LCS Newsfeed | Summer Split 2014 | Week 6

This week, former Millenium jungler Araneae joins Fnatic, EU LCS in London makes it to national headlines, and find out which new items will make an impact on LCS pro plays. Welcome to the League of Legends LCS Newsfeed – Week 6!

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (EU):
06/26 – 06/27: LCS EU Summer Split Week 6 – view Preview and Predictions

North America (NA):
06/28 – 06/29: LCS NA Summer Split Week 6 – view Preview and Predictions

LoL Season 4 World Championships Tour Revealed!

The League of Legends World Championship 2014 will tour around Asia for the group stage and will converge at Seoul, South Korea on October 19. In the group stage, teams will battle it out in Singapore and Taiwan and then head down to the Sangam Stadium in Seoul for the Semifinals and Championship Round.

In addition, more teams from other regions will be able to participate in the quest for the Summoner's Cup this season as teams from Brazil and Latin America will duke it out during the NA LCS Regional Final while Australia, CIS, and Turkey will fight for the spot during the EU LCS Regional Final.

SUPA HOT Crew Releases Wewillfailer – Yerrow Comes In

After experiencing a bit of success in their games in London, Supa Hot Crew has decided to fully pick up Yerrow and drop Wewillfailer from the team. The Supa Hot Crew management has released a formal statement regarding Wewillfailer and the acquisition of Yerrow on a full time basis.

Brokenshard Gets Signed For SK Gaming Prime

After his debacle on the visa issues in the US, Brokenshard was released from Complexity. SK Gaming Prime would then pick up the former Complexity jungler to join their roster after a successful round at Dreamhack Summer. The official statement of the team:

“First of all I'd like to thank Gilius for helping us make it this far, unfortunately we felt that he needs some more experience combined with his excellent mechanical ability. I'd like to wish him the best of luck in the future! What we wanted was a vocal jungler with experience and high mechanical skill. When I heard about Ram's situation with NALCS and his visa issues, I thought he could potentially be exactly what we were looking for. After playing the Solomid invitational with Ram we saw what he brings to the team and we unanimously agreed that he brings even more than what we expected! Having managed Ram in the past, I personally am very happy to call myself Ram's manager once again and I know he will try his hardest and bring success to SK Gaming.”

– Team Manager Joe “InnerFlame” Elouassi “

Araneae To Coach Fnatic

New Coach araneae with fnatic

Fnatic with new Coach Araneae

More teams are following the Korean way of getting coaches, analysts, and psychologists in order to provide the players with an advantage over their opponents. This week, Araneae moves in with Fnatic to become their full time coach this split. Araneae is notably known as the emotional jungler for Team Millenium before he stepped down last split. Alvar “Araneae” Martin is now signed on to join the team and keep them motivated as well as provide key strategies to make their team standout again.

EU LCS In Wembley Makes Headlines in UK

Last weekend, the EU LCS travelled from Cologne, Germany and set foot on the British Isles at Wembley. Turns out, it was one of the most lauded gaming event in the history of the country. Almost ten thousand people came up to the arena in a span of two days and has made headlines in the UK specifically BBC. Here is the news headline.

Changes In Itemization: How Big Will It Impact Pro Plays?

In patch 4.10, certain items were reworked and some were added to the game. These newly reworked items focused more on the AD items hence AD carries will have to make proper decisions on their current itemization on this patch. The changes to Bloodthirster and Yumuu's Blade certainly adds more depth to the AD itemization as well as the addition of Essence Reaver and the changes to Doran's Blade.

Supports also got a bit of love in this patch as they are presented with a new item called Ardent Censer as well as changes to Mikael's Crucible. With all these new changes to the items, how big will it impact the games on a professional level is yet to be seen. As soon as Week 6 hits the LCS stage, pros will have to quickly adapt to these new changes in order to make the best out of the new items.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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