LCS Newsfeed | Summer Split 2014 | Week 4

A new roster for former NA LCS team Coast, a rumored professional Korean player to play for an NA team, a stunning look at the new Summoner’s Rift, and ticket sale update for the EU LCS in Wembley. All and more for this week’s LCS News

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (EU):
06/12 – 06/13: LCS EU Summer Split Week 4 – Preview & Predictions

North America (NA):
06/14 – 06/15: LCS NA Summer Split Week 4 – Preview & Predictions

Complexity's Brokenshard Update

The team's jungler fate in the LCS may still be up in the air as he is still unable to return to the LCS stage this week due to the consistent problem with his visa. He is still currently having problems acquiring evidence in his stay in the US for the game. There have been similar problems with imported players in the past as well. Bjergsen and Dexter all had encountered such problems before. Rest assured that updates will come as soon as they are revealed.


Team Coast Announces New Roster

Former North American LCS team Coast which is now in the Challenger Series have acquired a new players in order to boost their chances of getting back to the LCS Stage. The new Team Coast roster will be Keenan “Rhux” Santos as the top laner. Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer will hail from the midlane. Lucas “Santorin” Larsen will gank all lanes as the jungler while Brandon “DontMashMe” Phan will return as the AD carry for the team and Jaime “Sheep” Gallagher will continue his job as the team's new support after his stint with XDG. Shan “Chaox” Huang will be the team's new coach. Most of the team's roster have been around the professional scene which makes the team more promising than ever.

Korean Pro Player Helios Rumored To Be The New Jungler For Evil Geniuses

HeliosOver the weekend, there has been a rumor linking Evil Geniuses to following the trend of importing players from South Korea. This time, it is Helios who has been rumored to be acquired by the team. Evil Geniuses have already announced earlier on that they are looking to strengthen their roster this split and it will include changing slots for AD carry, support, and their jungler. As of last week, Altec replaced Yellowpete as the starting AD carry. Helios has been in the competitive scene in Korea since 2011. He was acquired by Azubu Blaze then was picked up by CJ Entus Blaze. Later on, he was placed onto sister team CJ Entus Frost and then was acquired by Najin Black Sword in February of 2014.

Summoner's Rift Visual Update Revealed

Riot has officially announced the visual update of the Summoner's Rift. You can check out the dev blog on the new Summoner's Rift including new jungle camps, new animations and attack animations as well as skillsets for both Baron and Dragon and a smashing new animation for towers and minions. Unfortunately, players will have to wait for the new Summoner's Rift a bit longer as Riot has officially announced that they will not be releasing the updated version of Summoner's Rift in time for the Season 4 World Championships so that it will not affect the gameplay of the teams involved.

Click here for the dev blog for the new Summoner's Rift.

More to come on what to expect with the new Summoner's Rift.

LCS London Ticket Sale Extended

LoL LCS London 2014Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets to the EU LCS Week 5 at The SSE Arena in Wembly, Riot Games have extended the ticket sale and have added additional block to accomodate more audience in this one of a kind British experience.

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