LCS and LoL Worlds Newsfeed #4

While the Quarter-Finals of the League of Legends World Championship 2014 are coming up there are still some other LoL News worth while reading: Supa Hot Crew shake-ups, Garena Premier League's new setup, and more in this week's LCS Newsfeed.

Upcoming LoL World Championship Matches:

10/03 – 10/06/: LoL Worlds: Quarter Finals

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Garena Premier League Has A New Setup

GPL - League of LegendsFollowing the recent outings of SEA and GPL representative for Worlds, GPL has announced that the Garena Premier League which started in 2012 will release teams from Macau, Taiwan, and Hongkong. Teams from this region will have their own league known as LMS or the League of Legends Master Series. It will be considered as the sister league of the GPL. Teams that are in this region will automatically be transferred to the LMS.

The GPL will involve teams from Southeast Asia and will expand the number of teams to 16. There will be 6 teams for Vietnam, 4 for Singapore and Malaysia, 3 for the Philippines, 2 for Thailand, and 1 for Indonesia. This marks the first time an Indonesian team will compete in the GPL. In 2015, the GPL will also mark the change of making it to a two season format with only Spring and Summer unlike before where they had a Winter season. More updates will happen in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

AHQ eSports Acquires Taipei Snipers

Ahq e-Sports Club - OGN Team Logo Azubu Taipei Snipers - OGN Team LogoAfter the whirlwind experience with the GPL this season, AHQ has formally acquired the Taipei Snipers in their roster. After heavy negotiations from Garena, they have finally bought the rights to own Taipei Snipers and their current roster. AHQ eSports have issued a statement that aims to improve the potential of Taiwanese teams to be world class in hopes of getting through to Worlds next year.

Post on AHQ Website

Supa Hot Crew In The Hot Seat

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewAfter their recent outing in both the Spring and Summer split of the EU LCS, there have been rumors that the MYM or Meet Your Makers organization are trying to acquire the team. Things started off when Sascha Ackermann, SHC's CEO mentioned that he wanted to leave the organization for personal reasons and that he wanted to move the players to the MYM organization. This news reached one of the team's main sponsor Acer which was caught blindsided with the fact that the team would want to be transferred to the MYM organization. Acer released a statement that they do not want to sponsor a team that only looks out for themselves and not for others hence Acer was disappointed if ever the move was organized and realized. However, no official statement was made from MYM or Riot as of this moment so stay tuned for any update.

However, this debacle might have an inkling of truth behind as later this day, Supa Hot Crew's jungler Impaler sent out a tweet that he is looking for a team hence the organization might have a fall out after the said incident.

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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