Lemondogs not part of the LCS EU Spring Split

LCS EU Winner of Summer Split Season 3: Team Lemondogs all five members

Original Lemondogs roster in Season 3

Before the LCS Spring Split even starts, there is already the first big surprise. According to Riot Games Team Lemondogs will not participate in the upcoming LCS season 4 and will be replaced by another team.

How did it come to this? At the moment there are some different oppinions about how it came this far:

According to a Post by Riot Games (1.8.2014) each LCS team is committed to submit their player charter to Riot before the start of a new season. As Riot reported, they have for weeks unsuccessfully tried  to get the team ‘s formation. For this reason, the team was given a final deadline, which endet on the 2014/1/08 at 11:59pm. This means that the Lemondogs got kicked from the LCS EU Spring Split.

Twitter Post by Riot official about Team Lemondogs

Post by Nick Allen
Post on lolesports

Why the team has failed to submit their roster in time is was not stated in the post on the official LCS website. Anyway it would be interesting to hear from them, why the chance to participate in the LCS got thrown away so easily.

On January 9th ShLaYa from Team Lemondogs reacted with a twitter post. According to his message all players send the correct filled documents back in time but the organisation failed to sign the papers as well. Moreover he talked about the roster changes between Lemondogs and Nip and how it felt during the Battle of the Atlantic tournament. At the moment there is no statement from Team Lemondogs organisation available.

A lot of discussion is going on on reddit about who is to blame and who shall play in the next LCS season. You can follow the Reddit thread here.

The three teams from the promotion matches that didnt make it into the LCS in their first try (Ninjas in Pyjamas , Meet Your Makers and Supa Hot Crew) now once again have the chance to qualify for the new opened spot in the LCS EU.

After the withdrawel of Team Lemondogs even for Riot came as a surprise, no details have been announced yet, how and when the three teams will compete for the open spot in the LCS EU. The European League of Legends Spring Split is scheduled to start on January 14th with the Super week, so there is not much time left!

Stay tuned for further info about Team Lemondogs and the LCS EU!

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