LCS and LoL Worlds Newsfeed #3

The second part of the League of Legends World Championship Group Stage kicks off this Thursday while coaches in the LCS become front and center and more on Ranked Restrictions on this week's LCS Newsfeed!

Upcoming LoL World Championship Matches:

09/25/2014: LoL Worlds: Group Stage #2 | Day 1

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Second Part of LoL Worlds Group Stage Starts This Thursday

The second part of the Group Stage will commence this Thursday starting with the first match of Group C:  OMG versus LMQ at 4 in the afternoon local time in Singapore. Teams will head to battle in order to determine which teams get out of the Group Stage and into the Knockout Stage. For more information on the teams and the preview, you can click the links above. Stay tuned for more updates on Group Stage #2 in the following days.

Coaches Now Part Of The LCS

As the LCS gains more and more popularity and the players are becoming full time professionals, more and more additional personnel are added to the teams. According to a recent statement of Riot Games, coaches are now fully on-board as part of the LCS teams and will determine how the teams will play the games in the LCS during Season 5. Long ago, coaches were just a figment of the imagination. All that came to change when the scope of the game got bigger and the need for more personnel to help players cope with the increasing demands of playing were increasing. Coaches are now gearing to make an impact at how players and teams play especially with the presence of current coaches like Scarra, Locodoco, Aranaea, and everyone else. Now, Riot has officially supported the realization of coaches in teams even financially. Here is there official statement:

Ranked Restrictions

With the recent debacle of an LCS pro player getting suspended for being toxic and racist in a Solo Queue match, Riot is officially going forward with Ranked Restrictions in order to prevent further toxicity in ranked games. Players who are banned or are simply being toxic will need to complete a certain number of games in Normal Draft before they can proceed to returning to play Ranked Games. Ranked Restricted players will also have the chat restriction imposed. Once they have finished the number of games, they will undergo a final evaluation before they can start playing the ranked games again. Here is Riot Games' statement about the new feature:

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