LCS Newsfeed | Summer Split 2014 | Week 9

Another professional player steps down from the starting lineup while more and more ideas are being tossed around for LCS Season 5 | 2015. Plus: a dominating champion might feel the nerf bat but not sooner than everyone expects.  Read more on this week's LCS Newsfeed.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (EU):
07/17 – 07/18: LCS EU Summer Split Week 9 – view Preview and Predictions

North America (NA):
07/19 – 07/20: LCS NA Summer Split Week 9 – view Preview and Predictions

Cowtard no longer in Copenhagen Wolves Starting Lineup

cowtard - copenhagen wolves midlaner

Cowtard is stepping down

Recently, Copenhagen Wolves have been losing games left and right and it seemed to take its toll on their midlaner Cowtard. Cowtard has officially stepped down as the team's starting midlaner while the door is still open for him to come back to the starting lineup if the team needs him. Cowtard has also officially posted his statement on his Facebook account that says:

“I will make it quite short about me stepping down. I am stepping down on my own cause i feel like i dont have any time at all outside league which i really need right now. There are a few other factors as well for example me playing extremly mechanical weak lately, but that is a lower factor and i have some more of those.

What does this mean? Well right now copenhagen wolves will be trying to play with another midlaner and if this doesnt work out and they need me back i will play once again, but right now i wish both he and the team will perform on top and im confident that the wolves can manage without me!

I am afraid i cant tell you much more than this as everyhting is based on what will happen in the future and on circumstances, but thank you all for the support and we will see what happens!”

Copenhagen Wolves will need to bring in a new midlaner for this week in the EU LCS. How will this affect the team and their current standing in the LCS? Stay tuned for more updates.

Diamondprox Returns to the Standing Lineup

Last week, Diamond and Darien, Gambit Gaming's jungler and top laner specifically, were both benched from the starting lineup. Kubon and Loulex went on stage but this week, Diamond seemed to fare better than the other and now he is back to the LCS.

NA and EU Regionals Venue Confirmed

The North American LCS Regionals (Playoffs) will be held in Seattle at PAX Prime on August 29 to September 1 while the European LCS Regionals as well as the Wildcard Tournament will be held in Germany at Gamescom this year on August 13 to 17.

LCS Season 5: Riot Considering Having 10 Teams

Ever since its inception, the League Championship Series has always had eight teams but in 2015, that is about to change. Riot Games are considering increasing the number of teams in both LCS regions from eight to ten next season. While the idea is still in its basic concept, the entirety of it surely brings excitement to both Challenger teams and professional teams already in the LCS. This means that there will be more teams in the LCS. Aside from the inflation of the number of teams, Riot Games have also intended to do away with Superweeks as it takes toll on the players' physical health and ability to play the games well. Riot Games' reasoning behind the increased number of teams include:

  • – shortened splits in order to allow more exciting and longer playoffs.
  • – no more Superweeks.
  • – diversity in players and teams.
  • – optimization of the Playoff round.

However, as early as now, there are a few couple of professional players who have expressed their opinion on the matter. Krepo, the support player from Evil Geniuses, acknowledges his excitement over the increase in teams but worries that it might dilute the playerbase of professional players. He also added that sponsorship might be a problem as well since eSports is only at its initial stages in both regions.

Stay tuned for more updates. You can find out more about LCS Season 5 here

Changes To Lee Sin Might Not Come to Fruition This Season

Lee Sin has always been the go-to jungler in all regions and despite his overall strengths and lack of any known weaknesses, Riot Games has still left the Blind Monk untouched. Months ago, there were a few talks about nerfing Lee Sin with a new kit but it was instantly shut down by the community. Now, another conversation has opened up a can of new worms for the community now that Riot Games is looking to take Lee Sin to a new direction. But, this time though, it will not happen within the next few months as Riot Games have stated they won't be any big changes to the game especially now that LoL Worlds 2014 is just two months away. Many have speculated that Lee Sin will get his nerf in due time around pre-season 5. However, Lee Sin continues to dominate the LCS and other tournaments all over the world for now.

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