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The European LCS Summer Split Playoffs are over and the LCS NA Playoffs are coming up starting on August 23rd with the LCS NA Summer Split Quarter-Finals. While this is about to happen LCS EU Teams who have already qualified for LoL Worlds are bootcamping in Korea, a new Moscow 5 rises from the ashes, and tickets for Worlds are on sale now! Read all this and more in this week’s LCS Newsfeed!

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08/23 – 09/01/2014: Playoffs LCS NA Summer Split 2014 | LoL World Championship Qualifiers
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Alliance and Fnatic to bootcamp in Korea

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticAfter finding success in landing a spot for the Season 4 World Championships, European powerhouse teams Alliance and Fnatic are planning on bootcamping in South Korea much like their North American counterpart, team CLG has done. It has already been widely accepted that the best teams to scrimmage against are from Korea hence the reason why most teams from other regions tend to bootcamp and learn from the best in order to beat them at their own game. This is why CLG, Alliance, and Fnatic have turned to the Korean teams to practice well in hopes of snatching the Summoner's Cup this season from the Koreans. Earlier this month, CLG decided to bootcamp in Korea as well but there was a huge controversy regarding their stay which ended in a fine and a 2-year ban. Hopefully, Alliance and Fnatic will have no problems regarding this issue and continue to become one of the best teams around the world.

Moscow 5's New League of Legends Team

Moscow 5 has been one of the most iconic teams in League of Legends. During season 2, Moscow 5 was one of the top teams and was the former team of current Gambit Gaming. When the team ran into a few problems with their management, Alex Ich and the rest of the team decided to drop out of Moscow 5 and started Gambit Gaming. Now, Moscow 5 is back in business and have acquired five of the best players in the region with Boris “Dayruin” Scherbackov, Yury “Flashinthenight” Shilenkov, Vyacheslave “Archie” Egorov, Alexandr “Stejos” Glazkov, and Alexandr “lumberjackk” Sinyakov. Will the new Moscow 5 ever be able to reach the glory during the days of Season 2? We will find out in LoL Season 5.

Tickets For World Championship On Sale Now

As the World Championships draw closer and closer, the hype is getting real and the tickets for all stages of the game are now on sale for the next two weeks. Be sure to check out the rates as well as the entire schedule of LoL Worlds 2014. You can check the official site here for more information about the tickets and where you can get them. If you can't make it: All machtes will be streamed live and for free in the LoL World Championship Live Stream.

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Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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