Finals and Match for 3rd place | LCS EU Playoffs 2014

Throughout the entire week, the EU LCS has been jampacked with games held at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. As the EU LCS slowly draws to a close, teams are named as the representative of the region for the Season 4 World Championships – the top 3 teams get a ticket to the World Championship 2014. So far, Fnatic and Alliance have secured their spot at Worlds while Roccat and SK are still fighting for their spot in the match for 3rd place in the European LCS Summer Split 2014. Who will be the third LCS EU team at LoL Worlds, and will Fnatic once again regain their spot as the top team of Europe or will a new team emerge victorious in the name of Alliance? Find out in the Finals Preview of the EU LCS Playoffs | Regionals.

LCS EU Finals | Match for 3rd place facts

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Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS EU Playoffs Finals | Summer Split 2014

In the Finals of the LCS EU Playoffs | Regional Qualifiers for LoL Worlds 2014, Fantic will face Alliance in a best of five match on Sunday, 17th. Both teams are already qualified for the World Championship 2014 so the battle is “only” about the $ 50,000 1st place prize money (2nd place gets $ 25,000) and the title LCS EU Summer Split Champion 2014. The day before the European Finals Roccat and SK Gaming are fighting for the last remaining spot at LoL Worlds. Check below for detailed preview and betting predictions of each match!

EU Playoffs Match for 3rd place | Gamescom 2014

  • 08/16/2014  Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccat Roccat vs.  Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK Gaming SK Gaming
  • (Time: 6:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST)

LCS EU Season 4 Summer Split Finals | Gamescom 2014

  • 08/17/2014 Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Fnatic-32 Fnatic vs.  Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Alliance Alliance
  • (Time: 6:00 PDT/ 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST)

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Betting Odds Comparison

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LCS EU Playoffs Finals Summer Split 2014 schedule and betting odds - Bet365

Preview and Predictions EU Finals | Match for 3rd place

ROCCAT vs SK Gaming | Playoffs Match for 3rd place

(Aug 16 6:00 PDT/ 9:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST)
(Head to Head in Season 4 Summer Split: Roccat 1-3 against SK Gaming)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingDuring their match against Supa Hot Crew, Roccat came to play and they showed Supa Hot Crew that even though they were at the bottom of the pack, you can't simply put a good team down. Roccat needed a time off to recuperate and analyze what the team's strengths are. When the time came that they were needed to play and show up, Roccat did not disappoint. And while Roccat seemed to be at their peak when it comes to playing this game, SK has an answer to that. SK showed up to play during their match against Millenium and Alliance. SK might have only snatched a single win against their best of five series with Alliance, they gave Alliance a run for their money in all four games that they played. This and the 1-3 record for SK in the regular summer split season goes to show that SK has the edge over Roccat. If, SK continues to play like their match against Alliance, it will only be a matter of time before they have a spot at Worlds.

Prediction: Roccat versus SK might be a tough one to predict since both teams are mightily unpredictable but the edge will be to SK with an exhilarating 3-2 score.

Fnatic vs Alliance | LCS EU Finals

(Aug 17 6:00 PDT/ 9:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST)
(Head to Head in Season 4 Summer Split: Fantic 1-3 against Alliance)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceFnatic's games against Roccat was a breathtaking best of five series to watch. Fnatic nearly lost their chances of getting the top spot when Roccat gave them the game of their lives. It was a team effort for Fnatic to bring down Roccat and everyone needs to give them the compliment of winning a difficult match. This time, they will be facing Alliance. When it comes to Alliance, there is just simply no stopping them. In fact, Tabzz got a KDA score of 44. One of the highest in the entire season followed directly by Rekkles with 8.7. There is a clear distinction as to how Tabzz and Rekkles acquired their KDA score. Tabzz gets kills left and right even during the early stages of the game while Fnatic's Rekkles would have to wait until the late game to garner kills. It is also evident that Rekkles prefers to avoid early game teamfights and farm with his average gold per minute of 388.61 while Tabzz has 372.66. However, both players have an almost equal amount of champions killed per game with 5.6 for Rekkles and 5.75 for Tabzz but the main difference is Tabzz has more kill participation than Rekkles.

In the midlane, Alliance has the edge as well. Froggen and xPeke has been at each other's throats since they started playing professional League of Legends but this will be the time when they will fight for their lives. xPeke would want to hold his team's title as the EU LCS Champion but this time, there is an incredible amount of threat from Alliance now that they have solidified their team's synergy. Both teams are at the peak of their game and it will be a best of five series worth watching. Hold on to your seats as this will be one of the best matches the EU LCS has ever seen the entire season.

Prediction: 3-2 in favor of Alliance. Fnatic will give one of the best showings they have since Season 3 Worlds.

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