LCS Newsfeed | Summer Split 2014 | Week 5

Welcome to the LCS Newsfeed for Week 5 of the Summer Split of the League of Legends Championship 2014. This week NA and EU swapped matchdays as the European LoL Pro-League resides in London this weekend!

Upcoming LCS matches:

North America (NA):
06/19- 06/20: LCS NA Summer Split Week 5 – view Preview and Predictions

Europe (EU):
06/21 – 06/22: LCS EU Summer Split Week 5 – view Preview and Predictions

Gambit Gaming To Play With 4 New Players For Week 5 of EU LCS

Gambit Gaming has officially announced that the four original members of Gambit Gaming namely Darien, Diamondprox, Genja, and Edward will not be able to participate in the EU LCS in London this weekend due to visa issues. Gambit Gaming management has officially released a statement on their website about the issues surrounding their demise.

Four new players have been acquired as substitute players. Cabochard will play for the top lane, Loulex will head to the jungle, NiQ will remain in the midlane while Fury III and SWAGLORD will hail the bottom lane. The official statement from Gambit Gaming can be found here:

Helios Debut on NA LCS

Helios debuts in NA LCS with quite a strong impact on the team. Although Evil Geniuses still lose out on all games this week, analysts and fans alike were raving at Helios' jungling abilities and the impact he brings to their team. It will only be a matter of time before Helios integrates himself to the team. There is still no news on whether EG has fully picked up Helios for the team. Helios was previously the jungler for OGN's CJ Entus Blaze and Najin Black Sword.

LCS EU Heading to the UK this weekend

London SSE ArenaThe EU LCS will be heading to England to play this weeks matches in front of a bigger crowd at the SSE Arena in Wembley this Saturday and Sunday. The show will start on June 21st 9:30 PDT/ 11:30 EDT/ 17:30 CEST. Thus the North American LCS will already play this Thursday and Friday. Read more about Week 5 of the LCS EU in our preview and check out our preview and predictions for the NA LCS linked above!

Brokenshard Update

Brokenshard remains to have visa problems hence the team has finally accepted the fact that Brokenshard might not be able to fully commit to the team this summer split. He has been officially replaced by Kevin “Kez” Jeon as the starting jungler for the team. A press release from Complexity general manager, Danan Flander follows:

“In the beginning we were anticipating a much quicker visa application process, which estimated Ram would return in about two weeks. Unfortunately we've recently encountered complications while initiating the aforementioned application, extending his estimated return date up to four weeks into the future. After accepting the possibility that he might be unable to return until almost Week 9 of the 11 week LCS split, we made the tough decision to award Kez the starting position previously held by Brokenshard. We hope that allocating the remainder of our time this split to Kez and continuing to nurture his growth in the jungle will allow us to overcome the substitute-riddled start we encountered throughout the early stages of this LCS split.”

Last split Gambit Gaming was affected by Visa issues too.

Yerrow To Replace Wewillfailer for Supa Hot Crew This Week

Bram “WeWillFailer” de Winter will be replaced by Raymond “Yerrow” Tsang this week in the EU LCS to be held in London. de Winter will have his university exam this week thus he cannot participate in the out-of-country LCS this week. He will be replaced by a native English player Raymond “Yerrow” Tsang. Supa Hot Crew's general manager offers a statement:

“The upcoming LCS week is a special week for several of our players. While Matt ‘Impaler’ Taylor cannot wait to play in front of the roaring british crowd, Bram ‘Wewillfailer’ de Winter’ is facing a very different challenge this week. Unfortunately for us at Supa Hot Crew Bram has an important University Exam and cannot participate in this weeks LCS. We are 100% behind Bram’s education and wish him luck in his exam. Be sure to know though that we will use this opportunity to put up a convincing performance with our substitute Raymond ‘Yerrow’ Tsang. Yerrow is a former teammate of Impaler who is also British and therefore thrilled to play in front of his home crowd. While we wish the best to Bram that he finishes his last exam successful we look forward to a promising weekend as our results in practise with Yerrow have been impressive so far. We have adapted a totally different style of play with him make that will make it significantly harder for our opponents to prepare.”

League of Legends Patch 4.10

The Patch 4.10 has been released across most regions. How will it impact the LCS a few weeks from now after the recent buffs and nerfs to certain champions namely Twitch and Lucian as well as the revamped AD items. Supports will also get a lovely new item through Ardent Censer? Find out more by clicking on the Patch 4.10 Notes.

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