are able to enter the Promotion Tournament in the NA LCS come this Summer Split. Following LMQ, both compLexity.Black and complexity.Red are hot on their heels. Cloud 9's sister team, Cloud9 Tempest are not doing good as of the current standings but they still have hope knowing that Cloud 9 prides itself as a high standard organization when it comes to e-sports.


In the European region, the first Challenger series have also taken place and it seems like the team from Cloud 9 is doing well in this side of the globe. Cloud 9 Eclipse scored 9 points and leads the pack followed immediately by Ninjas in Pyjamas and former MeetYourMakers team – mousesports as they try to win their spot back in the European LCS. Tick, Trick, and Duck as well as SK Gaming's sister team SK Gaming Prime tries to bring down the oldies in the standings.

Prize Money

Aside from the chance of playing for a spot at the LCS, teams will also win cash prizes of $16,000 for the first place, $10,000 for the second place, $8,000 for the third spot, $3,000 for the fourth spot, and $1,250 for the fifth and sixth place.

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