LCS Newsfeed | Summer Split 2014 | Week 10

The new and old converge on this week's LCS Newsfeed as new team mates return from their debut last week while a former team mate returns to his squad. Meanwhile, a fan favorite champion returns to the Rift after being disabled for several months while a new champion takes his place in this weeks LCS Newsfeed.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Europe (EU):
07/24 – 07/25: LCS EU Summer Split Week 10 – view Preview and Predictions

North America (NA):
07/26 – 07/27: LCS NA Summer Split Week 10 – view Preview and Predictions

Lustboy from CJ Entus Blaze Joins TSM

lustboy new tsm support

Lustboy replaces Gleeb as TSM Support

Lustboy, former support player from CJ Entus Blaze, has formally joined TSM as their starting support player.

Gleeb steps down from the starting lineup and will focus more on streaming and his college studies. His official statement regarding his position can be seen on his official Facebook page.

Gleeb's Facebook post

New Copenhagen Wolves Members Extend Their Stay While Darien Returns To The Team

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesNew Copenhagen Wolves members Brokenshard and Soren will continue to play for the team this week as the starting jungler and midlaner. Both members have been a welcome change to the team and have brought a new energy to the team. Last week, the Copenhagen Wolves got a win after the recent addition. Meanwhile, Darien who has been benched from the starting lineup will return to the starting lineup this week. He will join Edward, Genja, Diamondprox, and NiQ as the starting lineup like what it once was during the start of the split. Whether this will help improve the team's standing or not is another story.

Week 10 will be on 4.12. Shen Enabled, Lucian Disabled

Week 10 in the LCS will be on Patch 4.12. Expect more action as Patch 4.12 brings more gameplay changes to the table however, Lucian will be disabled this week as he has received a lot of changes in his kit and Riot Games seem to be careful with the recent changes he has had. On the other hand, a long time disabled champion makes a return to the Rift as Shen is finally disabled. Shen has been disabled for quite a while now due to a known bug that does not teleport him towards his teammate when using his ultimate skill. After Riot Games specifically fixed his bug using a new technology, he is now been enabled to play. Will the top lane tanky meta continue with the help of Shen or will the AP mid rejects continue to dominate the top?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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