LCS EU Challenger Series | Spring Playoffs 2014

Aside from the European LCS, whos teams are at the moment preparing for the LCS Spring Playoffs, another series of games have also been underway in order to prepare teams to become top caliber LCS teams in the Europe region. The series is called EU Challenger Series. It is usually aired right after the LCS broadcast. Top teams from the Challenger scene will get their chance to get into the LCS and have the salary as well as the fame of being an LCS team. Competing will not be easy for the top European Challenger teams as they will face some of the former LCS teams who are out for blood. Find out what the EU Challenger Series has been up to and who has the best chances of getting into the LCS this Summer Split.

LCS EU Challenger Series Playoffs Bracket

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Semi Finals: (Best of 3)

Thursday, 04/10/2014 – 9:00PST/ 12:00EST/ 18:00CEST

Cloud 9 Eclipse vs. Denial Esports (2:1)

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Reason Gaming (2:0)

Finals and Match for 3rd place: (Best of 5)

Friday, 04/11/ 2014 – 9:00PST/ 12:00EST/ 18:00 CEST


Cloud 9 Eclipse vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas

3rd Place

Denial Esports vs. Reason Gaming

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What happend so far in the LCS EU Challenger Series 2014?

The Challenger Series is the road for amateur teams to the LCS. There will be twenty teams from the Ranked Team Queues who will fight it out to the end and the prize will be a slot at the Promotion Tournament wherein they will face the relegated teams from the previous split. Teams will need to earn points after each series in order to stay in the tournament. Teams who have the least amount of points will be dropped out of the series.

During the First Challenger Series, team Cloud 9 Eclipse and Tick, Trick, and Duck as well as SK Gaming Prime were joined by former LCS teams Ninjas in Pyjamas and MeetYourMakers. But, it was Cloud 9 Eclipse who drew the last blood and found themselves at the top of the standings with 9 Series points. Ninjas in Pyjamas took second place with 7 Series Points and MeetYourMakers took the third spot with 5 Series Points. These points will carry over to the Second Challenger Series where the pressure and stress is higher. Ninjas in Pyjamas took the first place with 12 Series Points while Denial.EU got the second place with 10 Series points. Former top spot Cloud 9 Eclipse fell to fifth place with only 2 Series points.

The winning teams from the Second Challenger Series will get to the Playoffs and fight with the best Challenger teams to gain a spot at the Promotion Tournament. These Challenger Teams will have to break out sweat and blood in order to get the top prize of being an LCS team. Victory will be sweet and defeat will be heartbreaking for these teams.

As the Playoffs starts, only six teams remain. Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud 9 Eclipse, Denial.EU, mousesports, Team Coast Gold, and Reason Gaming are left. During the Quarterfinals, Denial.EU rose to win against TCG and heads straight to the Semifinals to fend off Cloud 9 Eclipse. Reason Gaming went on to face Mousesports but ultimately won 2-1 against Mousesports. Now, Reason Gaming will face Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Semifinal Round in a Best of 3 series. Will Ninjas in Pyjamas be able to regain their spot at the LCS or will new teams like Reason Gaming or Cloud 9 Eclipse be the ones to join Roccat and the other teams on the LCS Stage?

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