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After we went a little off topic last week this weeks LCS Newsfeed is focusing again on the professional League of Legends leagues in Europe and North America. Let's see what is new:

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (EU):
07/10 – 07/11: LCS EU Summer Split Week 8 – view Preview and Predictions

North America (NA):
07/12 – 07/13: LCS NA Summer Split Week 8 – view Preview and Predictions

Gambit Gaming Considering New Players This Mid-Split

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingGambit Gaming looks to find new players for their team while Riot issues a statement on the current dilemma about recent champion picks in the LCS as well as the International VoDs for other games in different regions. In an effort to boost their current standings in the EU LCS, Gambit Gaming has announced that they are planning to pursue new players for the top lane and the jungle. This untimely team swap will put Darien and Diamondprox in the substitute role while ongoing auditions are being held. The full press release from Gambit Gaming can be seen on their official website.

Update: Gambit Gaming has officially put Darien and Diamondprox to a substitute position. Taking their place will be Kubon and Loulex. The decision to fully replace both veteran Gambit players will be released by the time Week 8 of the EU LCS is over. Here is their official statement:

Riot's Reasoning on Unpopular Picks and LCS Picks

Meanwhile, there has been an ongoing debate about why LCS teams rarely pick up new champions or other champions besides the flavor of the month picks. Systems Designer Xelnath has chimed in on the forums and tried to answer several inquiries on the matter.

“I realize how LCS not showcasing your favorite champion can be frustrating. It sucks to not see played by a pro and believe that somehow you're not playing the game right.

However, the nature of LCS is to play the champions those players can play well at the razor's edge of skill – this is distinctly different from the rest of the world. Take look at Gambit gaming a few seasons back – they shook the world up by pulling out some impressive team comps that were well-executed.

That said, yes, we do look at under played champions and ask “Are these guys in a good place? Do they have a clear role?” If not, we think about appropriate actions relative to the amount of work they need. Full rebuilds (Sion) require the most, followed by Gameplay Updates (Rengar, Skarner, Sona) followed finally by Visual Updates (Sivir) and lastly Balance Updates (Lucian next patch). However, all of these require a certain amount of testing to be sure they are of a quality level that won't damage the game.

This is why these things take time. Full rebuilds might take two years. Gameplay updates between months (no art required) and a year (vfx, no model required).

But… there's always champions lurking below the current OP meta tier who are waiting to surge up and overpower the rest. This is why you see things like the full ADC item rework – we want to try to fix problems on the whole CLASS of characters (Marksmen most recently) rather than just singularly bump a single champion up.

Sorry, I know that's not the answer you want to hear, but we believe that many of our problems are deeply rooted in tough discussions, experimentation and so on. We are being careful to not damage the competitive quality of our game while pursuing the heart of these issues.”

Phreak also got into the conversation:

“I'd like to chime in too, if you don't mind:

Also realize that the LCS is only eight teams per region. Not everyone plays every champion. Thinking back to last season, it took people a long time to pick up Zed, despite being a ridiculously strong champion. Players often just don't find the champion, despite being an awesome pick overall. I remember replying to a thread on this very forum where a player was like “Dude wtf look how bad Zed looked in this Korean game. Come on Riot, buff Zed. He missed his Q and did no damage. Clearly a trash champion.” That thread existed. It was upvoted. On early Season Three Zed: A champion we nerfed multiple times and was STILL #1 pick/ban at the World Championship last year. Just sayin'.

It's also much easier to imitate than to innovate. A lot of players look to the Korean teams and say, “They're the best, we'll just follow in their footsteps.” Unless LCS teams are willing to step out and find their own powerful picks, you're just only going to see the small set of champions that highly-regarded teams like Samsung Blue or SKT T1 K play. Last week we barely saw any Kog'Maw played in the LCS. This week, we have him played almost every single game. Because people realized, “Oh right, Kog'Maw's really strong.” The game didn't change in the LCS over the past seven days: LCS players' perceptions did.”

Will the LCS see more champions picked in this split or will they continue with what has been the stronger picks? Stay tuned.

Videos on Demand for International Games

Players from all over the world can now enjoy VoDs from games from other regions on the LoL eSports official website.

Head over to for more details!

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