LCS Newsfeed | Summer Split 2014 | Week 11

Behind the scenes drama and fireworks abound both LCS regions this week while a new champion gnashes his way to the Rift in this week's issue of the LCS Newsfeed. Find out more who is going to the playoffs in our previews of the upcoming matches of the final LCS Week 11 | Super Week #3:

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (EU):
07/29 – 07/31: LCS EU Summer Split Week 11 | Super Week – view Preview and Predictions

North America (NA):
08/01 – 08/03: LCS NA Summer Split Week 11 | Super Week – view Preview

Copenhagen Wolves' Youngbuck Cries Foul

Copenhagen Wolves Youngbuck

Youngbuck feels backstabbed and humiliated by the playstyle of Alliance

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesAfter their match with Alliance wherein they were defeated, Copenhagen Wolves' Youngbuck took to Facebook to air his grievances of the opposing team's untoward attitude during their game. He states that he was upset about how they (Alliance) bought stack items to humiliate the team. And that they were intentionally baiting for Baron in order to gain fantasy points. His official statement can be found here.

Read the Facebook post by Youngbuck

Such post drew a lot of attention and even drew Riot's notice to the public. However, Riot NickAllen was quick to shot down any form of behavioral punishment for Alliance as it was deemed to be still in the rules.

Riot NickAllen's answer on twitter

LMQ Family Drama – The Plot Thickens

Fromer LMQ Manager Sharon Li

Shanon Li has been fired without notice by LMQ

Logo of LCS NA Summer Split Team LMQLate last week, the LoL community was shocked when LMQ announced that they were parting ways with Sharon who has been the face of LMQ since they graced the NA LCS stage as well as A&K LoLClass who have helped the team settle in the US.

LMQ's official statement can be found here

As the community pushes towards an answer and a clarification as to how Sharon and the agency parted ways, Sharon issued an official statement via her Facebook account stating that she has been one of the very few people who have supported the team financially after LMQ decided to pull the finances from the team. She has also taken to Facebook as to how the team will now be managed by Luyu Esports LLC and that Alex Gu will now be the general manager of LMQ. Her official statement can be found here.

Sharon Li's statement on Facebook

Alex Gu - new manager of LMQ

Alex Gu, the current player manager of LMQ tells a different story

Meanwhile, a few days after the onslaught of headscratching dilemma from the team. Alex Gu, the current manager of the team has taken to Facebook to air his side of the story. He has stated that Sharon had been in connivance with the owner of A&K in order to slowly take ownership of the team with its great potential to be at the top spot this year. Alex Gu's statement can be read here.

Alex Gu's Facebook post

Whether or not both parties are stating the truth, it will still come down to the team members who will suffer from all these behind the scenes drama now that the last Super Week and the Playoffs are just around the corner. Will this be the end of LMQ? Hopefully not. Stay tuned for more updates on the team.

Riot Games reacted with a post by RiotNickAllen this Tuesday trying to clear up the questions regarding LMQ’s ownership by sharing the timeline of events form Riot’s side.

Read Riot Games post by RiotNickAllen

Gnar! Gnar! A New Champion Breaks Free

Gnar - new League of Legends ChampionLess than several hours ago, Riot has officially released a teaser for the next champion to roam the Summoner's Rift. Better known as Gnar, he is poised to grace the Rift as a top laner but things can still changed when players get a hold of him when he hit the PBE later this week. Will Gnar be the champion that will shift the top lane meta or the entire meta? Will LCS players pick him up once he is available for play? Stay tuned. For now, here is the teaser.

Gnar Teaser on Facebook

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