LCS Teams facing relegation

Leagueoflegends-logo-LCS2014-transparent-kleinAfter intense Playoffs (LCS Playoffs EU / LCS Playoffs NA) in both the North American and European LCS Region, the dust has finally settled and both leagues have announced their winners of the Spring Split and their representatives for the Season 4 All Stars Tournament in Paris. Teams have won battles but there are also teams that have been stomped to the ground. These are the teams that have been placed in relegation waiting to face the winners of the LoL Challenger Series of both regions in the upcoming  LCS Summer Promotion 2014. These teams have made the LCS both fun and exciting and without them, the LCS won't be the same. But, which of these teams have a chance to save themselves and get themselves back into the LCS stage? Find out who has the better chances against the up and coming superstars from the Challenger Series.

LCS EU Teams facing relegation

The EU LCS have seen the standings change every week. In one week, Fnatic would take the top spot and in the next, Gambit Gaming would rise. By the end of the split, it would be Fnatic who have taken the reins of the region and represent them in the 2014 All Stars tournament. Although it has been a tumultuous split for all of the teams, the last three teams of the current split have been revealed. They are Millenium, SUPA HOT CREW, and Copenhagen Wolves.


LCS EU Team MilleniumAt the start of the split, Millenium was hovering over the middle of the pack. They were not bad but they were not that great either. They were simply playing to get some wins but they were not driving themselves to become good at what they are doing. This was clearly evident after their stint at IEM Sao Paolo. Although they have won the tournament and earned a slot in the finals at IEM Katowice, they began to slump by the time they headed back to the LCS Stage. They began to lose games left and right until Aranaea, their jungler, stepped down. It was a sinking ship that needed to be saved. But, will Millenium find themselves back at the LCS Stage in the Summer Split?

There are a lot of better teams that have become quite dominant in the Challenger Series and Millenium seems to be out of control at this time. If they are able to group together and practice hard before the Promotion Tournament, they can still be back but look for the same type of strategy and gameplay from them. If Millenium does end up getting back to the LCS, chances are they will still be hovering over the bottom of the standings.


LCS EU Team Supa Hot CrewSUPA HOT CREW treated their win in to the LCS as a blessing in disguise. After being defeated at the Promotion Tournament, they were able to get themselves a second chance after Lemondogs were out of contention. Now, the Crew faced their toughest competition in the region with Gambit Gaming and Fnatic as well as the emerging powerhouses like Roccat, Alliance, and SK Gaming. The Crew are now in the relegation zone and chances are, they may not see the spotlight again with the Challenger teams marching their way to the LCS Stage. They will need to get back in shape and perform better if they want to regain their spot at the LCS next season.

Copenhagen Wolves

LCS EU Team Copenhagen WolvesThe Wolves are a team where they always get to the Spring Split but end up getting relegated by the end of the split. The same thing happened to them last season and they were unable to qualify for the Summer Split. This time, they may have a chance to get back to the LCS if they solidify their gameplay. The Wolves have shown a glimmer of brilliance in the last few games they had and they need to review the replay for those games and see what made them win the game and what made them lose the others. The Wolves need to know their mistake and one of which is losing hard to lane swaps. Their rotations are horrendous. They need to take a page of the CLG and Korean book about champion rotations. It also would not hurt them to expand their champion pool outside Renekton, Shyvanna, Elise, Thresh, Leblanc, and Lucian. If they are able to practice and master the art of champion rotations, then they'll proceed to making their teamfighting prowess a bit better. Hence, they will be able to get their slot back in the LCS.

LCS NA Teams facing relegation

While the EU LCS has enjoyed countless upsets in the standings, the NA LCS is another story. TSM has held on to the top spot for the entire split only for Cloud 9 to snatch it from under their nose in the last week of the split. Now, Cloud 9 has overall taken the top spot and will represent the region for the All Stars tournament. Will Evil Geniuses, XDG, and Coast get their way back into the LCS?


LCS NA Team XDGThe former Vulcun Techbargains that represented the NA region in the Season 3 World Championships is no more. It was just a shadow of their former glory. Last season XDG were third best team to have conquered the LCS stage and have the glory to present themselves well in the Group Stages of the World Championships. But, as the Spring Split of the season rolled in, Vulcun became XDG and growing pains started to show. Bloodwater, their former support player, became aware that the team needed a boost in strategy but soon, issues came out and he had to leave the team. From then on, it all went south. XDG acquired Sheep but they were unable to regain their former glory and they were faced with relegation.

Will XDG get their proper form back? Only if they have a roster change. They need to retain some of the better players and eliminate those that have been mediocre from the start. Things will be a lot better if they start as soon as possible. If they do not want to change their roster then they better start to acquire better strategies and sharpen their mechanics as they will be facing an even tougher competition from the Challenger teams like LMQ.

Evil Geniuses

LCS NA Team Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses tried to conquer the NA scene this split but have failed miserably. EG has been one of the dominant forces during Season 2 and slowly dwindled in Season 3. By season 4, EG has been a so-so team. Their all time high this split was the Urgot-Soraka combo at the bottom lane and that did not even helped them place in the top five. Sadly, EG will likely fall victim to the onslaught of stronger teams from the Challenger series during the Promotion Tournament. It may be time for Krepo, Snoopeh, and Yellowpete to say goodbye to the LCS stage for now and make sure to come back strong in season 5.

Team Coast

LCS NA Team CoastThe former GGU or Good Game University team became Team Coast last season. And although they were able to get a good seat in last season's Spring split, they were unfortunately relegated by the end of the Summer Split. Fast forward to this season's promotion tournament and they were able to retain their slot. This time, they are once again facing relegation against stronger teams. If they are to face teams like the much-hyped LMQ, then Coast will be a goner. Zionspartan and Shiphtur are the saving grace of the team and they need to find themselves a better team if they want to continue their careers as a professional player.

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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