LCS Newsfeed Off-Season #1 – Roster Changes

During the offseason, League of Legends players and teams all over the world are bound to make adjustments in preparation for the next season. Roster changes and imports are bound to happen to strengthen the team and lose the deadweight. And with that, the offseason is the best way to do such roster swaps and a circus is bound to happen. Let's take a look at the recent roster changes in the LCS:

Update: More LCS Roster Changes

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Curse Signs Piglet from SKT T1 K

Logo of LCS NA  Team CursePiglet - new Curse ADCFormer AD carry Piglet from Season 3 World Champions SKT T1 K has finally signed with Curse to play for the NA LCS this coming Spring Split in Season 5. After weeks of speculation, Curse has finally released an official statement regarding their recent acquisition of the top tier AD carry in South Korea. It has already been known to the community that Piglet aims to get to other parts of the world and would want to play outside Korea and the time has come for him to shine in the LCS Stage. Recently, the team also released an interview.

Roccat officially signs Woolite

Logo of LCS EU Team RoccatWoolite - new ADC RoccatThe LCS Rookie of the Year has finally joined Roccat as their starting AD carry. He replaces Celaver for the spot. After re-signing three of its original members namely, Overpow, Vander, and Jankos, Roccat needs now one more player for a complete roster as the team begin its recuperation after a failed attempt to get themselves to Worlds last split.

Tabzz, Krepo, and Snoopeh are now free agents

Former Evil Geniuses players Krepo and Snoopeh are now free agents. After a huge speculation on whether or not Snoopeh will come back to the scene, he has released an announcement saying that he plans on getting back to top shape and be able to play professionally again. Krepo has also released a statement that he won't be playing for the team next season after claiming that the team lacks the dedication needed to get to the top. Jesiz from SK Gaming has also been released from the team and is now a free agent after receiving community backlash from his appearance at Worlds. Tabzz also stated that he is now a free agent after weeks of speculation that Rekkles from Fnatic would take over his role as the starting AD carry for Alliance. In a previous report, Rekkles wanted to be released from Fnatic and would pay $15,000 himself so that he can be released from his contract and be able to sign for a team that needs his talent. Stay tuned as to which team Rekkles will sign which may probably be with Alliance now that Tabzz has been released.

Crumbzz re-signs with Dignitas and becomes Team Captain

Logo of LCS NA Team DignitasAfter Imaqtpie announced stepping down from the original starting roster and with Zionspartan being released, Dignitas' resident jungler Crumbzz continues his contract with the team and is now the team captain. Dignitas will still need to fill in the role of AD Carry and Top laner and there might even be instances that Kiwikid will follow Imaqtpie and Zionspartan out soon and the team will need to fill the role of support as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on the current team rosters as the Expansion Tournament will begin soon.

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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